Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kidnapping the dead!

Among those, who were killed, on the day that our Supreme leader did not permit a peaceful protest in support of the Egyptians, who had just toppled their dictator amidst out leader clapping for the cause, was a theater student by the name of Sane' Jaleh; a Kurdish student of Arts.

Upon news of his death circulating, the fascist regime of Iran pulled yet another rat out of the hat: they issued a basiji (paramilitia) membership card for him; and sent out their 'infiltrators' to give the suddenly-turned-Basiji-theater-student an anti-zionistic funeral!!

Sadly for the propagandist fanatics of Ahmadinejad 'think tank'; Sane' Jaleh has a brother, Ghane' Jaleh, who had defied threats and gone public, sobbing, calling from Paveh, announcing that not only his slain brother was not a Basiji, but he was an anti-Basiji!

He is talking with a sweet Kurdish accent, he sobs, and he says they are not even giving back his body. He sobs. He says we are under pressure by the intelligence ministry. He sobs. His cousin has stolen the picture to hand over to those who made the Basiji ID card. He sobs. His brother just wanted to be an artist, like Bahman Ghobadi, to be source of pride for his people and country.

They have stolen the body.
Have coerced a picture from a family member.
Have hijacked the funeral his classmates were trying to set up.
Have beaten and arrested the Art-students of Tehran's Art University.

Yes they are ugly ...
Yes they are shameless ...

Our leader, the so-called supreme leader, depending on the dose of narcotics he suffers, calls himself God or the representative of god; and all who object his godly self-appointment are called Doshman (enemy)!

The position of this supreme leader, is called "Vali'e Faghih". Most people call him "Vali-e Vaghih".

Faghih means sage, wise, even omniscient!
Vagih mean ugly, ugly, ugly.
He is Vaghih.

Everything that has come out of Iran in the past two days is ugly! I am ashamed of my country; but I am absolutely in awe of those brave ones, who risked all, to take on the Basiji-infested streets of our major cities, to make us hear once more, that beauty doesn't die without a fight.

This is the Iranian KKK, and these are what the state has unleashed on the rest of us!

This is just out:

Accordint to Ayandeh_news, the superfascist, Shariatmadari (here's an old post of his record) is so intent on appropriating Sane'e Jaleh into his camp that he is boasting that he was his spy, and attended Ayatollah Montazeri's lectures to report back on them. He then adds: "of course we will not harm our own informants, so his assassination was pre-meditated!"

To me, this read as the regime's "reporter in cheif" says: "you don't believe he was one of us feces? Come, I have record of his stench!"

Here's the video!!! (especially for Pen Name, enjoy watching your ilk!)

Update: I just heard Ghane'e Jaleh, the man who was crying on the first video refuting the claims of his brother having been a Basiji is arrested, and is under pressure to take back his interview.

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