Friday, February 16, 2007

Art in Nature

Jan22-28, 2007: 58 Iranian artists gather in the Persian Gulf to hold an Environmental Art Festival


homeyra said...

I had saved something about this for later! But you are faster :)
I found about them only recently.
I like the theme Art + Nature.
Thank you Naj-jaN!

N. said...

Yeah I like the theme too.
Hey, wonder if there are environmentalist activists in Iran who tie themselves to trees and things like that :)

homeyra said...

I have a friend who has invented a water ceremony... she has decided that this is what Mitraist were doing to celebrate nature.
People can be very creative!!!
There is this tendency, for some, to really take refuge in nature, which can take many forms: from an informed nature activist to the grant seeker... passing by the "ole ole" :))