Monday, February 19, 2007

Quote of the Day

"As you know, the road in Afghanistan are not up to the same standard that we're used to in North America." the military official, explaining why "Thirteen Canadian soldiers suffered minor injuries when three armoured vehicles smashed into each other on the pre-dawn streets of Kandahar on Sunday."(CBC.CA, Feb18, 2007)

Oh geeee (or duuuh, if you wish)! All those battles they have fought in North America! But with enemies like this, does Taliban need friends?


brando said...

He wasn't claiming to have previously fought wars on Canadian roads, but to have simply driven on Canadian roads, and was able to make an accurate comparison about how they don't know how to build and maintain roads in Afghanistan.

N. said...

Hi Brando, welcome to my blog.

I know he wasn't claiming he was fighting wars on Canadian roads. What I was trying to say was that people who do not expect to fight wars on their own land, should also not expect the same road quality. anyways, that was a cute comment and I love Canadian army for all these cute incidents. I just pray less of them will die, Canadians have traditionally been peace keepers and I thoroughly respect them for that.

I also need to address your other coment about soldiers being brain washed and etc. I think there are two types of soldiers in ANY war: those who go to war with a conviction that their fight is just and in search of a justice; the others who go to war because it is their job and it pays the bills.
The "sincere" soldier is the one who goes to war for a cause, and I am certain any sincere soldier, when given the facts and figures, will be able to make a correct choice about the nature of the war he/she is fighting.

And knowing the loyalty that a soldier is supposed to have to the army, I suspect things must be really BAD if some come out and talk against it.

brando said...

Canadian soldiers are good to go. They usually have their act together. I'm just guessing, but the since the wreck happened just before dawn, they might have been running dark, using only night vision. Sometimes it's hard to spot inconsistencies in the road (massive potholes or IED craters), in time. If that many people got hurt, they probably rolled a vehicle.

"I suspect things must be really BAD if some come out and talk against it."

If you have a large enough population, you're always going to have outliers. It's the outliers that get nearly all the attention, in order to support a predetermined position. As for fighting, not too many do it for the money. The money ain't that good.

Sorry about the cross post action.

N. said...

Well Brando, maybe at this point it is the white house administration that is the outlier!

And outliers usually get attention because they challenge a give and unqustionable norm, therefore deserve THOROUGH examination befor ebeing discarded. That is houw scientific methodology works.

No problem about cross posting.

As I said, the road accident was just a cute accident, I know $H!t happens everywhere.