Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Turkmanchai, the 179 anniversary.

Februaray 21, 1828 ... the most frustrating chapter in the history class! In 1804 Russia claims and conquers Georgia. Persians go to war to reclaim/free Georgia, but thanks to the French betrayal in the first round of Russo-Persian wars they lose more, go to war to take it back and still lose more!

Persian territory lost to Russia in the Gulistan Treaty (Nov 5, 1813).

More Persian territory was annexed to Russia by the Turkmanchai Treaty (Feb 21, 1828).

This is Fath-Ali Shah, a soft king by some accounts. He lost all that territory. He's not marked in the history for being a moderate king (ruling from 1797-1834) or being the patron of art and gateway to european modernity. He is infamously remembered for being a loser.

The Russian medal to commemorate their victory in Turkmanchai ...


Faramin said...

Thanks for the links, especially for the link to the Russo-Persian wars. It is fairly accurate, specially when it talks about the role clergy played in that.

In addition to the fact that the intention of the clergy to persuade the shah to attack Russia, for the purpose of Jihad, was ugly, the Shah's of Iran, especially in last few centuries, were either incompetent and cowardice, or incompetent but with high ambitions. That's why they have usually overestimated their capabilities and have done things that have eventually back fired and as a result the country has suffered for it.

Even now, we see that existing. High ambitions, immature policies and loud screamsings against the powers, and eventually they will either accept the humiliation of accepting their terms, or will play their part in causing a war that devastate every Iranian.


N. said...

hi Faramin, I added you to my blogroll, but I can't see you page; have you changed the font color?

Faramin said...

No Naj, As a matter of fact, this was reported to me by another regular vistor of mine. But the problem went away.

Please let me know if it persists.

N. said...

I disagree with you that the clergy persuaded shah for the purpose of Jihad. The clergy persuaded people to not wait for the zombi Quajar king, and to take the action in their own hand and reclaim the territory that Russia had occupied. Jihad in Iran has always been in the service of political power struggle, not god!

Faramin said...

The attack on Russia was initiated by the then army of Iran, under the rule of the Shah. didn't it?

But about the rest, I agree! and,... well.. I never said otherwise.

N. said...

The "attack" was in "response" to Russia's move to Persian Georgian territory; so it was not an expansionist move, but it was a gesture of "hey we are not going to just sit and let you come take our territory!" And they won that war, until they were cheated by their allies.

And I think, if the affairs were not in the hands of incompetent Fathalishah those treaties would not have been as readily signed.

But what I find amazing about Iranians, and what I am really proud of, is that they have not engaged in any territorial wars 200, 500, 2000 years after the effect, to reclaim their ancestoral land. When assaulted, we have defended ourselves, but we have accepted defeat with grace ad humility as well.

pfff I have become such a nationalist!