Thursday, February 11, 2010

22 Bahman proves again: They are pathetic losers (The IRGC, IRIB, and Ahmadinejad)

Already have started beating and dispersing people; doing all in their power to dissuade people from getting out of their houses; the newest technique: paint spraying; and the rumor that paint-sprayed people will be arrested!

Their fear is spectacular!

The heavier a hand they show, the more ridiculous and fragile they look!

Their "Made-in-China" anti-protest gear is on display ... and their batons have already smashed the vehicles of Karoubi (whose younger son was arrested) and Khatami (whose brother and sister in law-who is Khomeini's grand daugher were arrested but reportedly freed), preventing them to become the crowd magnet.

Ahmadinejad has just ended his speech; without referring to any protests; he has however raved about the live creatures (apparently a cockroach) he has launched to space, while measuring the roach's vital signs! Reportedly, chants of "dorooghgoo dorooghgoo" have been heard during his speech.

The IRIB is busy in the editing room: montaging 22 Bahman events of last year into clips of this year--whose sound is not mounted; of course! I heard yesterday that the Jaam-e Jam (where Iran national TV is broadcast from) was heavily armored last night; several anti riot units occupying it--while also heavily controlling the staff!

This is early still; but it seems they LOST again--else, why would they be beating people (ORIGINAL revolutionaries like Karoubi (Khomeini's pupil, and parliament speaker for two terms) and Khatami (two term president of reforms)) up on the Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution?!

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goatman said...

I would feel better for you if some progress was evident on defeating the regime. Of course we are with you. Obama has just ordered a freeze on any bank accounts and financial dealings from the regime, here in US and elsewhere where we have any power to do so. It will be an effort just to affect the individual rulers and not affect general economy or trade. A limited embargo.
We will see . . .
My best wishes to you.