Sunday, December 27, 2009

If anyone is killed on Ashura day; the regime will have signed its own death sentence ...

It seems three people have been killed in downtown Tehran--(Hafiz Bridge; in front of Amir Kabir University) ... things are escalating out of hand and I strongly think this escalation is "designed" by the IRGC/Basij ... they are trying to create an atmosphere of fear and are angry that people don't seem to be really scared! (4:30 AM Eastern time zone)

This film is from Taleghani-three way; not too far from Hafiz Bridge. In this video I like to draw your attention to the attendance of children. What the regime should be REALLY scared of is that in the pat 30 years they fed us so many movies and TV series about the bravery and the tactics employed by revolutionaries of 1979 to topple Shah. So, the IRI has been the best school for these kind of movements; no matter how much they want to blame it on BBC!!!!

Clashes are reported in the following cities:(4:54 AM; Estern)
  • Qom: Iran's vatican!
  • Isfahan: Iran's cradle of shiite art and culture
  • NajafAbad: a city in the province of Isfahan, where Ayatollah Montazeri was from
  • Shiraz: the capital of Perspolis.
  • Ardabil: In so many ways, the birthplace of Iran's Shiite State
  • Babol: The Northeren site of Mithraism
  • Tabriz: The front-line of Iran's revolutions and resistance.
  • Mashhad: The holy city.

And, what are the OFFICIAL IRI news agencies reporting?
-Tasou'a in Kuwait!
-Ashura in Japan!!
-And the glory of an IRI-approved attendance in a village!! (Damn they removed the link after I commented on it; and have now replaced it with some blabber about magnificent attendace in Ghazvin, Semnan, Mashhad, Yazd) This is the moment that the noon prayer has ended in Iran; and that means things are going to get worse from here!

Latest death (martyr) toll 5 ... 5:37 AM, EST.

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Arash said...

This regime was doomed years ago. Well done to the protestors.

Long live liberty!