Saturday, February 24, 2007

Iran & US are natural allies ...

said the Iranian official to CNN's Christine Amanpour.

"Why", she asked.

"Because now the major threat for both Iran and the U.S.A. is al Qaeda", the Iranian official responded, "Why is the U.S. forcing us to enter a struggle with them that is only in al Qaeda's interest?" (Note that Iran is worried about the resurgence of Taliban in Afghanistan and willing to assist Americans in fighting Taliban out of power)

For Iranians the Al Queda bombing of the Golden dome mosque in Iraq was just as large an attack on the symbol of Iranian faith as was Al Queda's attack on the twin towers.

What about the Beumbe?

"No, our nuclear program is not about the bomb it's about power. We want to say -- that without the UK, U.S., France, Russia, Germany -- we have done this ourselves [set up a peaceful nuclear program].That is our strength."

"The need to show power is 'just common sense after 300 recent years looking over our shoulder,' running through the list of those who have sent armies into Iran -- from Alexander the Great to the Mongols to the Ottomans to Russia to Saddam Hussein.

"The one country that never invaded us was America."
Amanpour's interview concluded with:
... instead of the United States saying, 'Iran out of the Persian Gulf, Iran out of Lebanon, Iran out of Iraq,' the United States should welcome Iran's presence and work with Iran to help keep the region stable

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(but years ago I read a scholarly article about how Israel loathed the idea of peace between Iran and the US, precisely because of Iran's potential to create balance and stability ... I need to dig out that article ... well I guess Israel's just acting like any woman who is threatened by a young girl flirting with her old Sam!)

Update: Trying to find the article I stated (which I think was by Hooshang Amirahmadi, I came across the proof in the pudding: A zionist campaign of defammation against all Iranian scholars who speak against war and in favor of US-Iran dialogue!


Kullervo said...

Interesting perspective.

I think that the US is shooting itselfin the foot by going out of its way to make an enemy of Iran.

N. said...

You know, I think there is a very deep-rooted anti-semetism at work here, that is intent on making Israel the most hateable state on the earth. I don't think Muslims are the ones who are putting fire into that flame!

I think the arch-racists are trying to get rid of muslims and jews at the same time!

Fleming said...

A "Bravo!" for this post. Americans need to know of the common interests of the US and Iran regarding Al Qaeda. . . and that both countries are damaged by US subservience to Israel's perceived interests.

Please try to find and publicize that scholarly article about how Israel loathes the idea of peace between Iran and the US because of Iran's potential to create balance and stability. Israel wants every country in its neighborhood to be in the helpless condition of Iraq.

N. said...

Hi all,

Thank you for your compliments.

Fleming, I read the article in year 2000 and I am certain I saved a copy on my disc. I will need to dig up hardware, but I must.

N. said...

Fleming, I didn;t find the article. It must have been by Hooshang Amirahmadi though.

Researching amirahmadi, however, I came across a Zionist campaign "against" Iran-Us dialogue. I post an update.

Saa said...

Naj, I totally agree with you, this anti-semetism is widespread and its not actually Muslims but the third party who never wants the peace between them. Sure if there is peace between Jews & Muslims then who will rule the world. Middle East conflict is the biggest profit for US & Europe. Jews & Muslim are too idiots to understand that. Actually Jews do not want invade Iran, neither they really supported the Bush invasion to Iraq. Saddam was not threat to Israel, neither he had any links to Al Qaida, its all political game of US & UK. I know many Jews who are against war as its extremely hurting their names. Have you seen the documetary "Jesus Camp", the whole movie is available on youtube as well. The small kids are trianed as Jesus soldiers and pathetic part is that they are holding US & Israel flags, then worshiping Bush, just imagine when a real Jew believe in any kind of Jesus army, to fight against any enemy? So much US hypocrisy, even in religion matters they are hurting the Jewish image.

N. said...

thanks Saa, no I haven't seen Jesus camp, but I will investigate it. Please see my recent post (Why is Israel Cheering US to War?), in confirmation of your suggestions.