Saturday, April 5, 2008

Al-Zawahiri disambiguates McCain: Al-Quaeda is Iran's Enemy

Al-Quaeda's #2, Mr Zawahiri has a news for McCain:
Al-Quaeda is Iran's sworn enemy!

In an internet interview,
Zawahiri says it would be "in the interest" of Al-Qaeda to see Iran "sap[ped]" by a fight with the United States. Moreover, he seems to promise that the extremist collective will "battle" whoever wins that U.S.-Iran struggle.

The dispute between America and Iran is a real dispute based on the struggle over areas of influence, and the possibility of America striking Iran is a real possibility. As for what might happen in the region, I can only say that major changes will occur in the region, and the situation will be in the interest of the Mujahideen if the war saps both of them. If, however, one of them emerges victorious, its influence will intensify and fierce battles will begin between it and the Mujahideen, except that the Jihadi awakening currently under way and the degeneration state of affairs of the invaders in Afghanistan and Iraq will make it impossible for Iran or America to become the sole decision-maker in the region. (emphasis mine; translation courtesy of IntelCenter)
Read Wired for more.
Also reas CSM's take on Al-Quaeda's new target.

(Have I mentioned before that Al-Quaeda is Cheney's child? Don't you see an interesting coincidence in Cheney's ME visit and this new Al-Quaeda blabber?)

Wondering what makes me think Al-Quaeda is a neo-con entity?
Turn the clock back a few years:


Servant said...

I have suspected for a long time that Al-Q does the bidding of the American neocons, who, in turn, do the bidding of other outsourcing firms. Glad to hear someone else wonders about that too.

Renegade Eye said...

McCain is straight out lying. He repeated the myths, after being told.

Funny that the US bombed the more anti-Iranian faction of the Iraqi Shiites (Sadr), and protected the pro-Iranianian Maliki?

Anonymous said...

anti-Iranian faction of the Iraqi Shiites (Sadr)

you think so? take deep search

MarcLord said...

95% of the time, McCain is the flapping jaw of a wooden dummy which sits on the lap of a ventriloquist.

Al-qaeda's populist doctrines and goals have been clear, so while impossible to eliminate the AQ organization or the impulses which engendered it, it is comparatively easy to manipulate. All that purity of purpose ready to send out on fools' errands.