Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Iran's military rulers!


Naj said...

God knows whom they are giving salut to!
this is a metaphore of Iranian leadership, in ALL levels!

Mark Pyruz said...

Naj, those are NAJA commanders (IRI Police Force) saluting a passing parade of policemen.

(Their different saluting directions are funny, though)

Naj said...

Wow, Mark, the police chief, you got the point (in parenthesis) ;)

RickB said...

It's a NAJA tennis match, two support different players and the third has fallen in love with the line judge.

Naj said...

lol! Goo' one!

Publicola said...

Two articles in yesterday's Guardian (GB) deal with
the topic

a) an article directly referring to it:
“The financial power of the Revolutionary Guards” by Julian Borger and Robert Tait
[This article was published on at 21.57 GMT on Monday 15 February 2010. A version appeared on p16 of the Main section section of the Guardian on Tuesday 16 February 2010.]

b) an article only indirectly referring to it:
“Rapists in Iran's regime” by Mahmood Delkhasteh
[This article was published on at 09.30 GMT on Tuesday 16 February 2010.]

Pedestrian said...

Naj, have you seen that group on facebook, "shegheftihayeh irani jama-at?" ... that group is one of the main reasons I was motivated to rejoin facebook! There are some great photos in there ... I think I saw something like this photo there too, that's why I remembered it ;)

Hydra said...

ive always wondered how come RG officers, who are actually quite scary people, wear baseball caps!

Naj said...

Ped, that's whre i got this from.

Hydra: THANKS for teh belly laugh! lol