Sunday, September 9, 2007

Remembering America Shooting Down Flight 655

The neoconservative Judge's ruling makes us think of the passenger airplane, shot down by Americans in 1988! Still haunted by the image of a baby, floating on the Persian gulf.

"While issuing notes of regret over the loss of human life, the U.S. government has, to date, neither admitted any wrongdoing or responsibility in this tragedy, nor apologized, but continues to blame Iranian hostile actions for the incident. The men of the Vincennes were all awarded combat-action ribbons. Commander Lustig, the air-warfare coordinator, even won the navy's Commendation Medal for "heroic achievement", his "ability to maintain his poise and confidence under fire" having enabled him to "quickly and precisely complete the firing procedure."


ddmmyyyy said...

Hey Naj, while we're on the compensation theme. I read once that much money was paid by Iran for equipment regarding – among other things – nuclear power plants that were to be supplied by America (in itself a great story). These sites apparently, barely got underway yet due to various political issues the money got kept and the goods not delivered.

I hear a lot of stories thrown around by those I meet in Tehran; concerning various land grabs from the Iranians and also stories concerning Iran bailing out England (from a financial pickle) during the latter end of the shah's time.

Sorry I'm without resources here. If anyone can elaborate, or even correct me, then better still.

I would like to see some heavily researched work here concerning compensation, frozen funds, land grabs - from what I've read the Americans shouldn't be throwing stone - but then again, when you control most of the media outlets; f**k-it, throw away.

an average patriot said...

Everything was kept quiet here. I didn't here about the Vincennes until I did a story on what is happening in the Gulf today. Darn I can't check my facts now!

Naj said...

Hi david,

Well here's what a "monarchist" website has to say about that loan:
"Following the rise in oil prices in 1973-74, Iran concluded a number of loan and trade deals with European countries, particularly the United Kingdom, Italy and France. The U. K. received a $1.2 billion loan,..."
That loan, apparently was paid back in "Peykan" and "Hilman"!!

Not surprised about quietness of things over here.


TomCat said...

It is my sincere hope that someday the US will become sufficiently civilized to acknowledge our mistakes and act accoredingly.