Thursday, February 22, 2007

Stop the Iran War Also, visit the Project for Defense Alternatives for an good collection of articles about the current Iran-US crisis.

Thanks to The Cylinder


Faramin said...

I'm glad you are doing this. This is becoming very serious by the day.

The defeated Bush in Iraq, needs a victory. He knows that he cannot invade Iran, but extensive bombing that will innitially bring a victory for the man, is what he might do to fade the defeat he has encountered in Iraq. Remember, a war criminal like Bush and his gang, are capable of committing any crimes, regardless of the consequences of that on the lives of people.

The result? More devastation for Iran and Iranian people, financially and politically. The regime will survive such attack, but will be extremly more powerful in carcking down on people.

N. said...

Yes Faramin, I am afraid of this Bush. But I don't think Americans will let him. I still trust that if given a chance, democracy in the west works to contain the dictator. One just needs to cross the barrier of political apathy and make people REALIZE that political action is imperative, and make them realize what information they need before forming an opinion about ANY enemy.

Faramin said...

I wish I could believe it. But the north Americans, particularly Americans, have always been easily manipulated and become followers, until the devastation was too much to reverse.

FurGaia said...

Hi Naj, I think that we should take a deep breath and relax as much as possible. I have been browsing a bit tonight on this threat of war. Nobody seems to be able to predict for sure what will happen. What is certain is that there are lots of factors to be taken into account: here, here and here.

Those are just three articles. There is a Shiite uprising in Yemen already and goverment forces are on the losing side for now. Should the US attack Iran, one can expect uprisings in Saudi Arabia as well. I don't think they will like that even though they recently bought crowd control tanks from the US. I don't think that those will be able to prevent sabotages of its oilfields though. Plus problems in Lebanon, on Israel's doorstep.

This Wes Clark/Vets campaign although good and necessary should also be put in some context in the sense that Clark has a PAC and might have thought that it made sense to promote this campaign for the benefit of his PAC (visibility, etc.). I still think that it is good to participate if only to inform people of the possible danger.

All that to say to you not to worry too much. I think this is more of psychological war for now and that they plan to keep the pressure for a few months still on Iran from both outside and inside Iran. Possibly as well to prevent interference from Iran in the Afghan war. A big operation against the Taliban is expected to take place come Spring as you may have heard.

With all that, I was about to forget to thank you for joining in the campaign.

Be seeing you!

FurGaia said...

Good article here.

BTW the Persian miniature on the right-hand side is exquisite! OK, now I switch off Benyamin and go to sleep. Ciao!

N. said...

howdy furgaia, Faramin,

I have to admit I don't think this will go beyond a psychological campaign, but if it goes, I am sure the IRI will not be defeated in 3 weeks. And Israel .. well is doing a great job in shooting itself in the foot these days ... I think people are getting a little weary of their constant barking!

About war on Taliban, I think the US and the NATO allies would need Iran's help. Iran is no friend of Taliban and their intereference in Afghanistan is not due to their inflluence on Taliban. (Keep in mind that Taliban killed Iranian diplomats and that Iran cooperated with the US during the war with Afghanistan)

As for Saudi Arabia, I don't like anything about that country, neither its US-protected kings, nor its fundamentalist opposition! (Iranians don't act on grudges, but don't let them go easily even after 1300 years :) )

That Benyamin is an eye/ear candy, isn't he? ;)