Wednesday, February 28, 2007


March on the Pentagon Saturday, March 17, 2007
March and Rally in Seattle, Sunday, March 18


Anna said...

Just two „voices“, talking about nothing but facts! All over again, by the way. Facts that everybody wanting to make up his/her mind by facts - and not just being content with the usual propaganda stuff making out of people misled ignorants and dumbheads - could know them.
Time to wake up and stand up against! At the end of Worldwar II people in Europe said and confessed „Never more!“ And ever since the madness is going on, increasing and even becoming more and more acute. For heavens sake: What’s wrong? So completly wrong!
A comprehensive interview with Noam Chomsky on Diplomacy Mafia-Style

On what they all now are „forgetting“ about!

With this conclusion:
““And while we may not like their right-wing, theocratic government, the bottom line is that they'll stop being our enemies the day we stop casting them in the role.““

Anonymous said...

2 interesting links