Sunday, September 23, 2007

The theater of the absurd!

This is Guardian's breaking news: Iran Supplying Taliban!

The absurdity of this "news" is not just in allegation of Iran supplying
its own old enemy: the Taliban! The absurdity is not just in the amnesia about Iran's aid in overthrowing the Taliban it is rather in the political nature of hypothetical assumptions behind such allegations.

So this time around its Admiral Fellan, (the boss of Petraeous, who perhaps feels he is left behind in the ranks of ass-kissers) that accuses Iran's Revolutionary Guard of "supplying roadside bomb
parts for the type of sophisticated and deadly bombs found in Iraq known as explosively formed penetrators". Well, whatever the hell bomb-parts maybe? I am not a bomb expert, but if there is a piece of metal used in making a bomb, and if that piece is coming from Iran then it MUST definitely be the Revoloutionary Guards arm supply! For the General's convenience and the facile minds of his audience, let's not mention that Iran, for over 20 years, housed a population of 2 million Afghans who are frequenting the eastern borders of Iran, bidirectionally. The general cannot even be bothered to think the incoming insurgents from the Iranian side may in fact be Afghans!

With a typical American simplicity, the General says:
"The Iranians are clearly supplying some amount of lethal aid. There is no doubt ... that agents from Iran are involved in aiding the insurgency."

Fellan, of course, has acknowledged that Iran is providing development assistance in western Afghanistan, which he has labeled as helpful. However, subscribing to the paranoid and ungrateful mentality of his neoconservative master the Admiral has added: "I think they put a priority on causing us as much frustration as they can ...I think it's all aimed at embarrassing us and one of their long-standing aims is getting us out of the region. I think there are two very different stories going on here. One is about peace, one is about conflict.

He THINKS, therefor he IS! Since when are the soldiers asked to think?

Of course, no one is too bothered by the number of civilians who are killed by the NATO forces. No one is considering that Taliban will not give up the fighting, just as they didn't give up fighting the Russians. There cannot be any resistance movement in Afghanistan or in Iraq! Nope, this is all Iran's plotting to "embarrass" America out of the region. And god forbid if America is embarrassed! America will bomb the hell out of anyone who embarrasses the US.
Just a few hours ago NATO bombs have killed four in a case of mistaken identity. the Death of over 600 CIVILIAN casualties in mistaken killings are not embarrassing NATO. But Iran is determined to embarrass US by supplying road bombs!! Americans are the greatest source of their own embarrassment, given the liberty with which they kill innocent people! And then say "oops, sorry!"

Mehr news puts the embarrassing actions of Americans in an amusing perspective: while the U.S. accuses Iran of smuggling weapons to Iraq--without providing any proof-- they find evidence that the Blackwater employees (can we say the United States?) is smuggling weapons to Iraq. Wouldn't this mean that U.S. troops are being killed by the U.S. weapons?

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Dave said...

Hi Naj, good catch. Another very high-ranking General has just come out saying that, far from all these threats and smears, America needs to ask Iran for help. We'll see who's earned a promotion, the General or the Admiral.

an average patriot said...

Don't worry about what Fallon says for now. He is bush's man to head his plans for Iran. With 3 carrier battle groups over there he has other things to worry about.
Iran has not created her own enemies as much as Bush has for us and around the wolrd.
Dusty made me aware I am having email problems. I don't know if itis Verizon or Windows Vista so I hope these links are good.
I was made aware by Dusty that she was not getting my emails so I thought maybe you weren't either so I decided to try here.
In relation to the last item you responded to I found over 1.5 million stories. I decided to google syrian Chemical weapons and got so many stories on Chemical and Biological's and foreign help that I thought I would send you the link and let you look around.
Syrian Chemical and Biological Programs

I also have this link. Look around. You can click on everything and get involved. You can scroll quite a ways. Bush 30 years fom now was rather disquieting. Check out the Nazi comparisons. We all talk about them numerous times but the idiot hust laughs anbd continues with his plan.
Bush's Forever War We are all in trouble! Jim

Naj said...


I am not an expert in Syrian affairs, so I can't talk about them. I just know that Syria is not an aggressive nation, like Israel is, or Iraq (under Saddam) was, for example.

The CIA-bound global security organization, however, reports that:
"Iran has subsequently signed and ratified the Chemical Weapons Convention (in 1993 and 1997 respectively). Although Iran did not meet the declaration timetable specified by the Convention, it did later declare two former chemical weapons production facilities. The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has since verified that this production capability has been eliminated.

Please keep in mind that Iranians are the first victims of chemical WMDs after the WWII. Also, please keep in mind that the chemical bombing of Iran happened under the willful watch of the US, and with chemical assistance from Germany and France.

I hope this will put things in a broader perspective for you.

no I have not received any emails from you in the past few days. The last one I received I wrote back. So you better check your server.


Larry said...

Just because Bush says Iran is supplying bombs doesn't make it true.

Just because Bush claims Iran is killing soldiers in Iraq doesn't make it true.

Bush has constantly lied throughout this war, and nobody challenges his verbage.

Bush is a liar about Iran and about everything else.

Coffee Messiah said...

Sadly, our fearless leader has joined the ranks, long ago as our very own "Pinnochio." Sorry P! ; (

an average patriot said...

I think my email problem is not my server but rather windows Vista or a combination there of. I haven't been able to adequately address or figure it out yet.
As for Chemical weapons, that is why I am stymied as to their use by anyone over there. The middle east is very much a contained environment at least to me.
That is why I see a push towards monstrous conventional bombs designed by Russia and the US to give the punch of a nuke without the contamination allowing the use of the land afterwards.
It all sickens me as I watch this race to war. I blame it on Bush but Ahmadinejad is doing his share primarily to me because he rightly wants his idea of new middle east order and not Bush's as it should be I feel.
What really bothers me is as I say often and that is we the average citizens of the world are powerless as the so called leaders choose war but we are the ones to suffer.
It will not be avoided but the hell on earth Bush created for Iraq will spread throughoput the entire middle east despite our efforts.

Brother Tim said...

Descartes is spinning in his grave at your parody of his words.