Friday, September 7, 2007

Next Quagmire!

Speaks Chris Hedges


RickB said...

That's a great article was just reading it myself a while ago, have you seen this
Racist Cartoon shows Iran as cockroach infested sewer drain

FurGaia said...

Hi Naj! I saw that piece. Hedges is not an alarmist usually. That is why this article got me worried.

Have you seen the one from Jean Bricmont? You must have. The Fanonite put it up. I'm not sure that Bricmont has everything covered though. I mean Russians have been visiting Iran lately & establishing some kind of entente regarding border security. Russian planes (loaded mind you!) have recently entered UK airspace to be chased away for sure, but still a show of its capability. And I don't think Bricmont is right is dismissing China. Indeed, he says that China is looking after its own interest, but that's the question, isn't it? China must know that through Iran, it's itself that the Empire is targeting, at least in a way although I don't have the specifics as yet.

Still, my prayers are definitely with you ... although I have that strange feeling that we're all in this one, which may not be a bad thing. Perhaps this time, despite what Bricmont says, we will succeed in rising up to the challenge.

Coffee Messiah said...

Interesting article. After 7 yrs and watching his (gulp, cough)career, you can see he does not like dialogue, because he is never coherent in thought.

Unfortunate all the way around, and that people within the system that were voted to do something about it, and haven't will find themselves also without a job in the upcoming elections.

We're doomed here in the US no matter what we attempt to do it seems! ; (

Naj said...


yes I saw the Cartoon. I am glad NIAC has reacted. But people who make such cartons, and those who enjoy them testify to their own lack of taste and cultural sophistication.

Yes we are all in this together. This is what China and Russia will do: Support Iran, indirectly, to make sure America's power deteriorates enough to ensure China's super-powerness; and also to ensure Iran will consent to their needs and demands at a low price.

On the other hand, Americans will be careful to not shoot themselves in the foot; but at the same time they do not want China and Russia to have Iran to themselves.

And the game will continue.

What has been Iran's peril for as long as history remembers, has been also its winning card: Iran is at the junction of empires; it is the balancing point.

Coffee Messiah
The only problem I see with the model I described to furgaia is the level of disillusionment of these people who are running America these days. sadly, Bush is deplete of intelligence. And Cheney is outright psychopathetic. I am afraid these peopel do not know how to do "political games". At least Rice has gone to school long enough to get a degree. So maybe she can talk some sense to them. anything else will be a very suicidal attempt by America.

And as I have said again and again, at the end of it China and Russia will have the laugh!