Monday, December 28, 2009

Mardom Chera Neshastin? Iran Shodeh Felestin! (People, why are you sitting? Iran's become Palestine!)


The Egg said...

Hey, no need to actually publish this comment, but I wanted to apologize for losing my temper this morning. Sometimes I feel like you contradict yourself within the same paragraph, and the tone you take with some people can be really confusing. Sometimes I don't know where you actually stand on something. But, anyways, you seem like a solid person, and we have far more commonalities than differences. Sorry for my comment this morning.

Naj said...

Hi Egg, I don't know how to reach you; also don't know who you are to have lost your temper with me :)

So, no problem! I know I have a sarcastic way of putting things that confuses people, often! But, my Neo-Resistance is my stamp and my footprint. So I hope it de-confuses people :)


Anonymous said...

Don't bring Israel into this with your Palestine reference. Muslims abusing other Muslims has nothing to do with Jews or Israel.
Besides, Muslims living inside Israel have a lot more liberty than Muslims living inside Iran

Naj said...

Anonymous, you have good points; but I was referring to Palestinians who do not live in Israel ;)

Anonymous said...

(People, why are you sitting? Iran's become Palestine!)"

This cal comes from some one she is setting here convent place and calling people to go to Hill... What you should do put your call for yourself first go back to Iran and be in the front of those demonstrations instead of calling other , is right Madam neo-resistance?

Words easy to be speaks and writes but act that most important, go give them hand instead of sitting thousands miles away and hiding their.

Anonymous said...

They still frind with Satan

Were we wrong

Naj said...

anonymous; you are right!
But, for the record; I do not condone this "intifaza" business; and my call was not to IRanians INSIDE; but to all the world outside--especially those who think Iran is a true supporter of Palestinians!

Anonymous said...


Enough this garbage we knew your hatred its far than giving any sympathy as any normal human for the suffering of Palestinians.

So its just FOUR killed , this in Ashura festival which may be normal if we taken the self-beaten and the huge crowed people. or its may be can say these four as if normal road accident casualties on the road as norm in countries like Iran.

But putting Palestinians at front to compare what happen in Iran to Palestinians!, is just an odd and naive to do so.

Btw, can you tell us what Mullah really helped Palestinians from 1979 till now, please count for us if any you really knew something we don't know with sources .

Naj said...

Anonymous, I cannot understand what you are trying to say. Please rephrase.