Monday, February 12, 2007

Iran: the high plateau!

Homeyra's recent post broght me to this little excerpt of an article by Kam Zarrabi:
The fear that the regional Arab states might find it imperative to enter a nuclear arms race to neutralize an atomic-armed Iran is based on politically motivated and clearly flawed arguments. First, a nuclear Pakistan, the home of Al-Gha'eda and other terrorist groups that are the arch enemies of the oil-rich and corrupt Arab rulers did not invoke such fears. Second, neither has Israel's known nuclear arsenal that rivals that of France or Great Britain. Third, All these Arab states are signatories to the NPT agreement, as is Iran. With the IAEA supervision and monitoring, embarking on such an arms race would not be possible, especially for desert-dwelling lands with no hiding space to clandestinely pursue such projects.

Which reminds me of what I read in a history book when I was young. It was something to the effect that the "mountains" have been cruicial in shaping the character and the culture of the Persian civilization (I think the comparison was drawn to India, which unlike the Iranian plateau enjoyed plentitude of water, vegetation, flat lands and etc.)

So here, some pictures of the mountains that the Americans are going to conquere (or maybe not, since they didn't seem too successful in "flat" Iraq)!!!!
Please click on the picture to go to the source where it was taken from. (Especially theJackson School of Geoscience )

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