Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Harrassing Hashemi's daughter

I am posting this link from my phone
it is important becase
1) it illustrates the charlatanism that characterizes ahmadinejadism. A bunch of empty and annoying pests harrassing a woman, abusing her, surrounding her like a pack of wolves and pressuring her to get out of the car to have a dialogue with them: denounce the green movement.
2) demystifies the notion of " luxurious" Hashemis. This woman is his daughter. She was once the most popular member of parliament representing Tehran. She was advocating women rights, and helping several infrastructures to empower them. She has been detained in recent protests on 'crime' of joining the street protests. As you see, she is driving a little cheap car, no body guards, no drivers.
3) it also demystifies the notion of ahmadinejadists as 'alien fanatics who are violent'. People who are harrasing her are just abusive and cynical, not dangerous. Iran is NOT on the verge of civil war, although this will be very disappointing to the 'imperialists' who have just recently decided to
a) stir public sentiments by broadcasting the. video of student brutalization cocurrently with talk of war and sanctions.
b) increase sectarian tension and violence in the eastern border of Iran by helping the iri with arresting Abdul malek rigi.

I am SURE this Ahmadinejad and Netanyahu feast from the same garbage bin.


Anonymous said...

like a pack of wolves ?

Are they same pack of wolves who doing dirty work in Iraq?

Or you still holding the blame on Iraqis for all dirty work done on their land?

Just to highlighted your hatred personalty even twisting the factual truth.

goatman said...

I think Obama suggested a peace offering to ahmadinejad.
So much for taaref?

Renegade Eye said...

Really good post.

I've been involved locally here in Minneapolis, with the solidarity movement for Iranian workers and students.

Politically I stake everything, on the righteousness of the cause. There is a fake left, that can't tell a revolution, when its in front of their eyes.