Saturday, February 19, 2011

Karoubi's neighbors complain to the State minister about harassment.

In the Name of God,

Dear Mr Najjar,
the honorable minister of State of the IRI,
with greetings

We inform that honorable official that in the past four days, between hours 1:00-3:00 am, approximately 100 men and women have been gathering in front of the residential complex in North-Dibaji, Azarmina district in front of Mr Karoubi's residence; and by shouting profanities and the absurdest and ugliest of slogans against Mr's Mousavi, Karoubi, Khatami and Hashemi, who have once been important figures in the state, have not only offended the respectable Muslim neighbors of the quartier, but have also disturbed the peace and safety of the neighborhood.

The residents of this neighborhood have filed a complainet with the police station #110; but the officers in this branch have told us that confronting these people is beyond their authority.

We, the residents of this neighborhood, have invested a fortune to register our children in private and sophisticated schools in order for them to be raised in the highest of ethical and educational environments. However, in the past few nights, unfortunately, our children have been exposed to the ugliest sexual profanities uttered by people who call themselves the soldiers of "valayat" [supreme leader]. In hours that we get ready to go to work, these night-watchers leave the area to rest.

Worse of all, the presence of a few women, with inappropriate presence, who act as chargers and provocateurs of the plainclothes persons in presence, has tarnished the image of the neighborhood. The passage of people, who after the end of the 'ceremonies' come to hook up with these women is an added problem.

Therefore, hereby, we insistingly demand from that honorable official to order that these illegal gatherings be confronted. If some officials believe such ceremonies are necessary [!], at least order these gatherings to be held during the day, or early in the evening; and to refrain from uttering sexual harassments, and prevent appearance of prostitutes in the residential area.

Wishing your health and success,
A few of the residents of the Azarmina in Farmaniyeh district
30 Bahman (19 feb) 1389(2011).

P.S. the regime is so frightened that they are erecting iron walls (literally) around Mousavi's house. His residence is in the neighborhood of the presidential office, a hospital and also the Soupreme Leader's house; and these news have just leaked out apparently by workers of the presidential office and the hospital that they are busy fortifying the neighborhood with actual walls. I think they fear people breaking in and trying to release them.

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Pedestrian said...

Naj, isn't this news of them building a wall around Mousavi's house just mind blowing? bekhoda beh zehneh jenn ham nemireseh the things they do. I'm so worried about them, who knows what they're feeding them, injecting in them, are they even dead or alive?