Sunday, December 6, 2009

When were seeds of conspiracy planted? (Part 1)

For those LIBERALS who are intent on believing that Iran's Green Revolution is a little baby of USRael conspiracy, a colour revolution to undermine the wonderful socialist anti-imperialist anti-zionist Ahmadinejad, you will find below a translation of some statements oozing out of Ahmadinejad-Khamenei supporters, who are going to be the "generals" of Ahmadinejad's promised media-war.

These statements were made in 1999; I trust you are intelligent enough to recognize that the June 2009 Coup D'etat has been planned since a while ago--yes as far back as in 1979; but it is only in 1997 that the devil declared its profound hatred for anything that could resemble humane in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

I stumbled on these statements from Masood Deh-Namaki. Be warned, in his wikipedia profile, his promoters are making him sound like an intelligent modernist muslim in search of a progressive Islamic nation! He is not; he is an ooportunist! He is a member of Ansar Hezbollah, the Basiji groups in charge of derailing and intimidating Khatami's reformist government. His fame and unprecedented fortune came as he turned from Basiji to filmmaker. As a filmmaker he is painfully trivial. His films, and the amount of attention and publicity he gets from teh IRI is a slab in the face of Iran's 100-years long cinema tradition. I FORCED me to fork out about 3 dollars to go see his film in an Iranian cinema; I could hardly contain my nausea. With much governmental support, he made the first war-comedy, which is now turning into a sequel. The comedy is about a group of criminals who end up in the front-lines of Iran-Iraq war; and "slowly" become transformed into bravehearts (a la Basiji style.) The theme of the film resembles the dynamics of social-political shifts in the IRI. The thugs of Dehnamaki's "Ekhrajiha" portrays new-comers who resemble many of the post-Ahmadinejad popping figures in the political and economic scenes of Iran (you have surely read elsewhere about their faked credentials and their financial grayness). These individuals are street-smart and ruthless, as are the characters of Dehnamaki's film. Similar to Ahmadinejad's team, Dehnamaki's thugs are not trusted by the clerical establishment. Similar to all the incompetent individuals who are now at the helm of Iran's ruling class, it is only the "transformation" and hearty "loyalty" of these con men that white wash their lack of intelligence or ideological grounding. Their hooliganism is what "saves" the war; because of fight the enemy headlessly, they are called heros!

Well, so where do Mr Dehnamaki's cinematic ideas stem from?
Jebheh [frontline] Magazine, No 50, 7- Esfand, 1378 (28 Dec, 1999):

Stubbornness and political revenge is characteristic of Tehran's votes. Voting in Tehran is not entirely a political act. Sometimes it has psychological, social and cultural aspects. These things don't deserve much attention. Voting for new figures is a protest not a political choice. ... On the vote day, I saw many Tehranis who came out with their dogs to vote. These [people] are creatures whose support of a candidate doesn't go beyond their ballots. We have to change the game such taht these people go hide in their houses ... Of course, violence should not become a daily affair, but in certain days, we have to apply it strongly and swiftly."

In support of Dehnamaki's idea, another Basiji from the notorious Ansar Hezbollah, adds:
Around the formation of the new parliament, Basiji brothers and the security forces should increase pressure on cultural, social and moral aspects [meaning freedoms of dress and press], such that with vigilant execution of Islamic penal code, the superficial middle class become disillusioned, and feel that the reformists are ineffective. We are living in an oriental country, thus proving what the popular belief considers incompetence and ineffectiveness, is important.

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