Sunday, February 20, 2011

Have you seen anything uglier than this creature?

He is suggesting that the security forces should strongly stand up to "the hypocrites who are planning to assassinate innocent Iranians today"!!!!


So the scenario is written?

Someone is going to shoot down a few Basijis and this will give the security forces under this shit-face the justification to open fire on the rest?

Well, this scenario has been circulating around for a few days; so this is making the rumors appear a bit more real.

How can someone this UGLY and convoluted in the face be anything decent inside?!


nunya said...

Yup, the outside sometimes affects the inside of a person.

C.H. said...

Colonel nutjob and his two idiot sons in Libya give this evil man a run for his money. I wondered if they exchanged notes while drafting their statements.

Pedestrian said...

Naj, completely unrelated but just saw this on mehr:

Sadeq Kharazi, the Khatami advisor who speaks at lengths on "Iran & the West", right?

why is he sick? They do "marasemeh tajlil" when they want to kick someone out of a place, no? and I was really surprised to see Kiarostami there.

Naj said...

I don't remember having seen this one in Iran & the west. Wasn't that Kamal Kharazi? Not sure.

I think Aidin Aghdashlu is in the pictures as well, giving him a painting in one of the photos. so if he is the cultural diplomate, I am not suprised to see Kiarostami there.

And if he IS a cultural attache, then I am also surprised if he has not already been kicked out by AN.