Friday, December 11, 2009

Mousavi and Karoubi warn that following fake statements attributed to the army, new crackdowns are underway.

در صورت قطع اینترنت و آغاز حرکات احمقانه رژیم ، منتظر خبر نباشیم . وعده ما انقلاب تا آزادی شاید در پی بیانیه مشکوک دیروز ارتش ، طرح خنثی سازی یک کودتای فرضی مطرح است . حکومت
نظامی و بازداشتهای گسترده . شاید اطلاع رسانی را قطع کنند. آماده باشیم و در صورت قطع ارتباطاتمان ، منتظر رسیدن خبر از آسمان نمانیم

This was just posted on both Karoubi and Mousavi's facebook. They are announcing rally paths, IN CASE leaders of the movement are arrested. It seems, following a suspicious statement attributed to the Iranian army (but it is fake by all means or at least there is no evidence that it is real) the IRGC is gearing up for widespread arrests to put down the "imaginary" coup d'etat!

See this post; it is the prelude to the frontal assault.



Parvati said...

Big debate on the authenticity and/or "cui bono" intent of that provocative statement self-presented as coming from inside the Iranian armed forced on the Enduring America comments thread - in the posts from here down it gets really interesting.

Parvati said...

#Iranelection Summary of recent @manic77 tweets Eng trans by @Iran_Letter
Armed forces (both IRGC & Army) has been put on full alert since Saturday.
Ministry of Intelligence is worried and has asked Rafsanjani to intervene and meet with Khamenei
IRGC & the Mesbah gang have convinced Khamenei that after #16Azar protests, regime will collapse if nothing is done
Army commanders have been asked to go on full alert & lock the troops in army barracks to prevent them from joining the people.
Pursuant to these developments, the Army commanders issued their now famous statement warning about IRGCs crackdown.
Army commanders want Khamenei to know that the Army won't stay on the sidelines if IRGC attacks the people.


Naj said...


for the Nth time, I am REPEATING that this statement is NEVER made by the army. It is yet another imaginary monster CREATED BY THE IRGC to help them further militarize the situation and tighten their grip on power.

I have expressed my dismay to homy lafayette about having translated this piece of trash ... as I feared it has spined out of control in this highly dubious Enduring America weblog.

Chill out people!

Mark Pyruz said...

I agree with you Naj, about the inauthenticity of the statement. But I'm inclined to think it's the work of a 3rd party, rather than the IRGC.

Whether Iran's military and intelligence agencies have taken the bait of this obvious element of psyops has yet to be seen. Have precautionary measures been put into effect? Can not confirm.

Apparently Mousavi and Karoubi have decided to run with this story.

What the 3rd party's statement may or may not succeed in doing is to spread out further Iran's intelligence efforts to include intensified efforts toward the Artesh, which might lessen to a degree its efforts on the genuine opposition.

Naj said...

you may very well be right. But which 3rd party would that be? I want to point at the neo-con/zionist ones; but given how aligned with their interests the IRGC has been operating lately; I am inclined to think they are all in cahoots!