Monday, December 28, 2009

New Wave of Arrests: Human Right Activists, National-Religious leaders and Mousavi/Khatami associates

  • Ebrahim Yazdi;
  • Emad-e'Din Baghi
  • Morteza Hadji, minister of educaion during Khatami's reform era.
  • Leila Tavassoli, daughter of Mohammad Tavassoli
  • Seyed Hosein Mousvi Tabrizi (Head of the clerical Association of Ghom's Teachers and Researchers)
  • Alireza Beheshti Shirazi (Editor in Chief of Mousavi's online journal Kalameh Sabz)
  • Ghorban Behzadian Nejad (Mousavi consultant)
  • Mohamad Bagherian (Mousavi consultant)
  • Rasouli (deputy of President Khatami's Baran Foundation)
  • Forouzandeh (Manager of Mousavi's office)
  • Mohammad Sadegh Rabbani (Retired university prof who used to be the general prosecutor 20 years ago), arrested yesterday
  • Son of Mostafa Moin, the minister of Science and higher education was also arrested yesterday.
  • Heshmatollah Tabarzadi (Student Activist)
  • Haleh Sahabi (Women right activist) [apparently the news was false alarm]
  • Parvin Fahimi (mother of Sohrab E'rabi) and her son (Sohrab's brother) are missing.
  • Mohammad Taheri, son of Ayatollah Taheri--Isfahan's Friday Imam (and a son in law of Khomeini!)
  • Abulfazl Ghadyani (member of the central council of the Organization Mojahedin of Islamic Revolution--a reformist party)
  • Mehdi Arabshahi (Student activist)
  • Abolfazl Mousavian
  • ======overnight arrests=============
  • Mansoureh Shojayee (women rights activist)
  • Noushin Ebaadi (Sister of Shirin Ebadi)
  • Mashaallah ShamsolVaezin (journalist)
  • Nasrin Vaziri (ILNA reporter)
  • BadrolSadat Mofidi (Journalist)
  • Keyvan Mehregan (Etemaad reporter)
  • Javad Saberi (Rooz columnist)
  • Morteza kazemina (columnist)
  • Shapour Kazemi (Engineer, brother in law of Mousavi)
  • ===============Dec 29============
  • Alireza Beheshti (son of ayatollah Beheshti and advisor of Mousavi)
  • Karoubi's son has also mentioned that his father seems under house arrest as his bodyguards who work under security forces do not let him go anywhere.
  • Reza Tajik (journalist)
  • Niloufar Hashemi (Student)
  • Mohammad-Javaad Mozaffar (Publisher)
  • Mehdi Gholizadeh (member of Freedom Movement Front)
  • ===Jaras has a note that the thugs are planning to either coerce the judiciary into arresting Mousavi or attacking his office and physically harming him, tomorrow (Dec 30)===


Kevin Scott said...

This is sad. However, as my good friend in SW Iran says, "Freedom is not free!" It was to be expected that the regime would try something like this. However, while they may get a short-term victory out of this, they only keep creating conditions for their eventual downfall!

parvati_roma said...

... plus the nameless detainees still uncounted - 500 reportedly arrested in Isfahan, heaven only knows how many elsewhere...!!

Naj this is already a purge following a coup, Iran's residually-resident intelligenzia is being decapitated day by day its youth sacrificed bloodily in the streets its leaders encircled the noose pulled tighter minute by minute - and by whom, by what? By a mafia-like clique of thugs, a powergrabbing kleptocratic Mukhabarat-State within the State backed by a rough ignorant brainwashed lumpen-militia drilled to believe the alleged sacredness-of-their-cause will absolve them of the foul stinking evil-of-their-means...:(((((

I'm eating out my heart with anguish for Iran, Naj - how long can this slow-motion trainwreck go on before the damage becomes irreparable?

"First they came for the....?"

So: Montazeri "spoke up", Karroubi "spoke up", Mousavi "spoke up", Tavakoli "spoke up", etcetc and etcetc all bravely "spoke up" too - and when the multitudes themselves "spoke up" in the streets... the doors of Kahrizak opened to engulf them all???

In such a context, "speaking up" is unquestionably an act of heroism - but how can it be enough?

Naj said...

Kevin, I wrote a misplaced response to you, so in case you are on email warning, I apologize my comment was intended for another commentator!

Yes freedom is NOT free; but a game for freedome is not something Iranians have started playing 7 months ago; its a game they have been playing for the past 1400 years.

Parvati; yes a purge has begun; but acting violently is what Ahmadinejadists have planned, and seeded in Sunday to tighten the military grab!

This is so simple!

And sorry, but I don't really share your romantic vision of a slow train wreck and etc ... yeah people are arrested, harassed intimidated; but this movement has not started in June; and I TOTALLY resent the fact that Western sensationalism is pushing it and cheering it into something it didn't WANT to be from the onset!

parvati_roma said...

Naj dear, I have way too much respect for Iranians as-such to believe even for one moment that what has been happening in Qom, Tehran, Isfahan, Tabriz etcetc over the last few days could be inspired by anything as transparently self-servingly and meretricious as the urgings of Western sensationalism. Nor do I believe it is simply a naive response to a coldly pre-planned series of provocations. Nonetheless, I understand and share your apprehension.

Naj said...


The Iranians bursting out in dissent in Isfahan, Qom, Tehran didn't come out on encouragement of the western cheerleaders; but the also didn't come on riotous and violent inspirations. They didn't come to break glasses and burn cars and etc.

And the Iranians who continue to inspire my respect are those who call for measured action, who warn of the violence trap before us; and who insist on the peaceful nature of this movement.