Saturday, April 19, 2008

Juliette Binoche en Iran

I went to Tehran twice and experienced very contradictory emotions. The first time I was amazed by how Iranian women were cultured and this appeared every time I had the opportunity to discuss with them. THEY KNOW EVERYTHING, are familiar with all kinds of music and have seen all kinds of films from all over the world. I love Persian Poets and was truly enchanted by so much culture and insight. Also I found strong similarities between Iranians and Italians: They love life, are enthusiastic, love food, speak loud and love to laugh. Also despite the fact that women are veiled, I was impressed by their degree of freedom. I wore the veil by respect for the country and naturally took it like a game for which I had to learn the rules.

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Pedestrian said...

One of my good friends is a director and also an acquaintance of Kiarostami's, so she got to meet Binoche a few times at K.'s home. Unfortunately, this friend of mine was too intoxicated by meeting this superstar to give me any significant details!

Binoche, Sean Penn ... It was interesting to have these people come to Tehran.