Thursday, September 6, 2007


that when the twin towers, the American symbol of might, fall, a huge atrocity has taken place. But when America talks about bombing the PEACEFUL NUCLEAR technology, that Iran has been painstakingly developing--to symbolize its technological abilities--, we shake our heads with a shy approval of the necessity of the attack????

How would you feel if I told you that Germany is planning to bomb and dismantle MIT?

These are UNIVERSITIES that your CRIMINAL PENTAGON is planning to target!


JollyRoger said...

I wrote a piece recently on the probable end-result of a US attack on Iran.

naj, I've come to the conclusion that the military will rebel if the monkey goes ahead with this. I haven't come to this conclusion by putting my hands over a Ouija board; the military, itself, is aware that we were criminal in our Iraqi incursion and they have a lot less stomach for an incursion into Iran then most American civilians do.

Chimpletons, of course, hate everyone, so they love it when the innocent die. But only about 1 in 5 of us is a Chimpleton-an appalling number to be sure, but not a true representation of the American people.

I will look at my template to see if I can sharpen it up some more. You should have seen it in the beginning! I couldn't read it either ;)

an average patriot said...

Following is my response to you on my post then I want to address you post.
You know you are right! what stinks is that average citizens around the word are great and only want peace and prosperity but our leaders do not care what we want or do. They want power and control and hunger strike or whatever we do is worthless. We will merely be pushed aside but we can not stop trying to make a difference.

Now 9/11 and the twin towers were merely the excuse Bush was looking for to prosecute his planned new world order and not just in the middle east.
Did you see this that came out as to Bush's asinine plan to attack and shock and awe Iran. Bush's stupid plan
The Pentagon has drawn up plans for massive airstrikes against 1,200 targets in Iran, designed to annihilate the Iranians’ military capability in three days, according to a national security expert in Sunday’s edition in the Times of London.
The entire world is in trouble!

Naj said...

Well, these 1200 targets have been on the table for a while now! Actually exactly at around this time last year. This is why/when I started blogging! :)

You know what is curious though?

During the entire time I have been blogging, I have not received EVEN one comment from any American who has said anything bad about Iran, or against what I am posting. (The comment moderation is set in place because of an ill Egyptian fundamentalist by the name of Amre was insulting my family, making racist/sexist/hate threats. There is also an Iranian person who hates the Iranian Regime so much that he/she strays from the point of the post and in a very Zionistic manner "demands" answers to his accusations.)

Anyways, all to say, I KNOW average people are not war-lovers. But I also think that it is the average Americans, who have given the POWER OF DESTRUCTION to their government (dem. or rep.) and that have gone to slumber since the days of Civil-rights, Vietnam, taking activistic refuge in less universal problematics ... as a matter of fact, I think Average American Peace lovers have been in slumber since the great war, during the WWII, during Vietnam, during Somalia, during Serbia, during Iraq!

These AVERAGE peace-loving Americans have done NOTHING to stop their governments, but have given their blanket support to it as soon as a handful of suicide bombers attacked two of their buildings! THESE AVERAGE PEACE LOVING AMERICANS are the ones who have SUPPORTED the so caled war on terrorism, by having become the nmero uno source o fterroron the earth!

Sorry, but I annot absolve these average Americans of responsibility!

Nazi Germany happened BECAUSE of the placidness of the average peasant Germans!

You say your elections were fraudulent? What kind of a GREAT democracy on earth LETS a fraudulently elected president become MOST POPULAR nly because his AlQuaeda operatives have succeeded in carrying an attack on their soil?

"THAT" was the time to QUESTION the BUSH and SAUDI links, instead of wreaking havoc in Afghanistan and Iraq, by rallying behind this CRIMINAL!!

The Average peace-loving American needs to mature and awaken from this child-like naivite! The world doesn't revolve around the next version of i-phone or the next PAris hilton breakdown!

Naj said...

These are the peace loving ones?!!!

little indian said...

Hi Naj,

I too have been writing about this, but I am surprised at the response from many indian bloggers.

Some are ignorant of America's real intentions of invading Iran.

The rest, Indo-US nuclear deal has bought off most of their support.

We have always had good relations with Iran, but now they see America as a trusted ally.

Now the greed for $$ and a green card has taken priority. Idealism, loyalty, trust is ridiculed.

This IAEA document may be of interest to you.

I sincerely hope America comes to her senses and not attack Iran.

Naj said...

Thanks little indian for the post. I actually posted it a coupe of days ago with my highlights. Glad you found a link to the original file.

I am sorry to hear Indians are turning into materialist pseudo-oxidentals!

But I doubt India would genuinely sink that low to "white wash" itself rubbing against America's soap.

... developing countries ... I cannot blame them for their mis-oriented greed ... I regret it though.

little indian said...

I don't know how I missed that post.
Old age :) you reckon?

I sincerely hope the Americans do not harm Iran. If I was India, I would stand by your country. Justice, fair play and human rights seems to be fast disappearing.

Naj said...

Little Indian

I was looking at the number of billionnairs on the earth.

India has 38 of them. Now I know that India is corruptible too.