Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This is when they say a picture is worth a thousand words.
A high Russian official has recently stated that they will not isolate Russia by standing against the rest of the world community, protecting Iran from sanctions anymore.

Last night, I saw a clip of Ahmadinejad on an Iranian Talk show. He was ANGRY, literally spitting anger, calling IAEA stupid and huffing and puffing that he will start his new nuclear sites and reduce collaborations and blah blah blah. But in his tone was this MISERABLE agony of being dumped!

Russia's (and France's) track record is full of BETRAYAL and BACKSTABBING. Ahmadinejadists who didn't like the chants of "Down with Russia" in recent student protests, and insisted in changing them to "Down with Israel", Ahmadinejad who bragged about his lovely relations to Russia and China and South America is getting the SAME screw Fathalishah got a couple of hundred years ago; when France suddenly and unilaterally ended its alliance with Tehran (treaty of 1795), and threw it in front of the Anglo-Russian wolves, and left it no choice but to give in to the demands of the "imperialist" powers! (e.g. See Russia and Iran: 1780-1828; Muuriel Atkin, Page 132 to see the parallels.)


Naj said...

A comment from a facebook user on this picture:

"If we are supposed to be screwed by an imperialist power, I prefer it to be the Western countries, than Russia; because we can easily compare the results of such alliances in North Korea versus South Korea!"

Bravo Ahmadinejad!!!!

Roozbeh said...

I am for a massive US sanction sanction on iran! I do think iran has every right to pursue the nuclear ambition he has (i.e., building power planets etc), however with this regime in power, and the status of Iran internationally, I believe there are other priorities than nuclear plants. If the regime was wise enough, it would have invested the funds in other sectors, build iran image and then when there is a rational and valid image of iran, then start nuclear technology.

Look at the rail industry in iran, practically the the rail tracks laid in iran resemble a Plus, from south to north and eat to west, and compare this with the network available in say Germany. Just one example of how behind is this country in very basic aspects. I have heard Ahmadijenad's answer to this, that they want to advanced iran in all the fronts simultaneously, .. my ass. I had a lot of hope for Khatami but the only positive thing he managed to do is to secure a visa for her daughter (and her husband) for the US! fuck them all

Naj said...

Roozbeh, the BEST sanction AN could get re nuclear issue was NEGLECT! It's only feeding to his attention seeking disorder; it's also feeding to teh attention seeking disorder of Israel! A couple of sickos!

Roozbeh said...

Naj, I think no one would follow your suggestion! (There is a good chance Iran is indeed pursuing nuclear bomb possibility, and the western world are genuinely concerned. I am not sure why they are ok with Pakistan having nuclear bombs (well too late anyway). If there was an ignorant factor for countries, in terms of ignorant people divided by the population, I would place Pakistan on the top of the list. As for Israel, I think Iran's government and Israel's government are very similar, the only difference is, Israel screws its neighbours to provide for its people, and Iran is screwing its people to provide for Hesbollah and Hamas...

PS. Naj, You moderate the comments, plus each time I have to enter this annoying word (now anicah)
to submit my precious observations. You thought there is no freedom of expression in iran! ;-)

Naj said...

Roozbeh, you are very free to not comment here, and start your own blog and freely express all you wish WITHOUT fear of IRI tracking you :)

For a Chicken, you better stop being demanding ;)

If you start blogging, you will learn how many penis/breast-enhancement comments your blog can receive without such measures!

Good luck!

Roozbeh said...

sorry I will shut up! (the Word verification for this round is Nessest)

eltemase doA

Naj said...

Roozbeh, I am rejecting your previous comment as it is irrelevant to the post. These blogs can receive automated spam messages.

Masoud said...


I only post this here because I see frequent comments about possible surveillance:

Scary huh? I had pretty much ruled out a visit back to Iran a few months ago, but it didn't really hit home for me until now how serious these threats are.

Naj said...


Yup I saw this one too. I will not be surprised by anyhting. Nevertheless, if you listen to IRanian radios such as Zamaane, you still hear quite a few Iranians from INSIDE Iran speaking openly and critically about the situation.

I suspect these are fear mongering tactics and rumors spread by Ahmadinejadists to deter the Xpats from continued protest. In fact, my sister who just travelled to Iran has no horror stories; she emails me from a hotel every now and again and is pleased how fast the hotel internet is, compared to the one in my parents house.

Also, I would consider the fact that Iranians do like exaggeration and heroism; so I will not usually buy all anecdotes from nameless people!

Masoud said...

iranians exaggerate?!! next thing i know, you'll be telling me that they're never on time!!

Naj said...

Weell, actually they are on time abroad; not in Iran though.