Saturday, February 19, 2011

Conservative MP, Ali Motahari to Jannati: put both Greens and Ahmadinejadists on trial!

Ali Motahari is a conservative (else he would not be in the guardian-council-vetted parliament).

In response to the "death" orgy invitation extended by dinosaur Jannati, the head of the guardian council in the Friday prayer after Feb 14 protest, he has written a letter to Jannati; which is acknowledging how 'angry' people are and how they 'rightful'!! want to prosecute the leaders of the green movement, BUT this demand has to be carried out in courts of law and not on Jannati's decree. and at the end, he sticks it to the Ahmadinejead camp, [trying to catch his own fish from the murky waters? This is just to show you how COMPLEX the factions in Iran are.]

[Greetings, rather cold and not too ceremonial]

In the Friday prayer sermon in Tehran, you have expressed: "What the judiciary can do to the heads of the 'fetneh' [revolt] is to cut their communication with the public off; close the door of their homes, limit their outing, such that they cannot get messages; and their phone and internet must be disconnected and they be put under house arrest."

It appears, that the demands of the people for prosecution of the most effective cause of fetneh, is more logical and legal than your honor's demand, because all your orders are consequences of the prosecution of these individuals, and without processing their charges in a just court, issuing and executing such orders is not possible. The reason why people insist on prosecution of them is that until charges have not been proven as guilt, and a sentence is not issued, one cannot be harassed, imprisoned, and striped of citizen rights; otherwise punishing them for people is easy; and it is our Islamic progressiveness that has held people back.

Of course, justice requires that all who played a role in fetneh be tried, both those who claimed election fraud had taken place, and instead of following legal channels called to street protests, and those who fanned the flames by throwing accusations in presidential debates [i.e. Ahmadinejad] and broke the barrier of respect between the people and the nezam [regime], need to be tried simultaneously, even though their charges do not carry the same weight. [sucker!] In this way, the public's conscience will smell the scent of justice and fairness and gets calmed down and the source of fetneh dries up. If all this happened in the first days and months of fetneh the fiasco of Feb 14 (25 Bahman) that resulted from naivete and instrumentalization by Israel and America will not have occurred [!!!!].

It is not late yet. It is never late to carry justice.

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