Friday, September 7, 2007

Fanonite: the United State of Israel

In case you are wondering who has been/is/will be running America!

Also: this is what Bush counts on to get away with attacking Iran


an average patriot said...

I just blew away my comment. This one finger one arm typing is for the birds. I was agreeing first with what you said about Israel. Today they hold too much sway over america and I don't like it.
I have said numerous times that coming to Israel's rescue could be Bush's excuse to attack Iran or whoever else as they both want their version of new middle east order not Iran's or anyone elses.
That is the crux of the problem over there but many here think I am crazy for whatever reason.
Now here is my response to yourcoment here yesterday and your reply to my post.
an average patriot said...
The thing is that Bushco is obvious as to what they are doing it but even though we see the truth they deny the obvious and we seem powerless to stop it.
We know for a fact their are two economies and two America's but he just laughs it off, dismisses the obvious truth, and continues unhindered on his plan for new order.
We all see it but he has too many powers to abuse and misuse and Congress appears powerless too stop him.
Now I will tell you why I did not respond to your reply to me yesterday on your site. It was obvious that you do not have an understanding of what we as average Americans are dealing with and trying to do.
The Patriot Act gave Bush too many powers to abuse and misuse against us no terrorists and he is using them to there fullest.
When we talk about stolen elections we are referring to the outdated electoral voting system that voted him in, the legal system that gave him the election, and those damn electronic voting machines that can be jimmeyed to reflect a vote for whoever, even though the vote was cast for another and it can not be monitored or detected.
As for the twin towers being a symbol of American power! I never thought that nor do I now. Somehow Bush has made that portrayal too and the entire world has fallen for it. We are all under his sway.He practices his Karl Rove taught 3D Politics (deceitful, deceptive,divisive, Politics)to get what he wants and it works.
Now in parting I just want to say yesterday I was saying all average citizens of the world merely want peace and prosperity. Americans made the mistake of thinking Politicians and Bush would do the right thing for us and not Bush's new America. Many still do not get it and those who do, do not matter right now.
I do want to say also that we do not speak against you and average Iranians because our main problem is Bush but we also do not like the annihilation rhetoric coming from the likes of Ahmadinejad nor can we trust the desire for peaceful Nuclear use when we are told we and Israel should be destroyed and nuclear weapons used if Iran gets them.
You can not trust anyone's true agenda today as they are all hidden. Stay in touch!

Anyway here you go!

Naj said...

Average Patriot:
I do want to say also that we do not speak against you and average Iranians because our main problem is Bush but we also do not like the annihilation rhetoric coming from the likes of Ahmadinejad nor can we trust the desire for peaceful Nuclear use when we are told we and Israel should be destroyed and nuclear weapons used if Iran gets them.

WHO said they want to anihilate America and Israel?

How is the anti-American rhetoric addressed to LOCAL people in Iran different from the Anti-Iranian "Axis of Evil" speech by your Bush????!

Ah here is the difference:

Iran says down with USA but it never deploys bombers to teh Gulf of MExico!
US says Iran is the axis of evil and want to destroy its infrastructure!

And how is opposing the Zionist regime and Apartheid in Israel, DIFFERENT from
oposing teocratid dictatorship in Iran?!

How is it that as soon as someone criticizes the Israeli conduct, he becomes RACIST and anti-Jewish; but eople go on and on saying horrible things about muslims and their governments and they are not RACIST and ANTI-ISLAMIC??

Perhaps this is why American left is so impotent in doing oposing Bush! Because they are not very different from this double standard kind of mentality!

Naj said...

apologies about typos and sloppy writing ... in rush, but couldn't hold my temper ;)

an average patriot said...

I have to laugh because I knew you would ask who called for annihilation. It has been more than a few times usually by Ahmadinejad but the statement to use nukes if they get them was by a religious leader if I remember correctly. You could google and find it I'm sure. I can't get to it right now because my arms killing me and I have things to do first.
I am disturbed by the race to war regardless of who it is. I do not share your anger though for any country! You know as well as I do that Iran does not have Bombers as you think of them but they have said there are already 7,000 volunteer suicide bombers here ready to activate at any time and I have done stories on that in the past. However many here think it is a joke.

Naj said...


Sorry to hear about your hand.

I don't blame you not sharing my anger. You father, mother, sister, brother, niece are NOT in the line of fire!

However, perhaps you can put things in a bit of perspectives and compare your disdain about the 7000 suicide bombers to mine about the 7000 American bomber planes!

Iran will defend herself by ANY means! If thaht bothers you too much, don't lift a finger on it!

Iran has NOT waged ANY WAR OF AGGRESSION against ANY country in its modern history.

IFFFF we were attacked atomically, I wish we had atomic bombs to retaliate! If Nukes is what it gets to keep one's country from being nuked, I wish Iran had them.

Ths is SIMPLE math!

Whe you are not dealing with sophisticated diplomacy, as Americans are proving themselves to be incapable of, then you resort to simple rules of engagement.

Well jim, enjoy suporting your war mongering politicians! I wish you luck :)

Naj said...


I like you to point me to your "stories" about the 7000 Iranian suicide bombers!!

I like to see how you have researched these stories, in fact!

an average patriot said...

Before I go I put this together a year and a half ago but you can see I take no sides. Right is right, wrong is wrong regardless of who it is. countdown to war

an average patriot said...

I have to go but I back up everything I do and only deal in fact. I just sent you an old reference to stories. There is a 100 more and all backed up.Maybe you can dig them all up.
Incidently I can relate to you somewhat. two of my 4 sons are in this and just got back from flyiong support in Iraq. I fear Bush will stupidly have them in Iran next.

Naj said...


I cannot agree more with you on right is right and wrong is wrong.

You do not know me well, but perhaps when you have more time to read my blog you will realize that I am not in general as edgy as I am these days.

I think I may come across as I hate America or something. That is not true and I hope you will realize it by learning more about Iran and my views from this blog.

What is FRUSTRATING me is the unfairness of all this anti-Iran propaganda!

You know, and I know that "terrorists" are not why America wants to attack Iran. It's Iran being a pain in the ass, by not bending to every little western demand.

Iran has made it clear, respect us and treat us as an independent state. Iran has made it clear that it is interested in dialogue. I ran has extended a hand a few times and it is repeatedly rejected.

Iran, yes thee Mullahs even, DO NOT WANT WAR! But it is being forced upon t. The American rhetoris has done the GREATEST injustice to the reform process in Iran, it has done the reatest njustice to all those Iranians who were fighting the Iranian government to bring human rights issues to the table. All is side tracked now!

All is left aside.

I, who hate the guts of Ahmadinejad, am FORCED to defend his stance, because is voice is legitimized in the context of neoconservative's incoherent agenda!

You know, the WORLD knows Iran is NOT a nuclear threat to anyone! But what you do not know is that Iran is isolated, and surrounded by enemies. It HAS to defend herself.

Is it so hard to understand, really?!

Naj said...

You have four sons? :) Wow! You sound too young (I am complimeting your fresh ideas) to have two sons in teh army :)

I pray they will be safe.

Everyday, when Jim Leher's moment of silence comes, and the pictres f these young lads fill my TV screen, I cannot hold back tears ... these lads are fighting a non-existant enemy, and enemy taht is created, like a scare crow, to create chaos, panic, greed, hunger, deprivation ...

Imagine what the politics f your country is doing to someone like me, a PACIFIST in heart and in practice ... look at the hate the Amrican foreign policy is implanting in peace-lovin' simple humans like me!

I don't want anyone dead. I don't want your son being a part of my family's murder. I don't want to have to hate you and point a finger at you ans ask you WHY did you not rebell against this non-cause ...

There is so much that unites us ... so much that unite us that all these wars are unjustified.

We just have to focus on stopping thie perpetuation of hatred, grudge, paranoia ...

There is a docmentary called "Gamer Revolution" ... perhaps you will enjoy watching it.

Naj said...

By the way, I am still looking for your story of the 7000 suicide bombers.

I need to put this in perspective as well: Suicide is considered a grave sin in the Iranian version of Islam! To die "defending" one's honort is considered "shahadat" (martyrdom), but the greatest symbola of "shahadat", the concept from which Iran's Shiism originates, was NOT a war monger: he was Hussein, who was TRICKED, caught in the middle of desert by his family and a few of his close followers, was forced to surrender or to die. He chose to die.

This metaphore is holding extremely true today. Iran CANNOT BE FORCED to SURRENDER! And if you had ANYONE with slightest education on Iranian culture in the White house, you could have enjoyed a great relationship with Iran!

an average patriot said...

I had problems with Blogger and just got my post to work right. You know, I think what you don't realize is that many of us know that Bush is attempting but he will fail, to railroad Ahmadinejad. i have done a couple stories too about the fact that we hear sometimes that Iran is running low on oil and of course you never hear that here.
We know Bush is lying to go to war like he did with Iraq.I think it might be true in Iran too but we do not matter as Bush does what he wants to the detriment of the netire world. I just can't stand it!
I also did a story onc saying average Iranians may be against Ahmadinejad but if the chief idiot attacks as he will, everyone will unite. I really don't think the chief idiot cares. He just wants his way as he prosecutes his new order.
I didn't think about it earlier but if you want to check anything I wrote on Blogger the archives are on the right hand side. I supply all the links to my stories but I don't know if they still work after all this time. I supplied you with the dates of some but I will get whatever you want as I can.
As for my sons, they age from 18 to 26. the 21 and 26 year old ave been to Afghanistan and Iraq numerous times and I have to wonder how Bush will abuse them and their patriotism next.
The oldest is an explosives expert lifer and once he finishes his duties with the Democratic Presidential nominee next year the fool is volunteering to go back to Iraq to lead his troops.
When I was saying if something is right or wrong then it is for everyone even me. I am heavily principled and that is what rules me. I do not expect anyone to be like me this is just me.

Naj said...

What is an "explosives expert lifer?"

I always wonder how people end up in military.

When I tell people that I got married at the age of 22, they look at me sorrily: "oh how young, was your marriage arranged?!!"

It's too young to be married at 22, but not too young to be a soldier at 18.

Humorous society :)

Naj said...

an average Patriot

I have been unsuccessful in tracking your "story" about Iran's alleged suicide bombers! Until I am presented with evidence, I consider this allegation just another piece of confabulated gossip.