Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Iranian-American Artist:Sarah Rahbar

Visit an outstanding collection of photo-installations in http://www.myspace.com/sararahbar


P a t r i c i a said...

Hello Naj

I'm a Brazilian living in South Africa and very curious about Iranian culture and people since I began to watch Iranian movies many years ago, specially Majid Majidi's Children of Heaven, The Coloro of Paradise, Baran. Have you ever watched any of these movies?

Is there a good Iranian book which you would recommend to me?

Now I'm feeling sorry for the fact that my blog is in Portuguese and not in English, maybe I'll open a new one.

I've been wondering about the flamenco dance in Iran and about the gypsies/roma people. Have you met/seen any of them?

All the best!


Naj said...

Hi Patricia,

I think this blog may help you with some of your interests. Except for times that I feel particularly assaulted by Bushco machine of ignorance-spreading, I post on arts and culture.

A good Iranian book ... well I have to know a bit more about what you mean by good and then I may be able to help more.

Lemme email you! :)

And please remove this post if you do not wish your email exposed to the spam-world!

Larry said...

Great photos Naj and nice to see the various looks within them.