Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Masood Roozbehani's Parents pardon his killer.

Two weeks ago, a 21 year old boy who had committed an unmeditated murder in self defense was brought to the gallows, where the mother of his victim vengfully pulled the stool from under his feet, and ignoring his lawyer's plea, on his knees, to let him hold his legs, when he was dying; the woman had said: "Aah, I am relieved now!"

In the same country, however, parents of Masood Roozbehani have pardoned the killer of their son; proving the fact that the Islamic Penal Code does not deprive Iranians of their humanity; should they choose to transcend and exercise it.

I wish the Roozbehani family to know that I am shedding tears for their son now; and that they have eternalized him by their humane decision; and that they are the hope of that country of ours ... all my respect.


Pedestrian said...

Naj, I always wonder what sort of life these lawyers lead. I don't think I could possibly imagine.

Parvati said...

Great news! Can't read Persian unfortunately (thinking maybe it's time I started learning it??) so would like to know if Masood had the same lawyer as poor never-forgotten Behnoud? Hope so, because that man - like his other no-less-heroic colleagues - is very high in my list of all-time heroes! I too marvel and worry about them, keep wondering how their nervous systems/sanity can stand all the anguish they share day after day.

Naj said...

yes it is teh same lawyer, Mohammad Mostafayee.

He has set up an account for people to donate moneyl so he can pay the blood money and get satisfaction f the victim;s familie.

Keep in mind that here, Masood is the victim. I didn't put the name of the killer on purpose; because I think here the spotlight should belong to the family who chose the forgiveness.

So the name here, is that of the VICTIM who ws killed.

Pedestrian said...


I've told my mom to donate for both of us. But do you know if he has a way for people outside Iran to donate?

German said...

Parvati is right:

Long live Mohammad Mostafayee !

[ought to become minister of justice in a - hopefully - near-future "green"-tinged government and help set the criminal-law-section of the basic law/constitution of Iran on its feet]

Naj said...

Ped; that's lovely!

On his website; he says Iranians abroad ask people inside Iran to do this for you.

Mostafayee has been very vocal; but there is a whole movement in Iran to get rid of death penalty. He is bringng the case of minors; others are focusing on getting pardon for women ... the judiciary system is working bottom-up to anticulture the death penalty ...

Also, note that some (many) lawyers prefer to keep a low profile because experience has taught them that too much publicity can work against the interest of their client (case in point, Behnood Shojayee; whose victim's mother was PISSED that so many people and media and artists and human rights activists were paying attention to Behnood)

German said...

BTW 1: I am not kidding - reality sometimes is consolatory :
the most prominent lawyers having defended "for political reasons disadvantaged" protesters and even members of the Baader-Meinhof terrorists in Germany are now/have been up to now - 20 to 30 years later - members of parliament or Minister of the Interior.

Thanks for your post.

BTW 2: You aren't kidding either as to this item - of course!

Naj said...

:) i know you were not kidding; and i won't be surprised if mostafayee wishes to become the minister of justice one day. i pray for a day that people like him can become ministers in our country!

Right now; all highschool drop outs with fake PhDs seem to be the qualified candidates for those kind of jobs ...