Saturday, February 12, 2011

From the CV of the halo-carrying global-manager: fabricate numbers & torture mothers.

The size of the 22-Bahman anniversary rally was announced, by no one other than the head fascist, Keyhan newspaper, to be 50,000,000 (yes 50 million is more than 2/3rd of Iran's population!). They also put some picture of this 50 million strong event on the world display (the top picture is an undoctored one of them!)

This population count reminds me of their vote count, to which people reacted in protests suce as the one you see in the lower picture. The IRI regime characterized the size of the Green protesters in June 88 (the bottom picture) as a few hundred.

At first, they called the green protesters dust and dirt. Then, the IRI set farcical trials, executed people in a rate to break china's record, and then boasted that the "conspiracy movement" is dead and that the green movement is that of the zombies. Of course, like all hallucinating madmen, in the past 48 hours, they have arrested at least 32 zombies, charging them with "conspiracy" to ruin the IRI's slumber with a plan to rally in support of the Middle Eastern uprisings.

A little excerpt for the letter of one of such 'zombies', the human rights activist Narges Mohammadi, addressed to the General prosecutor, sheds light on the hollow of the halo Ahmadinejad carries around his ugly head; and also teh hollowness of his "bluff" that he belong on the global-management team.

[She (who is hospitalized with a nervous breakdown) writes about non-uniformed men, breaking into her house silently, observing her half naked and paralyzed with shock to be confronted by them, who had come to arrest her husband, Taghi Rahmani. She writes heart wrenchingly about how when she was first arrested, her 4-year old child had just come back from an operation and had witnessed her mother be dragged away before her eyes. Now the darkmen have come again ...]
This scene repeated before the innocent eyes of Ali & Kiana, my 4 year old children. They talked in sleep till morning. The men had addressed my husband with foul language that is not expected from any government official. Ali and Kiana watched, bewildered. Ali walked around and said: "get out of our house; don't bother my daddy."

Because of the shock, and repeated seizures, I could not stand. I seizured twice till morning. I wish I had died and not seen the last night's scene.

Let me be frank that last night, when stranger men stood before me, and looked at me without proper attire, I felt I am not in Iran. I felt my country's counquered and I am in a foreign land, without a refuge. And now, I have this question for you and demand answer:

Are the women of this land given to the men of the government? Is there no respect left for the women and mothers in this country? For strange men, to look on me, a mother, a 37 year old woman, in the state that I was in the privacy of my home, in the middle of the night, is no longer a sin before God?

The terror of my helpless children, the wreaking of my livelihood before their eyes, not once but once every six months, is not harassment? How can I clean their innocent mind from the bitter memory of their parents taken away? God, their little world is tainted with such a cruel anger. Ali and Kiana, with their little hands, talked to those unknown men, pointed at our belongings and said:

"maman, they are taking our stuff away; are they thieves?"
"sir, don't take our daddy!"
"Daddy, don't go"
"Maman, I want daddy"

After they took Taghi, Kiana lied on the floor, crying and screaming for her father. And I, fell on the floor, half dead, only able to look at her, my 4 year old daughter.

I want to say, that I am a human, I am a wife, I am a mother, and I cannot believe this perpetual pain and suffering.

Taghi Rahmani has spent 15 years of his life in the IRI prisons, on the crime of "freedom of speech", and this is another share. And I, will be tried in court in February on the charges of "defending human rights", and I will leave Ali and Kiana to God.

The men who came to arrest introduced themselves from the security forces first, and from the intelligence ministry next, but my interrogators (from teh intelligence ministry) called to say they do not have Taghi. I am terrified because I don't know who has taken Taghi, and why. What was his charge and why did they treat us like that? I am afraid of my house doors broken; of the illegal entry of the strangers; of feeling unsafe even in my home.
... [continues]"

Also, they have put the 'Zombie-Daddy', Mehdi Karoubi under house arrest, cutting all their communication means, and even disallowing his children to visit with him. They have allowed one picture out, to show that he is alive and well, however.


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A survey of 700 people in a 70 million country?!?!
And only 380 people say it's going in the right direction!!!!!
And in a country where even parents don't dare to mention a political thought to their kid abroad becase the phone is controlled?!?!

Yah! Wonderful! Convincing! clap clap clap!