Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Funny Valentine

See the Frontline's documentary: Valentine's day in Iran


homeyra said...

I am not sure if I'll have the patience to dowwwwwwwnnnnlooooaaad frontline,... but this picture of Mrs. Rice is not great for the Happy Valentine... something like ... perhaps .... halloween.... might be more appropriate.

naj said...

Come on, homie, she is so lovely!

FurGaia said...

Yeah! I agree with Homeyra re. Rice. Methinks too many "birth pangs". They do take a toll on the body (not to say the Soul).

Sophia said...

Rice is a disgrace. I agree with Furgaia too many 'Birth Pangs'.

naj said...

Ugly women are dangerous creatures, I have to admit.

Anonymous said...

سیه چرده ای را کسی زشت خواند
جوابی بگفتش که حیران بماند
نه من صورت خویش خود کرده ام
که عیبم شماری که بد کرده ام
ترا با من ار زشت رویم چه کار؟
نه آخر منم زشت و زیبا نگار

N. said...

Anonymous, point well made. But I do believe that ugliness is not a quality of facial features, but the reflection of a tormented and tormenting within, projected outward.

homeyra said...

Naj, If this is tekrari please feel free to delete. For some mysterious reason what I wrote disappeared.
It isn't about ugliness or beauty of the face.
An ugly expression, even on a pretty face, is ugly.
I didn't see this movie. Naj, if there was a special point, please right a few word for blinds like myself!!