Thursday, February 11, 2010

What are Fars (Farce/False) News Lies on 22 Bahman?

The pictures are missing from the site! They have not doctored them yet! (Update: two hours later; still NO pictures; but they insist on the 50 million; I guess 50 million makes for a very LARGE file so their servers cannot handle!!!! keep in mind, Fars News fame is in photo-jouornalism (or propagandism) what's takin' them so long?)

I have translated the headlines!
This is just hilarious!

Yes they are shooting at people; with tear gas, paint balls and actual bullets ... doing ALL they can to prevent 5-million strong a rally!

50 Million strong referendum?!?! I thought Agmadinejad had only 24 million votes!! And Iran's population is about 70 millions!

So, a simple math: 70-24 = 46 million + 5 million Tehranis = 51 million = referendum
=> people say NO to the IRI! I don't know who is crunching numbers for these idiots!
Below, watch the 5 million strong crowds: more riot chimps than normal pedestrians!

Take a look at Mehr News pictures; something in them is cleverly "telling" something other than they pretend to tell! The last picture; where the man is hiding behind Khamenei's picture implies SHAME ... don't you think?


Mark Pyruz said...

Naj, the antiriot police in this video, two are wearing backpacks, one of which is quite large and looks stuffed.


What's in them? Firearms to be distributed in case of emergency? I can only guess.

A lot more police aviation activity (helicopters) this time around.

Mark Pyruz said...

You know, I just thought about this some more. Maybe the large backpack contains provisions (such as food) for the platoon.

These guys plan on being deployed all day, and it would be a good idea for them to carry provisions.

This is something they may have learned from previous protests.

(of course, this all pure speculation)

Naj said...

Mark; good observation!

What do you hear?

Pedestrian said...

On Ashura, I saw them (guard-e vijeh) sitting in a small square eating food. Kabab, chelo and juice!

It was a Kodak moment! I'm sorry it was too frightening for me to take a photo! Maybe it is food ...