Friday, February 18, 2011

And with fear comes courage ...

This is the most amazing piece of video I have seen.

And I think when we are this scared; then this is the only option remaining for hope.

Quick explanations:
--firing garbage bins is to alleviate the burning due to tear gas.
--people are chanting:
we are children of war, fight we fight back.
down with dictator
their ammunition is over


Pedestrian said...

this was amazing!!!! what kind of a government sends masked militias to fight? I remember walking passed them everyday. they make me vomit. Their entire faces covered. As if that takes a lot of courage.

Not nearly in the same caliber, but the protesters in Ardakan were so spontaneous!

(I can't verify the video though)

Naj said...

It really was something. I just saw the Ardekan; considering it's happening in Yazd (where people are known to be conservative and chickenish) makes it even more amazing.

In Memory Of Neda said...

Incredible film, thank you Naj jaan. Would you mind if I posted this blog post to Facebook? I won't unless I hear back from you. Thanks, Tricia

Naj said...

Tricia, please do. This blog is for the world :)

Anonymous said...

A few hundred rioters - bache soo-sool from Northern Tehran.

You will not bring this government down.

Anonymous said...

The Ardakan video look old and dated.

I do not believe it was filmed on the 25-th of Bahman.

Anonymous said...

درآمد سرانه یک چیز است و فقر یک چیز دیگر. درآمد سرانه ایرانیان در سال
۱۳۸۴ به سطح قبل از انقلاب برگشت اما در همین مدت فقر یک سوم شده
است .مسئله‌ی دیگر تفاوت سطح بین شهر و روستاست. داده‌ها نشان می‌دهد که
هرچند درآمد سرانه‌ی ایرانیان شهری تازه از سطح قبل از انقلاب عبور کرده،
درآمد سرانه‌ی روستاییان دو برابر اوج قبل از انقلاب است.

دکتر صالحی در این زمینه پارسال در ژورنال نابرابری اقتصادی یک پیپر

Naj said...

Do you know a paper that is written in 2006, and accepted in 2007 doesn't hold much relevance in 2011, especially after an OPAQUE election?

And if you had proper education, and you could read graphs, you would notice that the data stops at 2005, which is when Ahmadinejad took office!!! You will also notice that the break out of economic stagnation began with the reformist era!

Produce a similar report for 2011; or shut the fuck up.

Why don't you just go get yourself a second, a third and forth wife?

I responded to your bache-soosool from north of Tehran in a separate new post.

Anonymous said...

شما پرسیدید که چرا زن دوم، سوم، و یا چهارم نمی‌گیرم؟

یکی‌ اینکه نمیخواهم قلب زنم را بشکنم.

دوم اینکه زن زندگی‌ کم یاب می‌باشد و من زن تنها برا ی ملأعبت نمیخواهم.

سوم اینکه زنان دلخواه من، عموماً شوهر دارند و یا بسیار از من جوانتر میباشند - مثل شما.

چهارم اینکه تشکیل خانوادهٔ دوم کاریست تمام‌وقت که ناچاراً منجر به ظلم به خانوادهٔ اول میگردد.

مع الوصف، نیاز‌هایی‌ جسمی‌ و روانی‌ دارا هستم که در حال حاضر ارضا نمی‌‌شوند.

و السلام

Naj said...

You want people like me? quit being a fascist!

Anonymous said...

I do not want "people like you".

I want you - Naj.