Friday, February 9, 2007

The option that is not on the table

Washington Post

Paradoxically, to liberalize the theocratic state, the United States would do better to shelve its containment strategy and embark on a policy of unconditional dialogue and sanctions relief.
A reduced American threat would deprive the hard-liners of the conflict they need to justify their concentration of power.
In the meantime, as Iran became assimilated into the global economy, the regime's influence would inevitably yield to the private sector, with its demands for accountability and reform.

Guardian:A new Plan A, with more American carrots and European sticks, is necessary. But don't count on it working. (by Timothy Garton Ash)

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Anna said...

Dear Naj
I just recently "stumbled" over your blog. I'm very glad having found it and appreciate your reasonable view of "things" about Iran very much, Iran got into a utterly libelous and dangerous focus of purely zionistic and US-american interests, because they are not willing to respect Irans legitim rights and now permanently are constructing "reasons" for attacking Iran. Just as before they did so regarding Iraq ... also based on nothing but lies.
One can't but hope that the morons will be stopped! There are many people all over the world recognizing this dirty game. And as far as I'm informed there are also lots of exilied Iranians being "interested" and involved in this game.

naj said...

Hi Anna, thank you for visiting.

Yes, I have stumbled across a few blogs where certain Iranians who are completely detatched from the Iranian people and society (just as is Reza Pahlavim, the so-called Prince in Exile, and Maryam Rajavi, the so called president "elect" in exile --yea yea go figure) are cheering the Americans, in the vein hope that they will be welcomed to Iran ...

But the size of those Iranians who believe in the histrical process, in growth, in transformation, in hope and in maturation will outnumber them.

Please keep visiting.

Anna said...

Sure I will visit your blog again, Naj. You can count on me :-)
I'm sick and tired of all this destructive Iran-bashing in every possible way ... the more so if it comes from exiled Iranians. Well I visit a couple of them just to know.

Lets keep on hoping it won't come to the worst ... not just because soon I will visit this interesting and beautiful country.


naj said...

:) will you be going to Iran, Anna? Is this your first time?

Anna said...

Yes, for the first time ... finally, finally. And somehow I guess not for the last time. Don't ask me why, but since Iran got into such a desastrous, cynical focus - not just "yesterday" since - along this whole inscenated Islamophobia (also here in Europe) and in order to "create a new" Middle-East à la Cheney-Bush-Rice etc.etc.etc. I learned more and more about it. And I began to really respect and love this country and its people deeply from my heart.
I know from lot's of people who do not see at all this country as the world's fear for peace and evil-doer No.1 (Hersh, Chomsky, Avnery, Tilgner and COUNTLESS others!!!)

As well I'm consternated about the crimes going on against the palestinian people decades since and getting worse and worse. A damned shame! ...

Regularly I'm writing against all these madnesses, comitted by democratic (!) countries ... and the USA decided to "export" his imaginations of progress, peace and democracy to people by bombing them. Expecting other countries to be their poodles or marionettes ... or else their s.o.a.b.
What an utter arrogancy and blasphemy, saying this as an atheist.

So let's keep hoping that more and more people are about to wake up "a bit" .. but most of all I would wish European politics finally whould concretely do so. Maybe it's just a silly dream of mine. We'll see.

naj said...

Yes I know Anna.
Keep writing, and please do share your writings.

Anna said...

To share - or to link - my writings will be complicated or so far even senseless, Naj, because I myself have no blog but I'm doing them here in Switzerland and thus in german language in the forums of a mostly neocon-oriented weekly newspaper.
I consider it simply to be important, that more and more people get to know and being informed about all this calculated and propagandistic desinformation and madness going on. One shall simply mot leave people quite alone with their indoctrinated beliefs and "convictions" ;-) ... that's my philosophy.

To put it this way, Naj: Fortunately we are not alone, but we should become the majority ... another silly dream? So what :-)

Kind regards: A.