Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ali Moalem Damghani: Sha'ere Kharaky (Donkey poet)

I decided to google who this dude who is appointed to the presidency of the Art Academy (whose founder, Architect and painter Mousavi was sacked today, after Ahmadinejad made a rush trip from Shiraz--where he was coldly greeted). and I came across this website whose snapshot I provide below!

Forgive me my non-persian visitors; there is no way on the face of this planet I would spend a millisecond translating any of this; but take my word, and show it to your Persian speaking friends and watch them gag on banality of the stuff this "so-called" poet puts out there! Yuck!

We call this kind of a poetry: She're Kharaki [Donkeyish Poem].

I reposted this with corrected spelling of donkey :) But will keep this for the sake of comments! :)


Naj said...

LOL; he really seems to be suffering acute constipation!

صبحدم گاو... نه، بقراط جنين را مي‌کافت
پسر سايه‌ي سقراط زمين را مي‌کافت
هور بي‌شعله سر مي‌زد و کيوان مي‌سوخت
وهم مي‌کاشت سواري که در ايوان مي‌سوخت
ماسوي را به دم تيغ سوا مي‌کردند
مي‌شمردند جهان را و جدا مي‌کردند
گريه‌ي روح روان بود که جان طغيان کرد
صبح تاراج زمين بود، زمان طغيان کرد
مي‌دمد ماه، دو تارم کو؟ کسبم دشنه است
باز بي‌نفت است فانوسم، اسبم تشنه است
ديده باز از پي تسکينم خون مي‌بارد
باز از پنجه‌ي مسکينم خون مي‌بارد
باد... اين باد غريب است، غريب است اين باد
روح ديو است، دروج است، فريب است اين باد

Roozbeh said...

Sha'ere Kharaky !!!

SMTOL=Spilling my tea on my laptop

Naj said...

Seriously; what kind of a shit is these things he calls poems?!?!?!

I heard all members of the Art Academy are planning to resign, en mass! Woohoo!

Naj said...

correction: what kind of shit ARE these things

Plural is important because ALL of them are crappy!

هزاردستان چمن said...

HAHAHAHHA Naj, the situation is so awful that it's becoming comic. This poem cracked me up literally. HAHAHA loved your comment

Hydra said...

apparently, this guy doesn't know why he's been appointed as the new head of honarestan, and thinks A.N have mixed him up with someone else. seriously....