Monday, February 19, 2007

Lesson of the day

Thanks to my new friend Filasteen, I discovered Izzi's photoshock

[HERE, THERE WERE GRUESOME PICTURES. I am deleting them because they haunt my days and nights. and being haunted by violence and ugliness doesn't make me a better person. But please do visit Izzi's photoblog, if you see ANY merit in ANY war. and I hope the pictures will convince you otherwise.]

I think there is a time that we need to look at the raw images of violence. I am not posting these images because they make me hate the enemy. I am posting them because I know that this is not what I want even for my enemy. I think if we all look death in the face, we will become less violent and more forgiving humans.


Faramin said...

There is nothing wrong in posting these images. As much as I hate to see them, they are realities of war; realities that we should not excape from. People must understand that wars are not what we see in the movies and that there are serious direct and indirect consequences of wars and the main consequence is destruction of lives, real lives.


N. said...

yes, faramin, yes.