Thursday, February 22, 2007

Are Arabs afraid of Iran?

The answer is No, Arabs fear the US and Israel, not Iran.

According to a face to face survey in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates close to 80 percent of Arabs consider Israel and the United States the two biggest external threats to their security. Only six percent cited Iran.

The poll was conducted in November and early December 2006, by Zogby International and designed by Shibley Telhami, a senior fellow at the Saban Centre for Middle East Policy at the Washington-based Brookings Institution.

Asked to volunteer their favorite leader, the weighted aggregate of 14 percent named Nasrallah; eight percent, Chirac; four percent, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad; and three percent, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. "These are people who are seen to have stood up to the U.S..Not a single one is a Sunni Arab." The least favorite leader was George Bush!

Asked about objectives of US policy in the middle east:
75%: "controlling oil"
69%: "protecting Israel"
69%: "weakening the Muslim World
68%: "the desire to dominate the region."
Only 9%: "promoting democracy."

Take note of Iranian Hegemony as the new buzz word coming out of Washington; it is not the terrorism, it is not the "bomb", it is not the fabiracted weapons' evidence anymore. Now, it is the Iranian Hegemony that they have to stop!

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Manas Shaikh said...

Why the hell should Arabs fear Iran, a country that with no history of territorial aggression in the past two or so centuries?

By the way, check this and the subsequent comments.

Manas Shaikh said...

Hugo Chavez is no saint. He does not use language suitable for a respectable man.

Even though he is anti-US, I don't like him much.

N. said...

Hi Manas,

Trust me I don't like what Ahmadinejad has to say much either. I don't have a problem with what he says, but I have problem with his lack of consideration about how his metaphoric blabber gets translated into the most undiplomatic rhetoric. He just speaks without thinking, I think he feels he is smart or interesting or beautiful or something ... ugly man!

But, I suspect what Chavez says is also "missed in translation". And even if not, I prefer the ugly language of the underdog, to the physical abuse and actual bullying of the "nice well versed" Americans (well oke Bush is not well versed!)

Between a bully physical and a blunt's verbal abuse, I prefer the blunt one's!

FurGaia said...

Actually, I have that theory that Ahmadinejad's rhetoric is mainly for young Arabs' consumption.

As was shown by Raw Story's Larissa, the road to Iran had been planned way before Ahmadinejad was on the scene. He has NOTHING to do with the aggression of USRAEL's on Iran. On the other hand, he may well be partially responsible for the uneasiness of the various Arab dictatorships as regards their population. In a sense that uneasiness is keeping the US erring on the side of caution for now. Strategically speaking, I think that was a good move. I would guess that's why Ahmadinejad is so hated by Israel and the US administration.

Besides, I doubt that he could have been so vocal had he not had some sort of 'go-ahead' from the clerics. Don't you think so?

And hey, I just found a cool link here. I don't know yet whether it is good and whether I would want to go there often seeing that it contains stuff from the conservative camp as well. We'll see.

N. said...

Yes Ahmadinejad's gambling, but I am getting uneasy with his moves.

And yes he is more appealing to his external supporters. Truth be told, there was loud anger expressed against their chumminess with Hezbollah.

And yes, he was the little pet of the grand leader, but there is a lot of friction within the clergy at the moment.

What will have EASILY toppled Ahmadinejad would have been his economic MISTAKES. But thanks to the Bushaggression, we are stuck with this idiot! And frankly, I trust supporters of Ahmadinejad to put up a fight for Iran should anything happen to her. I trust them more than I trust the hollow promises of the Europeans, be they Russian, German or French. And Americans, NO WAY!