Saturday, February 19, 2011

What kind of rallies the Iranian regime doesn't crack down?

Some fascist, who often tries to 'edify' blog posts that bring to attention the hypocritical facts of the IRI, has commented that the men and women in this 19 minutes video of Feb 14 protests in Iran are "bache-soosool", or "sissy & prissy, gigolos, spineless, spoiled ", and that the regime will never fall with such actions! [in other words, he belittled the bravery of the protesters in this video]

Well, after you watch this video, I show you some of the 'supporters of Mr Khamenei and Mr Ahmadinejad'

You judge yourself, what sissy-boy in the fascist mind means.

The woman is holding a sign: "Seyed Ali Khamenei, I have not seen a name more beautiful."

This is a "soosool" woman during the election campaign, sucking up to Ahmadinejad.

However, if a "soosool" woman is not holding Ahmadinejad's picture, she will be arrested by the ninja turtlette because of her 'hijab'.

Or even worse, get beaten like this into Islamic modesty! [this woman was beaten for resisting to the police who were trying to arrest her because of her incomplete Hijab, during one of Ahmadinejad's trademark initiatives: "tarh-e effat-e ejtema'i" (social piety!).]

But if someone wants to dress outside of Islamic Modesty code, they should hold Ahmadinejad's picture:

So to summarize;

If the 'rallying women' look like this:

or this: (wearing the Iranian-KKK uniform on which it's written: I give my life for the leader! Yah! Sure! Behind her, the cad reads: death to anti-velayate faghih)

Then they are safe and "respectable".

But, if they look like in the video I posted above,

or like this:

or this:

then they are "soo-sool"; they should be ashamed of themselves, and the heavily armed, and masked men are there to beat sense and shame to them so they would either grab a picture of the dictator, or home, so Mr Ahmadinejad and others can devour the country; before engulfing it in fire; while spitting nonesensical statistics that fools like the fascist who leaves comments here feel justified about holding a baton to their compatriots.


Anonymous said...

Talking about the soosools in the government , here is the 28 minutes "audio interview" of the Iranian ambassador's wife in France with the prestigious radio "France Culture" which unfortunately was not really covered by the media !!! Even the "Parazit" boys deliberately omitted to report the most embarassing parts of the interview and one wonders WHY ?!!! I used the word "deliberately" because the uneasy look on Kambiz Hosseini's face , when he just mentioned the least damaging part of one of her lunatic phrases , was flagrant . She speaks in Persian of course , so even if you don't speak French you'll still get the gist of the interview . I wished some-one translated this and spread it amongst our faithful basijies

At one point the journalist says : Madame , you are wearing "so many " jewels ! Pearls , diamonds ... are they real ???? and she , being flattered and with a false modesty attitude giggles and says : they are natural stones !!!!!!!!!!
What a tragedy ! What an irony ! Hundreds of thousands of people have died for the likes of her to come to power and shamelessly boast that they are born in Niavaran , have 1500 sq. meters houses , wear big diamonds and brag about their physical beauty while calling "women" brain-damaged !!!!!

May GOD help us .


Anonymous said...

These fashionable and “soosool” women who are holding Ahmadinejad and Khamenei’s photos are those who have been arrested for some criminal activities (i.e. they are robbers, prostitutes, etc.).
They will then select some of them and will tell them if they do what they say, they can free them. The result is what you see in these photos. But, what is the reason? They clearly want to show that Ahmadinejad and Khamenei have supporters among all social classes. Many months ago, ‘the Greens’ had distributed an email showing the same people were present for every occasion including their identities...

Anonymous said...

The notion that Islamic Iran should allow the Green Movement to protest suffers from flaws.

I point out to you that Islamic Iran ’s government is what it is. And it’s not going to change any time soon despite what ignorant fanatics like you and agitators like Tricia want. And therefore there is no point in taking the point of view that Islamic Iran’s government should do anything other than what it is doing.
In other words, if you want to say that Islamic Iran should do what you suggest because that is your personal preference that is fine. But if you suggest that it is in Islamic Iran’s best interests, then I say from the standpoint of the Islamic Ira ian government it is not.

As I have pointed out, Islamic Iran is under attack. It considers the Green Movement, regardless of how many Islamic Iranians are involved in it (8% at the most – and mostly in Tehran), as a tool of the US and Israel. It’s the same attitude that Obama takes toward the US anti-war movement which is why the FBI spies on all these organizations and organizes SWAT raids on them periodically to seize their computers and hassle them for no legal reason whatsoever. As far as the government is concerned, if Mousavi isn’t a paid agent of the CIA, he might as well be. So why bother treating him any differently?

Anonymous said...


It is not a question of whether Islamic Iran can afford to show itself as “strong and unafraid of the Green Movement”, just as it is not a question of whether Islamic Iran can gain some propaganda benefit from that. It is much safer for Islamic Iran ’s government to simply stomp on the Green Movement than to allow a seditious, foreign-backed movement aiming at overthrowing the democratically elected regime to possibly gain strength by any display of weakness on the part of the state.
This is not a position you endorse – it’s the rational position for Islamic Iran ’s government to take under the circumstances. IF – I say again IF – I were in Khamenei’s shoes, I’d probably do the same thing. I would be saying to Mousavi, “You want to overthrow the government? Then you are the enemy.”
One always has to treat one’s enemy as if he is one’s enemy, because he will invariably treat you that way. So if I were Khamenei, I would be trying to thwart Mousavi any way I can, secure that with less than 8% of the population wanting to overthrow me, this guy really can’t do anything but cause me a headache. So why should I put up with that headache? For some propaganda value? For whom? Mr. Khamenei is ALREADY demonized by the entire Western world! Why should he tolerate these jokers to start at one level of unrest, which already draws attention to his demonization, then recruit more idiots as a result of their “success in defying him” to cause him even more headaches?

He is going to get demonized whether he stomps on the Greens or not. If he lets them babble, he gets demonized. If he doesn’t let them babble, he get demonized. But if he doesn’t let them babble, he at least has some direct control over their actions, movements and initiative. He retains the initiative.

Islamic Iran is doing the right thing. Your prescription simply would not do us any good as the costs to the government would be higher than any possible propaganda benefit which have already flown the coop thanks to the evil intentions of our enemies.
It’s not even entirely an issue of maintaining security and order.
It’s a matter of thwarting your enemy. This is how the world works. You thwart your enemy any way you can, whether it’s outside your own laws or not. The US does this. Israel does this. China does this. Russia does this. The EU does this. Islamic Iran might as well do it (or be overthrown like the liberal and democratic governments of Mossadeq and Allende.)
The only rule is that there are no rules. US-EU Wants to destroy Islamic Iran. When someone is out to get you, you get them first, if you can.
This is not a democratic liberal playground where some people get to play by the rules while others are allowed to dance around them. This is realpolitik. You never fight with one hand – or worse, both – tied behind him. When someone pulls a sword on you, you pull a gun.

Islamic Iran did the right thing when it banned the protests.

Naj said...

You fascist,

what is "my prescription"?!

Anonymous said...

I assumed that your perscription would have been to issue official permits for the demonstrations.

Anonymous said...

I invite you to read this testimony that Jeffrey Feltman presented at a hearing before the US State Department, Commission on International Religious Freedoms. Study carefully Feltman’s remarks and answers to questions, then try to make a strong case that Feltman left no grounds for suspicion that US might have been involved in the Green protests and that there is no ground for suspicion that US is involved in subversive activity in Iran today.

here’s the video: It’s a 2 3/4 hour session but Feltman’s testimony is in the first 45 min. Nevertheless, you might want to listen to Barbara Slavin and Suzanne Maloney refute Feltman’s assertions and attempt to persuade the Commission that infiltrating Iran is a very bad idea.

here’s the transcript: :

Pedestrian said...

hahahahahah ... LOVED this!

Naj said...


- Stop splitting the country into khodi & gheyre khodi
- a lot of people who are in the green camp (like me) are WELL AWARE of the dangerous hypocrisies out there, but the actions of the IRI (e.g. shahid-dozdi) make it IMPOSSIBLE to defend this regime on ANY moral or realpolitical ground.

Clever politicians, especially when confronted with foreign threat, try to UNITE their people. If Khamenei was smart, he would have fixed this SHIT two years ago. The doped man is just sinking deeper and deeper.

He HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE VALI-E FAGHIH ... but he showed the only face he is capable of "vaghih"

Now, stop DIVERTING attention from what the intention of this post is:

Iranian regime is HYPOCRITICAL.

Address that, and get off of manbar!

Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy is an attribute of human beings, not governments since government are only machines (in the abstract sense).

You can state the leaders of the Islamic republic of Iran are intolerant of political dissent and are unwilling to conform to the articles of the constitution that guarantees the rights of the population to such dissent.

With this, if such is your idea, I can agree.

I cannot condone, however, slogans such as “Death to Khamenei” and such for many reasons.
One of them is that I am tired of Death being invoked as a solution. My motto is:
مرگ بر هیچ کس، زنده باد همگی‌
Secondly, I think this type of motto is not helpful because it is not positive and needlessly antagonizes those who are sympathetic to the idea of respect for the constitution who, however, actually do respect Mr. Khamenei.

Thirdly, I think it is wrong to blame Mr. Khamenei for all of Iran’s political problems; he has tried to keep equilibrium among these factions; including the faction of this damned Mr. Mousavi who, with his lies, created a political crisis in Iran.

Fourthly, the abolition of the Office of Supreme Jurisprudent will not improve, in my opinion, the political freedoms is Iran. There will still be a Guardian Council (per the 1906 Constitution) and there will still be these With-Us and Not-With-Us groupings in Iran.

Lastly, I think Mr. Khamenei will be the last Vali-e Faqih; after him that Office will be exercised through a council

Anonymous said...

You wrote:

"...try to UNITE their people..."

That is a valid criticism and I actually agree with you (but not with your hysteria).

For Mr. Khamenei, by quashing the effort of Mr. Khatami's government is changing the electoral law in 1999, planted the seeds of the Green Movement.

He condoned the Second Majlis' dis-enfranchisement of many millions of Iranians.

That was a political mistake of the gravest kind the gravest kind.

The Islamic system is paying for it very dearly now.

The protestors should demand the change in electoral law instead of shouting "Death...".

Naj said...

The death chants are ridiculous.

But the "death chants" are not the only slogans taht people have borrowed from this nezaam. These kids are giving the system a taste of its own medicine.

Death chants against khamenei or hashemi or khatami or US or Israel are all ridiculous and tantraumatic!

In all honesty, do you REALLY believe in piety and executive abilities of Ahmadinejad?

Explain to me:

WHY did they raid mousavi's camp before the election results were announced?

WHY have they put people like Mohammad Nourizad in jail?

Why is Jannati given so much power over the will of the people?

Why is the security force unable to prevent the hateful assembly of people in front of Karoubi's home?

Why is Fars news allowed to LIE; but other news outlets are all shut and their editors in jail?

And HOW LONG do you think this will last?

Do you expect people to get tired and go home and start loving the Islamic country? Or become little fires under the ash, like I became growing up in the first phase of this fascism?

On that note: do you beat your children like Mr Khamenei did when they were young?

Anonymous said...

It is not just I but many millions of Iranian people believe in the piety of Mr. Ahmadinejad.

I do not know his administrative abilities but I find them superior to that of Mr. Khatami.

He is not your enemy; he is the man most attune to your values.

The "lat" and thugs that are used by security services, no doubt, are not something that I approve.

Islamic Iran is not perfect.

There is a long road ahead.

Anonymous said...

Did your husband beat you?

Naj said...

What kind of a pious muslim LIES?

What kind of a pious muslim slanders another, without ever producing a proof: "begaam? begaam? migamaa?" is not PROOF.

What kind of a "president of a country" calls 13 million others khas o khashak.

you said the green movement was 8% of population? According to the state department's 'fabricated' numbers, Mousavy + Karoubi had obe 13 million votes. How cna anyone call that many people "khas o khashak?"

You want to hear "executive" abilities?

My brother is not paid his fees, BECAUSE there is a memo to the governmental unites to not pay any of their contractors so that they won't create inflation!!!

what kind of a system is that? It's as if STEALING from people; its as if slaving them. And what recourse do people have? If they come to streets, they suddenly become "cheshme fetneh" to be blinded?!?

The hell with the Islamic regime, the worker who is not paid his salary, WHAT recourse does he have?

The kurd, whose peaceful demand to: let us have our own schools, pay us some attention, is responded to by hanging defenseless teachers, WHOM can they seek justice from?

If you care, don't defend this system, push for fixing it. Because the internal shamble we have is making us EXTREMELY vulnerable to the outside.

Naj said...


no my husband didn't beat me; but he is reading these things and although I am begging him to, he refuses to beat you :D

I know Khamenei beat his kids though; this is why he is trying to beat the nation into discipline now. It's all in the mentality!

Anonymous said...

Rafsanjani has come out in favor of suppressing protests for exactly the reasons I said Iran probably should, quote:

“All activity that does not comply with the law is haram (forbidden under Islam).”

Where Khameni also specifically says: “It is unacceptable that the elites in the regime take convoluted positions… The elites must take a clear stand against the enemy.”

This is as I said: Iran cannot afford to treat the Green Movement as anything more than a foreign-backed sedition, given the circumstances under which it is in conflict with the US.

Rafsanjani explicitly declared this when he said: “In the current situation, I consider that the current constitution is sufficient… Some people are dissatisfied. I advise them to come back (to the regime) because we have no present alternative.”

Clearly, if Iran were not under direct attack by the US, Iran would have more options to deal with any internal opposition. They could afford to allow protests. Under the existing conditions, it shows weakness to allow riots in the streets.

I do not know about the specifics of the cases that you have mentioned. Your brother will be paid, I am certain.

But please understand that US-EU is waging economic war against Iran, they mean to destroy us; just like the time of Mossadeq.

Have some "ensaf"

Anonymous said...

No human society can operate without the exercise of violence.

That is because of the Fallen nature of man - as stated in the Revelations.

The Islamic order is duely and legally constructed and constituted authority in Iran. It is based on teh referanda of 1979 - Isalmic Republic got 98% of the vote cast and its Constitution 90% of the vote cast.

It is to be improved and not overthrown as you are suggesting.

Anonymous said...

Retired Gen Gul, former head of Pakistan’s ISI intelligence agency, states that US and UK operatives are active in Pakistan’s Baluchistan province, likely for operations against Iran.

It is at 36:00 minutes through the interview, dated Feb. 9/2011

Naj said...

Pen Name, you are just littering now; repeating your delusional nonsensical blabber, like a broken tape recorder; and refusing to give straight answer to my questions.

No one wanted to topple this regime; the people who are in jail are the reformers.

A 98% referendum is a MYTH; I know it is a myth because I have documents from people who were running the elections in that time, how the State department was COERCED by the gun touting revolutionaries who wanted to fabricate votes. (It is the same for Bani Sadr's election as well, and t was the same for parliament elections during the Shah.)

That no one is WRITING about these FACTS is because PEOPLE ARE AFRAID!

You are witnessing what the "Islamic" government is capable of. You ought to be insane to not be AFRAID. And peopel who are afraid do not speak.

You want your Islamic regime to be LEGITIMATE, then get rid of the Gaurdian council, free press, free dress and if then your Islamic 98% supported system survived, then go around and export your revolution.

Until you acknowledge that the Islamic regime is its own worst enemy, you are a delusional fool. And I have wasted enough time on you already.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy interacting with you - it has never been a waste of time form me.

Anonymous said...


You wrote: "...the Islamic regime is its own worst enemy..".

I can agree with this statement.

Many problems in Iran are self-inflicted wounds - mostly because of the foolish nature of (Iranian) men in government and in Majlis; no doubt.

I do not think as many foolish actions would have been made if Iranian women were exercising power.

For myself, I am powerless to do anything except cringe and try to concentrate and accentuate the positive.

And when one's youth is spent, the Hope for a more Joyous Future is not there anymore.