Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Who is The Parliament Speaker Seeking Death Penalty For?

Please watch to the end of this video.
The protesters are just marching and holding their arms up in the air! Then suddenly, mayhem ...

Tomorrow, the government is forcing its employees and school students to attend a rally to CONDEMN "insults launched by the greens"! Holding arms up in the air and marching is an INSULT that deserves one day of governmental closure to make the ego of the freaking supreme leader heal!

Yesterday, some goon on the parliament floor or somewhere has said that if the judiciary won't punish the leaders of green then the "people", i.e. goons and thugs and ex-criminals out of Ahmadinejad Rehab, will do so to defend Islam and Imam Hussein!!!!! Fear's mounting that this is a pretext for unleashing their dogs at Mousavi.

The security forces have already lifted guard from Karoubi, prompting his wife to write a public letter that they live without any protection and should they be killed, the IRI is directly responsible, and better not look for foreign bullets!!

And as I am writing this, at least 1000 individuals are herded to prison in Tehran (and same number in the provinces) ... horror stories are emerging from EshratAbad Prison; seems as notorious as Kahrizak was. (By the way, did you know Ahmadinejad has PROMOTED the criminal Tehran prosecutor, Ghazi Mortazavi, a man who was DEMOTED by the head of judiciary because of his bloody hands in crimes commited in Iran's abu-gharib, Kahrizak?

And today, Larijani, the asskisser hypocrite has called for maximum penalty for people who have INSULTED Imam Hossein!!!!!

Oh I almost forgot: Khamenei was promoted to "God" today!


Mark Pyruz said...

So, a few months back, I was right about Karoubi's bodyguards- they were provided by the state. Withdrawing them is an effort at getting the opposition leader to tone down his criticism, and act as an indirect restriction on his movements. Interesting they haven't (yet) done the same to Mousavi.

The large number of arrests aren't unexpected given the level of violence exhibited on Ashura. Personally, I'm surprised the military wasn't called in to Tehran.

I saw the video on another blog and provided a number of law enforcement details. I'll spare you, Naj. Folks generally don't appreciate such details. (They often mistake it as a form of political advocacy.)

Naj said...


law-enforcement facts require journalists and political activists to be dragged from their classes (e.g. alireza beheshti) or from their homes and put in jail?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow, the government is forcing its employees and school students to attend a rally to CONDEMN "insults launched by the greens"!

Looks in Iran there is inside struggle between two sides, who support this or that is irrelevant here as the Iran had a long history of ethnic struggle inside.

The prove is there by one element missing, so far, from the Green Movement protests has been the organized involvement of ethnic minorities like the Kurds, Arabs, Baluchis and Azeris, who make up nearly half of Iran's population.

You may blame this on the government for marching the side who oppose the Greens, but both sides their attentions and believes made them to go down to the street and voice out their voice and support.

That said you can not blame one side of the struggle in Iran right now.

an average patriot said...

I am so concerned! The regime is going to push this until they can try to exterminate those wonderful people. I am stunned! I can not see the people relenting either only a total confrontation. God help those people!

Anonymous said...

I am fortunate in that I visited Teheran many times during the 1970's. It was a beautiful city, I received warm and genuine hospitality from gracious, generous people.
Towards the end of the 70's, without understanding the background, I became aware of the unrest that was rising.
My thoughts are with you and you have my best wishes for 2010.

vagabond said...

A request

Please repost this ...

Lets begin the year with hope:- that in spite of all the macabre display put up by psychopaths to please their gods there exists corners were people manage to preserve their serenity and thus there is hope for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Dear Naj,

The person calling himself "Mark Pyruz" on your blog is the same person calling himself Pirouz on the NIAC blog, is the same person calling himself "Sargord Pirouz" on Bottom line: he is a propagandist and cheerleader for the murderous regime ruling our nation. Regards.

Anonymous said...

Dear Naj,

The person calling himself "Mark Pyruz" on your blog is the same person calling himself Pirouz on the NIAC blog, is the same person calling himself "Sargord Pirouz" on Bottom line: he is a propagandist and cheerleader for the murderous regime ruling our nation. Regards.

Anonymous said...

The person calling himself "Mark Pyruz" on your blog is the same person calling himself Pirouz on the NIAC blog,

Pirouz also can bew found on 'Just World News' with Helena Cobban

Anonymous said...

Dear Naj,

The question is whether "Mark Pyruz", Pirouz, and "Sargord Pirouz" (and there are others) are just free lancers expressing their own warped opinions (i.e. defending the murderous IRI) or whether they have links to the Ministry of Intelligence (Vezarat-e Ettelaat), IRGC or other organs of the IRI and have been tasked with the job of representing the "pro-establishment" view online. (Pro-establishment is one of Pirouz's pet phrases on the NIAC blog to refer to the gun-, knife-, club-, and chain-wielding goons of the IRI).

Naj said...

I am not sure what this "fuss" about Pyruz is!
Mark Pyruz offers a different view. Why are we so eager to brand whoever doesn't subscribe to the "Iran is on the verge of breakdown" mantra a pro-establishmenter!

Also, what is so wrong about being PRO-establishment? A great majority of Iran's problems stem from its CONSTANT anti-establishment tendencies!

Mark has a fine blog and I visit it when I look for some answers--hence I don't appreciate this anti-Pirouz vendetta directed at Mark Pyruz. Also, I don't know who Pirouz is; and I don't care either.

Happe New Year everyone!

Naj said...


Happy New year!
Buddy, you are catastrophising again? ;)

don't worry, no one will massacre no one in Iran. We'll sort it out soon!

Naj said...

gun-, knife-, club-, and chain-wielding goons of the IRI

Well these are not the pro-establishments in my view. But in this particular comment Mark is referring to/excusing the security behavior.

Anyways, I just don't like equating uskowioniran with allegations expressed here. That's all!

Naj said...


yeah the red violin was a fine post. I will look for beauties soon; after holidays :)

Anonymous said...

after holidays

Very Very concerned about Iran and their suffering...... and call other to help and come forward...


Naj said...


You are an idiot! I don't call anyone to come forward and i am not very very concerned about anyone's suffering!

Go EFFF yourself elsewhere; how about that?

Publicola said...



• Question:
What does it really mean, if/when an election result of at least 35% [probably decisively more] of the voters is not only completely ignored but is at the same time being discredited, harassed and persecuted continuously in a pogromsimilar way by the government ?

• Answer:
Instead of one clear-cut-looking, logically seeming, one-dimensional and succinct answer some figures and various question marks referring to this complex question.

Before the alleged „influence by foreign countries” an official election result of the Iranian opposition of approx. 36% [ - probably substantially more in reality ! - ] was published by the official organs.

Iran is probably the most modern society in the middle East. In Iran more than two thirds of the population are living in cities, in proportion a somewhat higher figure than in Japan. On the streets mainly the urban youth are demonstrating, the most numerous section of the population of the country.

In the last national elections (2009) the comparably modest election results of the German ecological „Green“-Party was 10,7%. This percentage of approx. 10% has been an average result in regional and national elections of the last 20 years. These 10 % - a relatively small figure in comparison to the Iranian opposition election results of officially 35% - have forced all parties in Germany to adopt party programmes over the years with environmental protection as one of their main items on the agenda. No party in Germany (and probably in the whole of Western Europe) would be eligible so to speak without an ecological party program.

a) During the 2009 Iranian election protests [in the summer] 72 humans were killed (figures published by the opposition); officially the government has admitted a figure of 36 people having been killed.

b) How many people have been killed during all demonstrations and rallies taken together in the sixty-four years after 1945 until today in the following countries added up and all in all: in Switzerland plus (West-)Germany plus Austria plus Belgium plus the Netherlands plus Luxembourg?
[An informal but highly likely and reliable GUESS:
possibly NOT MORE THAN THREE TO SIX PEOPLE, if that ! ]

c) How many people have been killed during the abyssal regime change in East Germany (GDR) in 1989?
[»In the summer of 1989 East German communists praised the Chinese Communist Party decision to use violence against Tiananmen Square protesters. […] The demonstrations began on Monday, September 4, 1989 at the Church of Saint Nicholas, in Leipzig with parson Christian F├╝hrer.
After the October 2 demonstration, Socialist Unity Party (SED) leader Eric Honecker issued a 'shoot and kill' order to the military. Communists prepared a huge police, militia, Stasi, and work-combat troop presence and there were rumors of a Tiananmen Square-style massacre.
On October 9, Leipzig's [protesters] took to the streets under the banner "We are the people!"
Military surrounded the demonstrators, but did not take action. The Stasi, East Germany's secret police, unsuccesfully attempted to spark violence by planting violent demonstrators in the middle of crowds.
Honecker had to resign on October 18.
The non-violent demonstrations were a key component in the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9 and ultimately led to the fall of the East German regime.
The German reunification happened within a year, on October 3, 1990. The complete process of change in East Germany is known as 'Die Wende'.«]

goatman said...

Boy would I have fun defying this government as I defied mine years ago. But then I am a risk taker, I am told.
The more who rebel the more who win the battle. We are with you.

Anonymous said...

You are an idiot! I don't call anyone to come forward

Naj said...Monday, December 28, 2009 11:10:00 AM
and my call was not to IRanians INSIDE; but to all the world outside--

So if this hypocrite and stupid Naj clearly showed how downy she is and she can restrain herself from insulting readers.

Publicola said...

Some postings by some commentators seem to require the competence, patience and/or skills of either a deaf, dumb and illiterate human being or of an individual highly university-trained expert in medical and/or psychological research and studies - indeed.