Friday, September 14, 2007

What have you done for Iraq?

Iran's Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, Ali Larijani said on Wednesday that the recent report released by the US Ambassador to Baghdad Ryan Crocker and Commander of US troops in Iraq General David Petreaus was full of contradictions. Larijani protested false reports of Iran's interference in Iraqi democracy: "Iran supplies Iraq with electricity and drinking water. What have you brought Iraq?" (Watch Chalmers Johnson and see what America is building in Iraq!) Iran has allocated $1 billion towards building schools, libraries and hospitals in Iraq.

"The US has turned Iraq into a military marketplace", he said, adding that they should tell that Iraqi people how many hospitals, schools and health centers have been constructed by them for the Iraqi nation.


TomCat said...

Iran had come more for Iraq than Bush has. However, it would be impossible to be worse for Iraq than Bush has been.

Naj said...

Well Tomcat,

all this animosity that he Bush and the American media is portraying between Iran and Iraq is just absolute nonesense.

Iranians are deeply and religiously attached to Iraq. Iraq, in many ways is more holy for Iranians as that is where the shrines of most of the Shiite Imams are.

Keep in mind that Iraq also housses a large number of Anti-Iranian Iranians, i.e. the terroris MKO, who has suddenly become the best frind of the US (although they have been on the black list for assassination of Americans in the 70s)! The MKO has exploded a few bombs in Iran, nothing revents them from doing the same in Iraq in order to discredit the Iranians.

The Iranian government needs alliance with Iraq. But the cultuural alliance is already there. No one is talking about the small bonds between ordinary Iranians and Iraqis.

No Saddam and Baath were not in favor of this majority of pro-Iranian shiites, who have the control of the government right now.

If someone in the Bush administration had a tiny bit of education about the cultural intricacies of the middle east, they would have made peace with Iran, which is also supportive of the American appointed government, and then would have stabilized the situation in order to integrate the oppositions into the governing bodies. But these people are after slitting up Iraq!

The neocons do not want a strong Iraq and a strong Iran, and these two are the most likely middle eastern countries to actually become powerful! Iran was clever and didn't fall in perpetual traps Saddam fell in. I hope Iranians keep remaining smart!

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that Iraq also housses a large number of Anti-Iranian Iranians, i.e. the terroris MKO,

It’s not Iraq Naj!!

They are under US protections.

It's fair to say IF Iraq had hosted MKO before e it's as same as Iran hosted various oppositions to Iraq government before.

In regards to Iran help it’s used to control Iraqis don’t hid the Iranian interest of Iraq and their ambitions to dominated Iraqi politics.

Clearly your words smears fishy when you talking about Iraq.

an average patriot said...

Bush has created for Iraq a living hell on earth he promises to spread through the entire middle east.
With that in mind and recent conversations with you, Sophia, and Amre I wrote something just now I would really like to know your thoughts on.

Naj said...

Pen Name,

Amro is spreading some falsehood around, and the average American is buying it, and I need to run to a conference. Can you enlighten the Average American please?!


Naj said...

An average American

Amro is the person who wished for the "dirty blood of the Persians" to be spilled! He has been promissing to celebrate when Iran is nuked down!

He is also the person who has bombarded me with death wishes for my father after he had a heart operation.

Should he really be taken seriously? :)

an average patriot said...

I would be interested in hearing what you think about the chief idiot proposing that the US keep a Korea style force in the middle of that Iraqi civil war for generations to come. Especially knowing what many of us believe he is going to do soon.

an average patriot said...

Don't worry1 I buy nothing. My opinions are influenced by no one. I merely want people to see all sides so they see the total picture.

Daniel said...

Hey, Naj, you ask what America has done for Iraq? It brought freedom, democracy and human rights, didn't it? Or did they just bring the oil companies and Haliburton?

Keep up the good fight.

Take care!

Naj said...

An Average American (Jim)

I think keeping forces here or there is just a way of creating job for US citizens and having them paid from the pockets of foreign countries.

I have to give it some though, and I have to examine the role America's presence in Korea, Japan and Germany has played.

Once, on a train, a German man said something interesting to my husband, who asked him how he felt about presence of American military bases:

"They spend their money on military, we spend ours on progressing!"

I think this is a very profound statement. I also believe there is always something good that comes out of ANY evil. It's my zoroasterian roots I guess :)

So in general, I think the US may think it is the boss of teh world and the owner of it, it may huff and puff and demand power and respect. All this is tarnishing its figure, all of this is weakening it. It is creating teh conditions of its own demise. The history will smile at the end. And so will the universe!

Anonymous said...

Dinner With the Sayyids
Thomas L. Friedman

Naj said...


I report the link to Friedman's report

Ladies and gentlemen, I have no idea whether these are the only two liberal Shiite clerics in Iraq. People tell me they definitely are not. Either way, their willingness to express their ideas publicly is hugely important. It is, for my money, the most important reason we fought this war: If the West is going to avoid a war of armies with Islam, there has to be a war of ideas within Islam. The progressives have to take on both the religious totalitarians, like Osama bin Laden, and the secular totalitarians who exploit Islam as a cover, like Saddam Hussein. We cannot defeat their extremists, only they can. This war of ideas needs two things: a secure space for people to tell the truth and people with the courage to tell it. That's what these two young clerics represent, at least in potential.

Naj said...

repost, i meant :)

Georg said...

Bonjour Naj,

Theree are so many different statements on Iraq. And I am convinced smooth lying is for many politicians kind stock of trade.

And that does not only go for the US but certainly AND MUCH MORE for those people in charge in Iran.


Larry said...

This is what Bush has done for Iraq:

Every month in Iraq hundreds of victims are struck down by sectarian violence or massive bombing campaigns, and a small band of volunteers has taken it upon themselves to give the unclaimed dead a proper burial.

"We've been doing this for 20 years, under Saddam, but the numbers have increased, as have the difficulties," Sheik Jamal al-Sudani, who leads the volunteers, tells CNN correspondent Michael Ware. "Because now it is as if the streets are flowing with blood."

Before the US invasion of Iraq deposed dictator Saddam Hussein, the volunteers buried up to 40 people every month. In the war's worst months, that figure increased 50-fold as volunteers buried an average of more than 2,000 anonymous war victims, Ware reports.

As the war stretches through its fifth year, several hundred bodies remain unclaimed every month. The unidentified bodies of men, women and children are found on Iraqi streets and sewers as well as in bombing ruins; some are "so mangled and charred, they're unidentifiable," CNN says, while others are Sunni victims whose families are too fearful from their own lives to visit Iraq's Health Ministry morgue, which is controlled by Muqtada al-Sadr's hard-line Shiite followers.

pissed off patricia said...

Any country that has been blown all to hell will happily welcome anyone who will actually help them. Iran is picking up where we have failed. I cannot blame anyone but our chimp in chief and his idiot administration.

Anonymous said...

The International Koran exhibition hosted in Tehran during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan featured a unique activity for its visitors: US and Israel flags were placed on the floor of the exhibition's entryway, thus forcing those who visit it to walk over them on their way in – symbolically trampling Iran's enemies.,7340,L-3450440,00.html

Naj said...


whoooooohaaaaahaaaaaaaa scaaaary!

Get a life! It's reflective of bad taste of a group of idiots, who are trying their hand in aesthetics! LOL!

If I were you, I would be picking on more mature subject matters :)

an average patriot said...

Right or wrong, now that Blackwater has been kicked out watch the negative repercussions on American troops and Bush's supposed success in Iraq.

Naj said...

kicking out the mercenaries was the most respectable thing to have come out of the Iraqi government.

Next is for them to kick the American troops out and tell them: "thank you very much for your help dudes, but please get off of our land!"

I wonder if the so called peacekeepers will leave in peace or replace the "insurgent" government!!!

Brother Tim said...

I finally got my post up on Ahmadinejad's NAM address. I'd be interested in hearing your opinion.

Anonymous said...

Get a life! It's reflective of bad taste of a group of idiots,

How is an idiot?

Who believes there is an Iraqi government?
Who believes Iraqi government can take one single order to kicks Backwater their protector from normal Iraqis?
Who think there is Iraqi government not more than Iranian proxy panel?

Your words stick fishy about Iraq spare your word next time!!

Get a life NAJ.

Anonymous said...

kicking out the mercenaries……Next is for them to kick the American troops out and tell them: "thank you very much for your help dudes, but please get off of our land!"

In your rosy dream NAJ? Kick them by your words?

Please try kicking them from bother Iran now in same way…

“The Iraqis despised them, because they were untouchable,” said Matthew Degn, who recently returned from Baghdad after serving as senior American adviser to the Interior Ministry. “They were above the law.” Degn said Blackwater’s armed Little Bird helicopters often buzzed the Interior Ministry’s roof, “almost like they were saying, ‘Look, we can fly anywhere we want.’ “

Your “untouchable” Iranians government in Iraq

Anonymous said...

Larry said...

Here is why Bush will attack Iran if he isn't stopped:

Why Attack Iran

Anonymous said...

“Maliki's government can achieve national reconciliation and provide basic services to the people of Iraq. Yet Radhi says the Maliki government is so sleaze-ridden and so dominated by criminals that it cannot achieve anything. This raises an obvious question: is the current Iraqi government worth dying and killing for?”

You may say he is US Puppet?
Yes, but what about all Iraqi goveremnt are they all US Puppet also? or “ Iranian shiites, who have the control of the government right now.

Read this may Kick out your words ……

The Puppet Talks Back

Anonymous said...

Maliki and his party are a problem for the Bush admin, because they are not the puppets that the neocons were hoping for. It has been a huge stroke of luck for the Iranians that the Dawa party replaced Allawi (who is the best candidate to be a puppet). Maliki and his party are 100% against co-operating with the US for a strike against Iran, as are the Shi'i population of Iraq, who have been growing their ties with Iran through trade and vacations to the Persian neighbour.

There is real tension between between Maliki's party and the US over Iran but ultimately, the US can only deal with this by installing a new puppet regime, or at least undermine the Maliki government by strengthening the Sunni counter balance.

The propaganda that Iran is the primary source of terrorism in Iraq is absolute nonsense of course, Iraqis know full well where it is coming from. My family in Baghdad don't worry about Quds force or Hezbollah, they worry about car bombs and ex-ba'athist criminal gangs.

Anonymous said...

Maliki and his party are a problem for the Bush admin, because they are not the puppets that the neocons were hoping for.

Are you kidding?

Maliki for few months of his early days getting his position each day a US chops lift him to Kuwait to stay in a US base and next morning bring him back to the Green Zone and same thing afternoon, excuse me, where are you and your family?


Are you sure in Baghdad? I surprised that you and your family did not hear this?

Anonymous said...

Why Iran and its regime who called Iran "Islamic Republic of Iran" with all those religious Mullah with turbans speaking about all sort Islam of that, they did not using the Islamic Calendar in their official and internal system?

Any answers?

Larry said...


Check out this articleand notice the photo cover on the article.

Anonymous said...


No I'm not kidding.

My family live in Baghdad but I live in London.

Maliki is a good guy. He isn't a puppet for the Americans, but the reality is that Iraq is not sovereign. Maliki is highly constrained by the checks and balances placed against him, by the debilitating structure of the national unity government, and by virtue of the Americans controlling much of the security infrastructure.

He is well-intentioned but largely powerless. If he was a puppet, you wouldn't see him going to Iran, infact he would be part of the propaganda campaign blaming Iraq's woes on Iran, in concert with the US, the Ba'athists and Saudi Arabia, just like Iyad Allawi is doing right now.

Naj said...

hi all,

sorry I have been away and busy.

Larry, thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

Iraq is not sovereign.?

Ok agreed, it’s occupied, and when the occupier set that country they control it all, even the government and who should be in that government.

Is that clear and right? Or you still believes in Maliki as very nationalist and he hates the Americans and opposing them by visiting Iran?

May I can say go and read the history of Arab countries under British occupation and how they creates governments and kings , presidents and so on and so forth, will give you better idea about occupation and how they behave in that country. Do your homework.

you wouldn't see him going to Iran,

Going to Iran that not made that person as if he is opposing US or he is more nationalist? Isn’t?

One question for you:
Is the Ba’ath Part bad or its Saddam bad?
When Saddam band Da’awa party and other parties all accused him he is Ba***, and yes he is, but now we see same scenario from parties they believe in freedom like Da’awa and they ban Ba’ath Party even they punished party members , so is that fair? Is that same as Saddam did with them?
Is all Ba’ath party members bad?

Anonymous said...

Anon September 22, 2007 1:20:00 PM,

Yes, Maliki is a nationalist, but not in the fascist Ba'athi sense. He has to balance his own actions against American pressure, as well as pressure from terrorist who sit in the parliament demanding a greater role than their own numbers can command. When you have this many enemies against you and against the national interest of your country, your performance is not going to be great, but it could be much worse.

As for the Ba'athists, Saddam turned Iraq into a theatre of worship for himself. Under his dictatorship, everything centred on him. That's why when he fell, everything else fell with him - because he made himself the pillar upon which everything else is built. That combined with the foreign Arabs' non-acceptance of the Shia majority holding power, and a US administration intent on persuing a puppet regime was a recipe for disaster.
Not every Ba'athi is bad, but at the high levels, they have vast quantities of blood on their hands. That cannot be excused or reconciled with. They were active, willful members of an apparatus that detroyed their own country and caused immense damage to neighbours.
There can be no mercy for them.