Monday, February 28, 2011

Wishful Thinking

Mousavi and Karoubi are under arrent and are transfered to Heshmatiyeh prison (A prison in Shargh of Tehran, in a miltary complex tat was established during Shah, and wish is in the same "complex" as teh Revolution Court is). That's what the heavy artillery in Tehran streets meant. That's what the appearance of the minister of intelligence on TV meant. He really had no evidence against the 'crimes' of these men. They have been digging and digging to find 'dirt' on them and have not. So they abducted them. And then said: It's the orders of the supreme leader!

Last week, when the rumors of their arrest was taking a more serious tone, Ayatollah Montazeri's son wrote a public letter to Khamenei and asked him to hold a 'friendly' meeting with Mousavi, Karoubi, Khatami, and Hashemi to discuss matters in the spirit of old days when they were all colleagues. After all, these five men were the pillars on which the Islamic republic of Iran stood for over 25 years; before the virus, Ahmadinejad took over.

Also, Ali Motahari made a public suggestion that the state television should invite Mousavi and Karoubi and give them a chance to explain themselves and express their concerns to the people.

Since two days ago, more and more religious leaders have come out to condemn the house arrest of these men; and a total black out in their homes: not only the lights of their houses have been off, but also their children are in absolute dark about the fate of their parents. Ayatollahs Dastgheyb, Bayat Zanjani, and Sane'i, all "grand Ayatollahs" with their own followers have condemned the illegal detention of the these men and their spouses.

Iranians have pledged to pour out in the streets and protest the illegal and unexplained abduction of their leaders.

On the other hand, pressures on Hashemi have been increasing.

Last week his daughter came under attack by thugs who shouted at her, called her a whore, a bastard and pledged to rape her! (Yes, these are the men of the Islamic Republic we are talking about--and no, they are not the ones hired from Lebanon Hezbollah. Those just beat and take pictures. If this happens to a private citizen like me, the IRI security forces have the right to arrest the man shouting such obscenities. In fact,. they have a lot of patrols to make sure such men do not harass women. However, when this happens to teh daughter of Hashemi, the attorney general states that "persecution of the individuals needs Ms Hashemi to file an official complaint!".

Hashemi's candidacy to run for the head of The Assembly of Experts (a body that is in charge of watching over the supreme leader's "justice to rule') has also come under attack. Reportedly, 60 members of the Assembly have signed a petition for Mahdavi Kani to run for the position. Despite pressure, Hashemi has not back tracked and has maintained that it is his duty and obligation to the country and the Revolution to run and serve in the assembly.

However, poor Hashemi is getting it from both sides!

While under pressure ( I mean belligerent threats that either condemn before next week or await a similar fate) from hardliners (who had already detained Mousavi and Karoubi), Hashemi condemned the Feb 14 unrest. It was a mild condemnation but it didn't take the Greens to come out in mass and express dismay and hatred for him. Someone wrote: The extremists on both sides give Hashemi Shit while inviting him to join their camp!. However he has so far maintained his independence from both camps, a strategy, that in my opinion is right.

Already, a large number of Greens hate Hashemi; and Hashemi is well aware of that the hatred of the populist bases of Ahmadinejad is fueled by his personal wealth, and by never proven allegations of the corruption of his sons. So, if he sided with the Greens, in my view he will have damaged them more than keeping a distance with them. However, Hashemi has never back-tracked from the position he announced upon the start of the mayhem.

With that overview, what is my wishful thinking?

Well, only that they are not going to kill them or slit their throats as the thugs had promised. Ironically, the conservatives admitted that Mousavi, Karoubi and their wives (a doctor and a university professor) have been "moved to a safe house outside Tehran", implying that their staying out of prison was "unsafe" for them!!! Of course, it is not because the state is worried about these "mohareb"s (combatants against the regime) getting killed. One of their idiots in charge had admitted that they were taken in a safe house because the green movement was looking for their martyrdom to find extra excuse for rebellion!!!

Have they killed them already? Are the reports of their bloody bodies dragged into the prison and moving Karoubi in a body bag in the trunck of a car true?I hope not.

Would Khamenei meet with these men in private? Will he make deals and concessions with them? Everytime the regime takes a "carrot" posture after a sticky one, they bring up the prosecution of Ghazi Mortazavi, the corrupt judge responsible for the rapes and killings in Kahrizak. Would Khamenei STOP this madness ... will he stop this madness ... this madness ...

I guess I am thinking wishfully ...

Update: Tehran is on rooftops with Allah o Akbar; and Fars News is denying the arrests, although it was the attorney General, Mohseni Ejehi (the man who bit a journalist, Eesa Saharkhiz, in the parliament, literally with his teeth!!)


programmer craig said...

My comments fail to post on your blog so often! I really need to remember to copy them before clicking the submit button :)

The gist of it was: can't be a good sign when the top dogs of the regime are fighting amongst themselves.

Pedestrian said...

اين دو در حال حاضر در منازل خود به سر مي‌برند و تنها محدوديت‌هايي در برابر تماس‌هاي آنان با عناصر مشكوك اعمال شده است.

! I guess the way to read the news in Iran is to read FarceNews and then turn everything it says 180 degrees.

Naj said...

Ped, if teh story of HEshmatiyeh is true, it means they have already taken them to the revolutionary court.

Fucking bastards are awaiting people's reaction ... for the first time since this shit happened, I wish I was in Iran and went out protesting ...


an average patriot said...

These are distressing developments Naj.Just the other day I discussed Karoubi daring Tehran to try him openly so he can get the truth out so they arrest him.

I still absolutely believe that Ahmadinejad and the IRG run the show today.

the IRGC was set up to protect the ruling authority after 1979 and are supposed to be controlled by Ayatollah Khamenei authority. I know Ahmadinejad and 2/3 of his first 21 member cabinet are ex IRGC members and that simply reinforces that I am increasingly led to think the IRGC has become the final authority not the Supreme leader.

The Supreme leader is appearing as a puppet needed to keep the religious leaders together and to make it appear that they are still in charge. They have become a major force capable of taking control of Iran and I am afraid nothing less than that is what has happened.Iran is not going to let their fascist agenda be stopped now.

We gave Iran their nuclear start in the fifties they are not going to stop and we will not know where they are till they possess a nuke.

I wonder what the people are going to do? I really don't like these latest developments and what they mean for average Iranian's and the world especially in light of what is happening in North Africa and the Middle East.

Anonymous said...


Just like the story of the "wall" being erected in Pasture street.

pen Name

Naj said...

Pen Name,

we lie??? You haven't seen the black iron gate?

How about proving all of us liars wrong and letting Mousavi and Karoubi go about their business as before, so we can see their pictures holding new year tea parties? huh? I say you campaign for that, if you wanna shut us 'liars' up!

Naj said...

while wallowing in delusions, read this

Naj said...

and of course, not everyone is a delusional as you are

Anonymous said...

In regards to your first post:

Ahmadinejad, as a politician, has been trying to go as far as he can go; he cannot comment about every little incident.

And he does not control those non-uniformed louts; they do not report to him.

In regards to your second post:

That is true.

The issue is not the Hizbullah; it is the culture of the Iranian people with overt rigid religiosity, lack of tolerance, bigotism, loutishness etc.

This will take very long to eradicate.

Naj said...

So this regime taht wants to "manage globall", is incapable of establishing rule of law in this case?

Just fuck off asshole!

Naj said...