Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Green Godfather Passes Away

This is a bit of a shock to me ... I am inclined to think conspiracy ... he was providing the starkest and also the most sincere opposition to the regime:
- He questioned Khamenei's qualification as Vali-E-Faghih
- He protested to atrocities to which the judiciary is partially admitting (i.e. to those killings whose photographs are distributed)
- He protested to the concept of religious monarchy
- He was the only cleric, the only founder of the IRI who stood to khomeini AGAINST the prison abuse and killings of political dissidents
- He was supposed to be the supreme leader, until he began protesting to IRI's atrocities--for which he was humiliated and put under house arrest.
...But he was 87 ...
But he was in good health ... apparently his son says so ......
This is a loss the Greens will mourn in all their courageous glories ... And this is perhaps a death that Khamenei and his ilk should fear most ... without people like Montazeri, the entire religious establishment becomes vulnerable to the Greens fed-upness with clerical rule.

I will add more info as they become available.

Yes ... Khamenei better be shaking in his robe ... already large crowds of his followers from several cities are heading to his home Ayatollah Montazeri's followers are real Shiites ... and Ashura-day will coincide with Ayatollah Montazeri's 7th day of mourning; an important day in Iranian mourning tradition ... no Basiji, no thug, no fascist will be able to hold people back from this funeral ...

This snapshot of Farlse News front page is an indication of HOW afraid of Montazeri this regime is:

Titles in order of appearance
  • 93% of Iranians are pro-nuclear development!
  • A young Afgan boy died under an American tank!
  • Salahshoor [Some asshole pretending to be a cinematographer]: Our filmmakers are not familiar with Ashura Epic!
  • Hojjatol-Eslam-Val-Moslemin [a religious title for people who have not reached the rank of Ayatollah yet]: If someone disagrees with the supreme leader, god punishes him!
  • Salimi responds to Hashemi's second response!
  • [and then finally] Hosseinali Montazeri passed away at the age of 87! [No mention of his title: Ayatollah Ozma, which means GRAND ayatollah; no mention of his being the senior mojtahed of ghom, no mention of hhis being the CO-founder of the IRI, no mention of his being the theoretician of "Velayat-e Faghih"--something he regretted later for the abuse of power it unleashed, and against which he spoke bravely ... the fear of Farce news, the Gobblesian mouthpiece of Ahmadinejad's lies, is apparent in the ommission of Ayatollah Montazeri's religious titles ... these people seem intent on shooting themselves in the foot ... we shall show them ...]

Already, university students are canceling classes and gathering in Qoran-reading groups to mourn Ayatollah's departure. On Montazeri's facebook, there are plenty of moving testimonials of people who remember how Montazeri was the only official who showed care and sympathy when they sought help with the arest of their children in the 80s; people are remembering how he was ridiculed because he cried on TV the loss of his son in a terrorist attack in 1981 ...

Despite disrespectful behavior of Iran's state media, NajafAbad, Ayatollah's birthplace comes to a total halt:

(See more pictures here)

Mousavi's message calls to the religious leaders to fill in Montazeri's shoes, and to not let the youth render them totally useless. He is not this explicit, but he is explicitly asking the religious leaders to "respond to the calls and needs of the youth", like Montazeri did, to keep religion a relevant part of teh Iranian life.

Karoubi, Khatami have also issued sad and graceful condolence messages. Khamenei has issued a double-edged one; where first he praises the grandness of the ayatollah and then prays for him to be forgiven for the "sin" of opposing Imam Khomeini

(when i say these people are intent on shooting themselves on the foot, this is what i mean: Khamenei is even INCREASING the worth of Montazeri by bringing up his disagreement with Khomeini). Hashemi has also issued a statement.

Many of IRI's who's who will be attending the funeral tomorrow.
Just in: The Intelligence [or dumbness] ministry has threatened Green leaders, activists and journalists who plan to participate in Ayatollah's funeral, that they will be arrested as soon as they arrive in Qom

The Press-Butchers have already pulled their knives and issued a memo to newspapers FORBIDDING them to write ANYTHING other than the condolence message of the Soupreem leader!!!!!



David said...

Hi Naj,

I read about Ayatollah Montazeri's passing earlier this evening. I am sad to hear of his death. I believe he was a good man who really cared about his people. He was also very courageous in speaking out for justice since the founding of the IRI.

It is not so unusual for an 87 year old man to die suddenly, but I wouldn't put it past the dictators to murder him. I recently heard of an Iranian dissident in exile being killed with an overdose of blood pressure medication in a salad that was delivered to him.

I hope that Ayatollah Montazeri's funeral will give a great many opponents of the regime a chance to stand up and be heard!

Anonymous said...

I am very saddened by this news. He was such an inspiration to so many people. Very courageous even when Khomeini was alive. I think his idea of ruling by the clerics was totally different from Khomeini and Khameini.

On the day of Ashura we shall all mourn.

Naj said...


Yes he was; he is the only leader of the Green movement who has no baggage, really.


Ma bi chera zendeganim
Ishan be chera marge khish agahan ...

maybe in death he will become the Grand Leader of the revolution ... nothing can keep people back from commemorating him ... Ahmadinejad and his Khamenei-melted dogs better not even attempt that!

Parvati said...

Thanks for the great coverage Naj - with my sincere condolences and respect for this courageous and noble-spirited religious leader.

Faramin said...

You are wonderful Naj. Great post. I never thought I would ever shed tear for a clerical. I did today.


Naj said...

Prvati, faramin, Thanks!