Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ahmadinejad's 22 Bahman Speech

The most newsworthy item of Friday's 22 Bahman celebrations was Ahmadinejad's speech (that is before evidence of torturing Karoubi's 37 year old son were broadcast by his brave mother; who in a public letter to the supreme leader exposed the bruises of his naked son to the world; declaring with all dignity a mother can muster, that her son was threatened to rape! To utter this in Iran requires a LOT of courage; for IRan is a society where the victims of rape or rape threat are more stigmatized than the rapists--yes this is ALSO a metaphore for our post-election times.)

So what was the big deal about Ahmadinejad's speech?

1) It was not attended by 5 million people! Those who have seen Azadi square they know that as large as it is, it doesn't hold 5 million! And as this video shows, it seems the usual weekend picnic crowds are taking a peaceful stroll around.
2) He lied (e.g. claimed he has enriched uranium to 20%!)
3) He didn't mention Khamenei (soupream leaderr)
4) He claimed salvaging the universe!
5) He said: we have told the West to come take our 3.5% uranium, we will pay for their trouble too!!
6) His accent and intonations are DESPICABLE: he speaks as if to toddlers; with a googoolimagooli tone!

Actually; let's listen to their "own" spin on "Dr" Ahmadinejad's speech, via Shia TV:

Yes they are spinning, spinning, spinning ... and they appear dizzy :)

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Masoud said...

"a googoolimagooli tone" !!! i am lol!