Wednesday, February 3, 2010

(in exchange for giving up the pesky uranium), bastards of Iran's judiciary get to execute 9 more of the protesters ...

The ruthlessness with which they brag about the upcoming executions, and call for even more executions (as did Dinosaur Ahmad Jannati) is SICKENING!

And Ahmadinejad's Great Nuclear news seems to be bending over and giving up Iran's enriched (3.5%) Uranium.

I guess this is the backdoor handshake?

Ahmadinejadist logic: "We give you Uranium, you shut up about human right violations and let us violate them some more! After all, China likes executions too; and America's the record holder of the free world in sending mortals to their makers! So that's that! Beat it!"


Anonymous said...

US only cares for human rights when it serves her policy . US army is violating human rights every day and we should pray our lucky stars if they did not worsen Iran's situation.

Tehran Attorney General says the executions are not sure yet .

Lets hope that by some miracle they would not go on with the executions .


Anonymous said...

Please read the article in the art section of the New York Times:
February 4, 2010
The Sour Notes of Iran’s Art Diplomacy

"GENEVA — Late last month — around the time the Iranian government executed two more political prisoners, charging nine others with waging war against God, a capital offense — the Tehran Symphony Orchestra was sent on a government-sponsored tour across Europe, which just ended this week.
It played the so-called Peace and Friendship Symphony, by Majid Entezami, a four-movement jeremiad of martial bombast and almost unfathomable incompetence and silliness, originally performed, according to Tehran Times, last February in Iran to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the revolution. It has been retitled for this occasion...."

Anonymous said...

If this is a real proposal, I imagine it is driven by economic pressures,rather than any need for ,or expectation of, US foregiveness of the human rights issues.Economic discontent would threaten the IRI & Bozo.

Naj said...

Bullshitter: I agree! And since sanctioning Iran is not in the interest of Uncle sam et co; then they will gladly turn a blind eye on the HR abuse in Iran (as they do so elsewhere in the world; uhm ... like in guantanamo! )