Monday, February 14, 2011

Ahmadinejad's mouthpiece, Falsenews, confirms shooting and Basiji savagery!

FarceNews confirms that gunshots have been fired, people are injured and some are in clritical condition. But they blame it on Zionists and Mujahedin (whose members they have been recently executing.) One really doubts the 'might' of this regime, how can they stand to the "wolrd Imperialism" if they are so vulnerable to Zionists and Mujahedin who are constantly testing their legitimacy?!?!?!

FalseNews also confirms that:

A crowd, albeit smaller than previous protests, has been out.

That the non-uniformed people have broken into the ranks of people and attacked them and have made them flee.

That a few people who have been protesting have been arrested by the "Alert people" (i.e Basijis).

That some Mujahedin and Monarchists have been arrested by the "Alert people" and handed over to the security forces.

And that the "Alert people" have started chanting slogans to arrest Mousavi & Karroubi!

Who needs Aljazeera when Farsenews can paint the ugly picture of what has been going on today? After reading this, I now understand why there are no pictures out. Because they are arresting everyone; and because they are beating people. But I can also say with certainty, that THERE HAS BEEN A MAJOR outpour of people to the streets and that the Basijis have been kept on their toes.

It is interesting that in none of these, there is a mention of the security forcer or the guards having taken action. the report makes it appear it was the plan-clothes and ordinary people who have been arresting and beating and scaring away! Congratulations Ahmadinejad, you have just declared the state as a fascist one!

Of course, the 'kind' and gentle leader has pardoned 661 convicts! Of course, it is unlikely that any single one of them are the journalists, lawyers, unionists, women activists, human right activists or reformist members of the previous governments. Most likely (and usually) they are petty thieves, or drug offenders, who are paid by Ahmadnejad to "re-integrate" in the society!

Oh Bravo Bravo Bravo ... Iran ...
By the way, other official news outlets are totally silent about what has happened today. But who cares, when we have False-News, that acts like a negative film. Once developed, the picture becomes crystal clear!


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Mubarak, Ben Ali, now its time for Sayyed Ali!