Tuesday, February 16, 2010

22 Bahman: Not a rally for Ahmadinejad but against war mongers.

To those Ahmadinejadists who seem eager to appropriate all crowd who attended the 22 Bahman Rally: perhaps you can give yourselves a little shot of information and listen to Hashemi (whom you think is pro-American in chielf) and listen WHY HE ATTENDED 22 Bahman:

This year 22 Bahman is more sensitive than previous years. First because of the internal differences that we see, which has lifted the hopes of our enemies. Second because of our nuclear and defense and space achievements, which they don't want us to have, that we see they have pulled out their swords. Now, we are still assuming this is a psychological war, that they are trying to frighten us; therefore this is a very important event where the presence of people is important; anyone who is interested in Iran, Islam, people, revolution should pay a little share here, and be present, and the presence be in such a way to not create new divisions. The Philosophy of 22 Bahman rally has been to gather to express that with the same love that we brought the revolution to victory, we are after continuing it."

And here is a video of Hashemi on the street; on his Official Website.

Now, I told you before that I didn't give a damn about 22 Bahman. HOWEVER, if I were in Iran, if the war-buzz had started ringing as loudly and shamelessly as this; and McCain and Liberman had opened their filthy mouth to defend OUR human rights with their bomb bomb bomb Iran, then I WILL HAVE ATTENDED THE RALLY!

To all weapon-dealers and warmongers: back off and fuck off; although we know you are happy that while we're fighting your puppet fascists in our country, you are getting a bit of slack!


Yoshie said...

That's the very best line of argument for the Greens: 22 Bahman was big because it was for Iran, not for Ahmadinejad. Have you thought about getting it out there beyond your blog? Like in Iranian.com or Payvand or Tehran Bureau or something like them? (I say this because a lot of Iranians in the diaspora who are claiming to support the Greens are completely misrepresenting their political character in those popular Web sites.) I could get it out there in MRZine, too, if you want.

Naj said...

Yoshie, you can get it anywhere you want; but pay attention to the central piece of this post

Hashemi Rafsanjani! the man who is demonized as teh capitalist and who has been the target of Ahmadinejad's goons!

If you can adjust YOUR position, to not assume that all in Iran are in favour of Ahmadinejad, that all in Iran are proponents of peace, and that Iran is now run by a minority of unrully FASCISTS, then it will be great.

My feeling is that you are undermining a lot of issues just because you fear a military action against Iran. You are turning a blind eye on the atrocities of the IRI, and you call those who raise those issues misguided.

I don't know WHICH Iranians in diaspora you are referring to; but I know that I am not alone. Iran has a SERIOUS CASE OF FASCISM happening in it; AHMADINEJAD IS LOOKING FOR WAR, and the human rights situation in Iran are deplorable. furthermore, Ahmadinejad's propaganda is trying to undermine ANYONE WHO IS TRYING TO CREATE PEACE AND STABILITY, e.g. Hashemi!

You think you can get this message across?

(I care little about Tehran Bureau, Payvand has been and still is very fair and unbiased, the Iranian.com is a bit "older school" as it is run by some seriously secularist x-pats. They often speak to their own circles. Have you ever seen me cite Iranian.com--unless if it is some art and literature issue?)

Naj said...

Actually, it would be good if your MrZine readers see my version of Iran, in the entirety of "my" views, since 2006--CONSIDERING the ups and downs and where I came from and WHY I have ended up where I am now!

The Military Fascism in Iran is a SERIOUS deal! Do not undermine it. It is important that you ACKNOWLEDGE the threat of military fascism in Iran, while advocating peace. Otherwise you will not reach peaceful eyes and just get a lot of victims REALLY angry!

And if you were been a victim of these atrocities, I am sure you will have shown a bit more disdain for the IRI and a bit more respect for those who say "they are FED UP with the IRI".

Yoshie said...

There are different kinds of people who are backing the Greens. Among them, you, Ervand Abrahamian, Arshin Adib-Moghaddam, Hooman Majd, etc. are the kind of people whose views I respect, some of which have been published in MRZine. In contrast to those, there is a type of loudmouths dominating a lot of English-language Iranian diaspora Web sites (some of which I mentioned above), who have their own long-standing ultra-leftist or ultra-rightist agendas and are trying to project them onto the Green Wave, whereas voices inside Iran actually associated with the Wave (maybe with insignificant exceptions on the fringe) have nothing to do with those agendas.

Yoshie said...

As for the character of the IRI, I think of its worst aspects as not Islamic "fascist" but as Islamic "Stalinist." As you know, I come from the socialist Left, so I know what a Stalinist regime looks like. IMHO, it's easier for us to fight for freedom in Iran and defend Iran from warmongers at the same time if we manage to clarify that the problems of the IRI are quite similar to the problems of the former USSR rather than to Nazi Germany.

Naj said...

Yoshie, I know what group you mean; and I am on their case too! But I also understand where they come from; and you will be surprised to know that a lot of people INSIDE Iran sympathize with the ultra leftist view better than mine!

I am often referred to as "mullah girl" :)

Anyways, we have known eachother for long! I still trust you!

Naj said...

Stalinist and fascist ... fine line between them, don't you think?

The "official" position of Ahmadinejad's government is Stalinist, yes! But, there is also fascist elements led by people such as Mesbah Yazdi's dopeheads and Kayhan editor.

Some days, I find myself laughing at the situation in Iran; it takes a Fellini to satirize it ...

Let me post a picture on teh blog to show this point best

Publicola said...

»Hashemi Rafsanjani ! the man who is demonized as the capitalist and who has been the target of Ahmadinejad's goons !«

If even prominent figures are not protected and safe from becoming a “burnt offering” to the gods of repression,
what will protect ordinary citizens from being sacrificed on the altar of power and ideology ?

It is seriously to be doubted,
if under a civilized system of governance, deserving the epithet “civilized”,
somebody, anybody, any senior members of the police or the army, any public prosecutors, any senior members of any representative of any law enforcement forces, any ordinary members of any (semi-)armed (security/military) forces, any ordinary citizens
might with impunity and scot-free dare and might with impunity and scot-free be allowed
to demand the death(s) of and death sentences for (a considerable number of) formerly high-ranking politicians.

It is seriously to be doubted,
if under a civilized system of governance these high-ranking politicians and their relatives might with impunity, scot-free and openly be assaulted and attacked in public and in prison by state security personnel.

Under a civilized system of governance, worthy of that label, these acts would be rightly understood as a utterly perilous erosion - and ultimately breakdown - of public (state-)order and of public (state-)ethics.

These kinds of repressive, unconstitutional, illegal procedures are suggesting to any citizen a (state-initiated) license of and a (state-initiated) request
for a general vicious, publicly accepted and publicly expected bloodlusty attitude and behaviour
towards any imaginable ordinary citizen,
setting alight a “blast furnace” of publicly sanctioned brutal and ultimately lethal violence on an uncalculable scale.

Under any system of governance such events and state-initiated and state-sanctioned actions would lead to
the gradual and lastly drastic erosion, and ultimately thorough disappearance
of civilized communication,
of civilized behaviour,
of mutual and societal decency,
of mutual and societal decorum,
of mutual and societal respect.

Naj said...

German (Publicola)
yes I fear that

Publicola said...

Dear Naj,

Me too.
I hope the democratic movement has enough long-term staying power and long-term stamina
(supplemented perhaps by long-term cautious outward pressure in the form of e.g. determined inquiries by NGO-human rights organisations like Amnesty International etc., by human rights organisations of the EU and UN, by national and international courts of justice
[breach of international, universal laws, falling under universal jurisdiction - any court anywhere can claim criminal jurisdiction over persons regardless of their nationality:
• http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_jurisdiction ]

Best wishes and take care

Publicola (German)