Sunday, February 6, 2011

Iranians fighting to appropriate the Middle Eastern uprisings.

When I saw this [Karoubi and Mousavi asking permit to rally in support of Egyptians and Tunesians], I laughed, loudly; and gave a mental hug to their timely call!

You have certainly heard how Khamenei is trying to hijack the intention of uprisings in Egypt and Tunesia, as a continuation of Iran's Islamic and anti-imperialist revolution, appropriating it into the camp of Islamist reawakening and etc.

And they have signed it together!


By the way, in the past week, I have had a chance to read and familiarize myself with what is happening in Egypt, and I have paid particular attention to similarities drawn between Egypt and Iran in 1979, and I have concluded that there is a fundamental difference between the two cases:

Egypt became a republic after a military coup in 1952 when the King was toppled; Iran's king was reinstalled in 1953 after a military coup, which was supported by the Iranian clergy.

The Iranian revolution had adopted a king before toppling the old one (Khomeini), because there is this genetic tendency in Iranians to seek or make a guru whose charisma can overshadow the strength of the multitude of Iranian egos--which often contradict each other in some abstract philosophical, ideological way, but need to work towards one goal.

Unlike Iranians, the Egyptians are not so hung over some 'greater-than-life' ideology, their revolution is a pragmatic one, they wear buckets, plastic bottles and bricks to protect themselves from the police, and laugh at the cameras that capture them in this brilliant self defense. They dance, instead of burning American flags. That their victims have not become iconographic saints, and that they are not so certain about the leadership of their movement, illustrates how fundamentally different from the Imam-making Iranians they are. Moreover, the process of making concessions to choose a leader, El Baradei's cautious, non-romantic presence, and absence of Brothrehood-poetics, [addeing a few hours after I made the post] and the brilliant initiative to sit at negotiation table with the government, while opening their shops and businesses on the one hand, and protecting the few who have remained to hold the lines in Al-Tahrir on the other hand, makes this a hopeful situation.

I wish them success; and may they set an example for the rest of us.


René O'Deay said...

good post. can I post it to Facebook?

René O'Deay said...

Love your analysis, want to post a link to it on Facebook.
may I add that all the Egyptians are NOT going home at night and no cries to allah like in Iran.
Okay. forgot to put the email alert.

Naj said...

Thanks Rene. Please post anything you like, just give credit please. I like to hear if my posts create a dialogue or debate.


Naj said...


Not only may you add that there are no cries of Allaho Akbar, but you can also add that Egyptians have kept their heads cool, keeping their peace with the war-monger Israel for over 30 years, which is a testament to their rationality as a nation. :)

Anonymous said...

In 1979, US followed Nixon’s Doctrine of strong local powers to oppose USSR in the Cold War (Tito, the Shah of Iran, Suharto)

After the end of the Cold War (the end of the Peace of Yalta) US did not need these local (aspiring) hegemons and per the Khalizad Strategy set out to get rdi of them.

I suspect that US would have tried to destroy the Shah of Iran also after the end of the Cold War had the Islamic Revolution in Iran not done so already.

Once the current US difficulties are passed, US-EU Axis will resume their march to war with Iran (per Khalizad Doctrine). They may even go so far as using their enormous economic leverage against Turkey to become the spear-head of their war.

Therefore, Mr. Khamenei has to make all that is in his power to make it more difficult (or impossible) for the US-EU Axis to start and wage a war against Islamic Iran.

Moreover, Mr. Khamenei could not have been less forceful than Mr. Obama in supporting the Egyptian people and askig for the ouster of that dictator.

This effort by him may not help and Islamic Iran may be forced to nuclearize rapidly to survive – there is no other way, unfortunately.

Naj said...

Pen Name,

MR Khamenei SCREWED UP BIG TIME in June 2009.
MR Khamenei is a big failure.
MR Khamenei is a SHAME.

MR Khamenei is a puppet.

stop being a fascist. I agree with you that Iran is being threatened; and I understand that that threat is making you the goon that you are sounding like. But, if Iran wants for the world to support its nuclearization, then Iran has to stop ACTING LIKE A FOOL and there are simple solutions:

1) restore integrity to the judiciary system
2) in the position of supreme leader, an the constitutional power given to him, pull strings of Ahmadinejad and his illegal activities and his contempt for the legislator.
3) release lawyers, bus unionists, journalists, and political activists
4) stop public executions; stop executions period.
5) put that Ahmad Khatami in a seminary, and lock him up!
6) euthanize Ahmad Jannati (and temsah-e yazdi)
7) make public the trial of Butcher Mortazavi

programmer craig said...

...they wear buckets, plastic bottles and bricks to protect themselves from the police, and laugh at the cameras that capture them in this brilliant self defense.

I like your style :)

Anonymous said...

You are dreaming if you think internal changes will prevent war. They will go to war against us because they are against Iranian power.

Their attitude (US-EU strategic thinkers) towards us is not one of hatred or dislike; we are like pests that have to be crushed.

And thank God for Mr. Khamenei; for he saw through their lies eve though Rafsanjani, Khatami, and Ahmadinejad did not.

We are not for Kufeh
Letting Ali remain alone

programmer craig said...

They will go to war against us because they are against Iranian power.

Why are we against Iranian power?

we are like pests that have to be crushed.

Why do we consider you to be "pests"?

Their attitude (US-EU strategic thinkers) towards us is not one of hatred or dislike;

I have no idea what Europe's attitudes are or are not. I've been trying to figure that out, myself. But I guarantee you that the average American has nothing but contempt for the regime in the Islamic Republic of Iran. And it's very much personal. Even if our "strategic thinkers" have different motivations, it would be a triviality to harness all that hostility and get public support for pretty much anything that the US administration wanted to do. And I'm pretty sure that naj's list of items wouldn't be sufficient for Americans. The past can't be undone but a lot of the people who were involved in planning and perpetrating crimes against Americans are still alive. Handing them over for prosecution along with a sincere expression of remorse would go a long way towards repairing the damage, if it was followed up by a genuine effort to resolve issues peacefully moving forward.

But that obviously isn't going to happen while this regime is in power. And why should it, when there are people like you around who think the regime has done no wrong? So, the situation is what it is, and will remain so. Best we all just leave it sitting there and deal with it as well as we can, right?

Naj said...


I am letting this "Anonymous" comments be seen by the world, because as embarrassing as they are, they represent the views of the ardent supporters of the IRI. Obviously, Khamenei is not the only one who suffers schizophrenia.

But, as I am explaining in my post, this paranoia is substantiated by many years of abuse that my country and the whole region has suffered because of

a) the region is really abused!
b) because the region is abused, it has not had the chance to develop a perspective on how to effectively be self-determinant, and prevent and counter abuse.

Resistance to the international interventionism, has thus taken this nasty turn that we see in the emergence of Al Quaeda; and if the West doesn't change its attitude towards Iran, if it doesn't cut out the rhetoric of "carrots and sticks", then we will see a similar turn in Iran by a minority of pathologically zealous individuals such as the gentleman who writes here.

I also have to comment on this The past can't be undone but a lot of the people who were involved in planning and perpetrating crimes against Americans are still alive.

Well, I suggest you bring Bush, Cheney and Blair to justice, to set an example for the rest of us. How's that?

And on that note, remember Iranians have not killed any Americans. Remember, the hostages were released unharmed!

So, I agree with you, as soon as Americans sincerely apologize for their hostility; then things will take a better turn. Remember, Iran's President Khatami "regretted" the hostage taking; extended a hand of reconciliation, what did Clinton do? What did Bush do in exchange for Iranians holding candle light vigil after 911, after Iran effectively helped them with their missions in Afghanistan? Called them "axis of evil"!

So, America has a lot of apologies to do. Don't you think?

programmer craig said...


I am letting this "Anonymous" comments be seen by the world, because as embarrassing as they are, they represent the views of the ardent supporters of the IRI. Obviously, Khamenei is not the only one who suffers schizophrenia.

I know. And it's not just restricted to supporters of the IRI, either. I spent 5 or 6 years as a regular on some Iranian blogs and on and I developed that opinion (just make the best of it) after the owner of deleted my account the second time, after he'd spent 3 years deleting every comment of mine he didn't like. Which was most of them. I probably wouldn't be here now at all except as I said: I like your style. So because of that I'll give it another go with your comment in the morning when I'm thinking clearly :)

Naj said...

Thanks Craig.
I am not a regular of

I filter insults and misinformations if they get really out of control. Otherwise opinion is free; especially for people who have a blog of their own.

I don't form my opinions based on one or two comments people leave here and there. I like to put everything and every one in context.

This particular anonymous, we have a love/hate relationship: I permit only myself to insult him :)

Pedestrian said...

I haven't walked in the Egytpian protests, but one thing that strikes me from watching hours of video and hundreds of photos, is what you wrote "they wear buckets, plastic bottles and bricks to protect themselves from the police" - they are dressed more pragmatically. In Tehran, everyone was too 'gherty' ;)

But I wonder Naj, the way we turn the dead into iconographic saints - is it because of the Shia culture of martyr worship? (not that it makes it ok) but that it represents a cultural difference between us and other non-Shia countries of the region?

Anonymous said...

programmer craig said...

I really do not care to comensate you for throwing you and your kind out of our country and our part if the world.

You have a big country, filled with natural resources and well educated people. You have no excuse to come over here and steal our resources.

And once, after your murderous reign is over and you are kicked a little bit, you run away to your Big Bad Daddy and strat screaming about your rights. "Why do they hate us dad?"

Enough siad.

Naj said...

yes Ped, it does reflect our cultural difference.

And frankly, I am sick of our shiite martyr culture :)

I am sick of our pretentious "ghertibazi" too :)

Anonymous said...

programmer craig said...

Your country has economic and other sanctions against half the world. Literally.

You need to ask yourself why.


Stop apologizing to a cog-wheel of Imperialism.

Wolfe's repentence is Death.

Naj said...

Pen, I am not apologizing; but for someone who is capable of intelligence, sometimes you sound psychotic :)

Anonymous said...


How was your day so far?

Hope all is well with you.

Naj said...


take a look at this.

programmer craig said...

We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.

Gotten this twice after blogger ate a long comment! I'll type it up offline and post later :)

programmer craig said...


Your country has economic and other sanctions against half the world. Literally.

Is that what they told you in Iran? :)

Wolfe's repentence is Death.

That makes no kind of sense at all, but since you seem to believe it: have you ever thought that the low status of Muslims in the world today might be karmic justice for their extreme predatory behavior during the first couple centuries of Islam? Have you read about Medina? What's your take on that? How about the conquest of Persia? Mind you, I don't believe in this concept of "what goes around comes around" because it doesn't seem like that's how things really work, but since you do maybe you might wanna think about whether or not you are getting what you deserve? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

nonymous ( love, hate ),

Mr Khamenei has taught me one of the most precious lessons I have learnt , and that is :
30 years ago was death to Shah,now we hear death to Khamenei and his son !
This nation needs to reconcile, be united and LIVE .

Your fear of an attack against Iran is quit legitimate , but do you think by splitting and separating or by self mutilation**, Iran stand any chance
against any aggressor ?
And don't you think that Ahmadinejad's Apartheid policy along with his chaotic and corrupt economical policy has feebled this nation more than ever , thus leaving it extremely vulnerable facing US-EU & Israel ?


** stigmatization of the minorities+political prisoners+executions+terror of brains+persecution of academics+pushing the artist & the intellectuals to exile...... sadly the list would be too long to finish .......and thank God there is Master Molana to console me right now .

Naj said...

Anonymouse (you are not the fascist one :))

self-mutilation ... indeed.

But you know, this Apartheid society is not founded by that Ahmadinejad; apartheid predates him.

my grand mother used to say "we are khod-e bad"; meaning that we are bad to ourselves, but respect and put up a kindly show for others.

It's not even a show; we really always love others more than ourselves!

Look at Khamenei; he kills the youth of IRan, and cuts off their internet and education material, but provides for Gaza, for Lebanon, and now for Egypt!

Look at the Iranian jon stweart "Parazit"! When airplains fall off of the sky, because America refuses to sell Iran parts, they blame Iran for not sucking up to America; or they put the NIAC's president on teh hot seat and grill him about "why are you against war with Iran and why do you lobby against sanctions?"!!!!!!!!!!

Look at Ahmadinejad: instead of teaching and preaching "management" to his cabinet, he extends his professorial wisdom to the UN and to America!!!!

:) we are screwed :)

programmer craig said...

Naj, I'm opposed to US interference in other countries when we have peaceful relations with them. And in my case that includes aid, NGOs and even business relationships that go beyond import and export, not just military and political entanglements. The former are just as minipulative as the latter, in my opinion. However, in the case of Iran it I think that US involvement was fairly benign. At least, when compared to other countries such as the Philippines and most of latin america, it seems so. Can you detail the resons why you think such an extreme anti-American was warranted? I'm genuinely curious.

I agree with your assertion that the region has never had a chance to be self-detrminant. But that's even more true in places like Eastern Europe where people went straight from being vassal states under feudalism to being involuntarily absorbed by the totalitarian USSR. Then there's Africa, latin America, east asia... even south asia to an extent. I don't see the middle-east as having a particularly troubled history when compared to other regions. Except for western and northern europe. But western and northern europe were cursed with a continuous state of war that dates back to prehistoric times and as far as I can tell would be continuing even now if it wasn't for the fact that they've finally run into somebody who can overshadow them. Sure, they benefitted from that. They benefitted a lot. But Europe's is a bloody and brutal history and it's not just a given that such is "better" than being under benign foreign control. The idea that self-determination and freedom is more important than peace and stability is pretty new, and hasn't been thoroughly accepted yet outside of western cultures.

As far as "justice", well... you say that Khatami expressed regret about the attack on the embassy and the humiliating captivity of the diplomatic staff for 444 days. Does that mean it's all over with? Is that how we should treat murderers and rapists too? They say they regret what they did, and then we say "don't do it again!" and they walk away? Sorry, but that's not working for me.

So, I agree with you, as soon as Americans sincerely apologize for their hostility

Nobody, anywhere, has to apologize for "hostility". That's an emotion, not a crime :)

I wrote two much more elaborate replies earlier that got eaten, but maybe that's just as well. Sometimes things get too complex, and it's better to get the basics sorted out before attempting to get into details.

And to the anonymous: Naj certainly was NOT apologizing. She was challenging what I said to you, and inverting my arguments so that I'd see how they looked from a different perspective. Which is quite different from your MARG BAR WOLVES routine.

Naj said...


just a tiny note on the Hostage crisis.

I wonder if you know that the prime minister of the time, Mehdi Bazargan, pretty much resigned over teh hostage crisis right?

You also have studied the documents that indicate Reagan team was finding ways to delay release of hostages in order to win the election, right?

And you have also listened to those who were in those days hostage-takers and are not in Khamenei prison and tortured and humiliated: they also regret what happened BUT they also explain that the reason why it happened was that they feared America was involved in intelligence operation to 'steal their revolution." Coming out of the 1953 experience, tehy didn't want to take any chances.

Imagine if tomorrow, America gained evidence taht the Saudi Arabian embassy is involved in gathering intelligence to aid al Quaeda with their next attack. You think the gun toting Americans who just shot their own governor on the US soil will not send a Timothy Mcveigh to bomb the hell out of them?

Naj said...

pf. I cannot type!

Naj said...

I have to comment on something else too:

Emotional hostility is different than state hostility.

I don't expect the redneck joe to apologize to me for being a rude racist redneck! That is emotional hostility.

But Americans are hostile militaristically. And not only to middle easterners, but to anyone who stands between them and their imperial goals. It is not the average americans who are hostile; because the average americans are just too absorbed in being nice and voting on American idol to notice what their government is doing under influence of their capitalists.

Frankly, in the past few years, it has become obvious that average Americans are also a victim of their industrialists and capitalists ... so, these apologies are pretty much nonsensical, in the grand scheme of things.

Anonymous said...

programmer craig said...

And you Americans are the organs of Karmic Justice? Silly.

We beleive God is Just not Mankind.

Justice will be dealt to you, no doubt.

Naj said...

Pen Name:

Stop sounding like a petty fool! Justice will be served to all of us; it's the law of NATURE!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Slander is what you wrote.

I am suggesting Iran rapidly nuclearizes and leave NPT. In fact, she should have left NPT back in 1998 after the nuclear detonations of Pakistan and India.

I respect Mr. Khamenei and trust in his courageous leadership.

And please, if you have specific items that you do not like about Ahmadinejad, state them rather than making generic slanders.

He is the only Iranian leader that has visited provinces 88 times. He met, when criticized by the Iranian University Economists, their representatives for 4 hours and listened to them. The list of his positive contributions goes on and on.

Regret that you are blind to his strengths and achievements.

Anonymous said...

List of Sanctioned Countries by US

Naj said...


Slander is the art of Ahmadinejad. Go over my blog to see what are my specific beefs with the liar.

Actually read the previous post!

Anonymous said...


Average American is a belligerent fool that is itching to bomb this or that country which he knows are helpless to retaliate.

They will never ever threathen a nuclear-armed country that cavalierly.

Anonymous said...


You are not dispassionate about the President.

He has tried to make Iran, as much as possible, a normal country.

He appoined female ministers even when opposed by mullahs.

He has tried to work with the Law and within the Law rather than the old Iranian way of "must-malie".

He cut-off the hands of thieves as much as he could.

He courageously stood his grounds when Iran was facing real threat of war in 2006.

etc., etc., etc.

And I have already expressed my feeling - there is no hatred on my side - as you know.

Anonymous said...

Sanctions Programs

Balkans-Related Sanctions [BALKANS] 06/22/2010
Belarus Sanctions [BELARUS] 02/01/2011
Burma Sanctions [BURMA] 09/10/2010
Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)-Related Sanctions [COTED] 01/06/2011
Counter Narcotics Trafficking Sanctions [SDNT] ; [SDNTK] 02/01/2011
Counter Terrorism Sanctions [SDGT] ; [FTO] ; [SDT] 01/20/2011
Cuba Sanctions [CUBA] 02/07/2011
Democratic Republic of the Congo-Related Sanctions [DRCONGO] 12/02/2010
Diamond Trading Sanctions NONE 05/21/2008
Iran Sanctions [IRAN] ; [IRGC] ; [IFSR] ; [IRAN-HR] 12/21/2010
Iraq-Related Sanctions [IRAQ] 09/13/2010
Former Liberian Regime of Charles Taylor Sanctions [LIBERIA] ​12/14/2010
Lebanon-Related Sanctions [LEBANON] 07/30/2010
Non-Proliferation Sanctions [NPWMD] 02/01/2011
North Korea Sanctions [NORTH KOREA] ; [DPRK] 11/18/2010
Somalia Sanctions [SOMALIA] 11/03/2010
Sudan Sanctions [SUDAN] ; [DARFUR] 10/20/2010
Syria Sanctions [SYRIA] 07/10/2008
Zimbabwe Sanctions [ZIMBABWE] ​12/21/2010

Anonymous said...

dear Ms. Naj,
The request for a "pro-Egypt" demontration permit is hand clapping fun.The IRI tries to whistle past the autocrats graveyard of popular uprisings, and Mr. K&M mock,and taunt them from their house arrest.That's a hoot.
I would disagree that 'Iranians haven't killed any Americans' ;a substantial portion of American (and Iraqi) deaths in Iraq came courtesy of Iran.
as always, thanks so much for your work.

Anonymous said...

The Americans massacared thousands of Filipinos in that poor country during 1899-1900.

And then they established their venal colonial system there. Even the English were better than them, look at Hong Kong and Singapore. The reason Manila is not like those 2 cities is because of the greed and stupidity and venality of Americans.

Now, Filipinos do not have Islam to give them the dignity to be offended for such treatment. We do. So we have taken offense at a much lesser slight.

Let this be a lesson to those who gave us the Coup against Dr. Mossadeq - 50 years of hatred followed it.

I wonder if you think that cheap oil was worth the hatred that followed.

Naj said...

thanks for yoru comments guys.

Anomnymous [pen name] my patience with your rant is running out. you are welcome to post statistics, numbers, and historical facts. But keep your anger and other complexes to yourself or your own blog. And start one blog!


C.H. said...

"You think the gun toting Americans who just shot their own governor on the US soil"

Hmmm...what do you mean by this? Are you referring to the pothead who shot a representative last month?

Anonymous said...

Annonymous Monday, February 07, 2011 10:23:00 PM:

What do you expect, we were next on your target list.

We would defend our religion and our country with all means necessary.

If you cannot stand the heat, get out of kitchen; we did not ask you to come near us.

Anonymous said...


The Rule of Law, to only take one of your complaints, will take decades to establish.

Did you know that in Mexico there is no bail? [But there is in Iran.]

All these things are relative.

[At least now you know what Americans's long range plan was for Iran.]

Even the paranoid have enemies.

Anonymous said...

About "Love\Hate" relationship - پس شما هم لا اقل اندکی احساس علاقه به من می‌کنید، آری؟

Anonymous said...

Iran, US on the same side

By M K Bhadrakumar

programmer craig said...

Anon:Your country has economic and other sanctions against half the world. Literally.

Anon (proof offered): Sanctions Programs

You have a very strange idea of "half the world". Literally. Also, taking a look at that list it's pretty apparent the IRI is in "good" company, isn't it? :P

Anon:And you Americans are the organs of Karmic Justice?

Maybe not, but you're certainly an instrument of bad karma. To say the least. When I see what you write and the level of pathological hatred behind it, I worry for those innocent Iranians who don't share your views. You are starting a fight you can't possible win, and you seem to be happy about that.

programmer craig said...


I don't really know that much about Iranian internal politics at the time of the hostage crisis. There weren't many Americans around and free to document it. I just recenetly learned that the embassy was actually seized by leftists, and not Islamists. If that's the case then it would explain why many of them (I'm taking your word for this) have also sufferred at the hands of the IRI. I disbelieve Reagan was involved in any plot to delay the release of the hostages. For one thing, he wouldn't do that. It wasn't his character. For another, he had nothing to gain by it. He'd already won the election and Carter was already widely seen as disgraced. The timing of the release was much too precise for it to have been coincidental, but I don't think Reagan had anything to do with it.

Imagine if tomorrow, America gained evidence taht the Saudi Arabian embassy is involved in gathering intelligence to aid al Quaeda with their next attack. You think the gun toting Americans who just shot their own governor on the US soil will not send a Timothy Mcveigh to bomb the hell out of them?

No, I don't think that would happen. Many enemies have used "neutral" embassies to spy on us and we've never violated the Vienna Conventions before. I think we'd have done what is customary and legal under that treaty: prosecute those we had evidence against for espionage (if we did have any hard evidence which we usually don't), and expel any diplomats we suspected of being spies. And possible demand the Saudis withdraw their diplomatic mission. That last - demanding that a diplomatic mission be withdrawn - can be done at any time by the host country, and it's what the IRI should have done if they genuinely had concerns about the US embassy in Tehran. That demand cannot be refused.

But Americans are hostile militaristically.

OK, I get what you are saying about different types of hostility but I tghink what you are referring to there is diplomatic hostility. And all countries do it. Establishing the tone of relations - and trying to change them, if that is desirable - is what diplomacy is all about. In the case of the IRI, the attack on the US embassy and taking the diplomatic staff hostage was an act of war. The US chose the least hostile response possible. A decision I personally don't approve of. I think most Americans didn't. If they had, Jimmy Carter might have won against Reagan, and might not be remembered as one of the worst Presidents the US has ever had.

Anonymous said...

programmer craig said...

Why did your country attack Yugoslavia?

And next Iraq?

Why does your country's grand strategy consists of overthrowing sovereign states that are not a threat to you?

Is it to get a bigger flat-panel television set?

We are not looking for a fight with you, we are not going up and down the Gulf of Mexico saying: "I will kill you, I will kill you."

Here is what one of your general officers has publicly stated regading your nefarious plans:

Gen Wesley Clark; “So I came back to see him a few weeks later, and by that time we were bombing in Afghanistan. I said, “Are we still going to war with Iraq?” And he said, “Oh, it’s worse than that.” He reached over on his desk. He picked up a piece of paper. And he said, “I just got this down from upstairs” — meaning the Secretary of Defense’s office — “today.” And he said, “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” I said, “Is it classified?” He said, “Yes, sir.” I said, “Well, don’t show it to me.” And I saw him a year or so ago, and I said, “You remember that?” He said, “Sir, I didn’t show you that memo! I didn’t show it to you!”

Naj said...

Pen name:

Beacuse rule of law takes time to establish, Ahmadinejad is setting a record in BREAKING the existing ones?!?!

YOU MAKE NO SENSE! you suffer schizophrenia: i.e. disconnect from reality.

Anonymous said...

Where is he breaking the Law?

Anonymous said...

What is the URL that you have posted? I cannot see the rest of it and so I cannot respond to you.

Anonymous said...

Naj dear ,

I TOTALLY hear you on our habitual flaw of giving priority to the outsider , but I strongly hope we are NOT screwed ;)

Our national identity has been suppressed and pained through the turmoils of the past couple of centuries but our Phoenix will rise from its ashes, only until then, we'll be living this paradox of
"art is held by Iranians and non other" ( honar nazde iranian ast o bas ) and
"foreigner praising" (gharibe parasti) attitude :)

Thanks for the "reality sandwich" link .


MarcLord said...

A very wise post, Naj, and sweetly hopeful. Your analysis is the best I've seen anywhere. These are people who've lived under decades of repression, massive corruption, and who typically pay half of family income for food. Then food prices doubled in 2010, pushing them over the edge.

Anonymous said...

An Egyptian

He recites a very popular phrase form the Palestenian poet
Samih El Quasim "Ashudu ala ayadekum wa aqulu afdeekum.. "

Means: "I put my hand over yours and say: "I sacrifice myself for

"I put my hand over yours" is a term from the Quran to denote support.

When the first a few hundred Muslim gave their allegience to the Prophet when they marched to Mecca for the first time after they migrated to Medinah.. but then Qureish sent a representative to negotiate that they change their mind and come visit the next year .. some Muslims compalined.. but the prophet saw it would be for the greater good.. so they gave their allegence.. and God revealed the verse.. "yadu all fouk yad al jama'a"

God's hand above All (mankind's) hands.

programmer craig said...


Why does your country's grand strategy consists of overthrowing sovereign states that are not a threat to you?

It doesn't. As far as I can tell, my country doesn't even have a "grand strategy", nor any strategy to speak of at all. Why is it that you believe in these "yankee imperialist" myths?

And if you are Iranian, is it OK if I ask why somebody from a country that announced its intentions to export Khomeini's "Islamic Revolution" all across the globe thinks that accusing other nations of imperialist intentions is a valid defense? And not to mention that the cornerstone of the IRI's current foreign policy is the destruction of the state of Israel? On what date did Israel become a threat to Iran, anon?

Naj said...


Good question. Let's see how our fascist in residence responds.

But, you should also keep in mind that the 'destruction" of Israel is not really on Iran's agenda; Iran's just responding to Israel's aggression.

Why is it okey for Israel to threaten a sovereign nation which is signatory to NPT, that it's nuclear facilities will be bombed, while itself possesses 200 nuclear heads, and has a track record of violating numerous UN resolutions, history of aggression against its civilian neighbors, continues building illegal settlements, and etc.

Iran is being pro-active in propagating "spread of its revolution" ... and as Egypt showed, the region is indeed fed up with American-supported despots. So, the IRI message is not falling on deaf ears and the reason why Israel and the US and the Arab despots hate Iran is because there is truth to what IRI propagates. However, the IRI has set such an UGLY example that I am sure no one will follow suit. At least, this is how I am hoping to believe for now (but I acknowledge that I am being a little willfully naive about the radicalism that lurks beneath.

Prolong stress creates hotspots that have a higher likelihood of becoming cancerous. Taliban was just an example that we witnessed recently.

Naj said...


Explain this!

ddmmyyyy said...

Naj, good to see you blogging with frequency again. I just wanted to say that the comments regarding Iranians heading to the roof to shout Allah Akbar. From what I understand, this activity is as much about playing some of the regimes founding tactics back at them.

Anonymous said...

programmer craig...

Dr. Khalilzad explains US Grand Strategy since the end of the Peace of Yalta

The key passage reads:

“America should use its post-Cold War preeminence to preclude the rise of a multipolar or bipolar world. The way to achieve this objective, ..., was to prevent hostile states from dominating critical regions based on the logic that a single hostile power could pose a global challenge if it achieved regional hegemony.”

As long as US follow this grand strategy, US-EU Axis will not relent on their pressure against Iran.

Note that US (and EU) destroyed Yugoslavia for the same reason. Even though Yugoslavia was an unofficial member of NATO during the Cold War.

In regards to your statements about Israel and export of the Islamic Revolution; what is it to you? Yor are not a Muslim, you are not an Arab and Israel is not your country.

Why do you care?

Are you a Jew?

Anonymous said...


You are correct about the Iranian Judiciary.

They dragged Mr. Aqajeri, a war veteran who had lost his own brother as well as his leg, in the War of Sacred Defense through mud and threatened to kill him.

As the saying goes:

آنکه با مادر خود زنا کند با دیگران چه‌ها کند...

Naj said...

Pen Name

your response to Craig is so ridiculous that it deserves no attention.

GO TO HELL IDIOT, or at least explain the question I have put to you!

Since when is "Dr" Khalilzad the prophet?!?!?!

Naj said...

Pen, then why are you defending these mother-fuckers??!?!

Naj said...

Hi ddmmyyyy
good to see you.
So you are saying that Iranians are hypocrites? That the people who say Allah-o-Akbar don't have religious sentiments?

Anonymous said...


If you had taken the trouble of reading former US Ambassador to Afghanistan and to Iraq, Dr. Khalilzad's essay, you woulod have noticed that he was involved, in 1993, in the formulation of that Grand Strategy in the US Department of Defense.

Anonymous said...

Naj said...

"Pen, then why are you defending these mother-fuckers??!?!"

Because there are duely constructed and legitimate constitutional authority in Iran.

The "Islamic Republic" referendum passed by 98% of the vote, the Constitutional one by 90% of the vote cast.

That the Iranian Judiciary is in need of serious reform is not in question.

The fact remains that there are still tens of milions of people
support this government.

Furthermore, per the US grand strategy, defense of Iran is defense of the Islamic Republic.

Thirdly, Iran is the Mountain Fortress of the Shia, which means that the Shia religion will always be large component of that polity. In practice, that means that the only practical way forward is the reform of Islamic Republic through courts or through constituional means.

Lastly, Islamic Republic has really really helped the poor and not so poor in Iran. It has the best historical record both in Iran and in the region, in giving a helping hand to the needy and to the disposessed.

Lastly, only so much can be done in 32 years to clean-up 3000 years of garbage.

Naj said...

I have known about this crook and have, at the time of Bush/Cheney read enough of that neo-con strategy.

But, Khalilzad's strategy does not justify your anti-semetism; nor does it justify the mockery the Iranian leaders are making of the country.

I am arguing that in fact by REACTING to khalilzad it is YOU and the likes of you who legitimate them. This "clash" is what they seek and you are playing RIGHT into their hands.

Anonymous said...


I asked this American why he cared about another country besides his.

I wondered if he cares about Israel because he is Jew.

That is not anti-Semitic; that is the current political position of the Jewish Partisans of Israel. That is, a Jew has no real country except Israel.

Naj said...

98% of the votes ... lol!

So, in a country that has JUST come out of a monarcic dictatorship, suddenly 98% of the votes are REAL votes and there is no chance of election fraud, right?!

And, let's also talk about the atmosphere of horror and fear that the "jomhuri-e eslami ari or no" votes were cast. I recall that BEFORE the referendum, the newspapers were full of the pictures of dead officials.

And please please please let's not forget why many people voted in Iran; I have a clue: if your birth certificate didn't have the election stamp, you couldn't get a lot of privileges.

I so clearly remember going to vote with my parents on that day; and I so clearly remember the ballots.

And how about the amendment to the constitution? How about the additions of unlimited valiye vaghih powers? were they put to referendum?

did anyone ask me vote when they passed a law that "insulting the leader carreid death penalty?"

And what about the LEGITIMACY of a system where candidates have to be first approved in the assembly of dinosaurs like Jannati?

It's a LEGITIMATE regime!

Go laugh at yourself, disillusioned one!

Naj said...

I am going to delete your last comment, because I really don't like it when you show how ridiculous you can be! I like to assume you possess some intelligence.

God father and Imam Zaman ... what kind of a drug are you on right now?

Anonymous said...

If you do not like Hidden Imam, think of God, or Unknown Unknowns of the Universe.

At least you have heard my words and it will remain with you.

You will go through your life but now you have no execuse for many of your positions.

"...signs for those who listen.."

Naj said...

Actually, the one who is deaf is you!

I suggest you get yourself a good ear wash, it may also help eliminating these sounds you hear in your head.

By the way, can you ask Imam zaman or the unknown of the unknowns to fix our judiciary system. Because tonight, I heard some reporter talk about the torture he suffered in Iran:Being forced to write about details of his sexual life, Graphically!

Oh I also heard an 80 year old "yare Imam" is dying and is in custody because he attended a Friday prayer.

Also, can you ask Imam Zaman or God why so many of these Iranian prisoners are suffering heart attacks? do they give them Jamkaran potions?

And while at it, also ask Imam zaman whether he likes seyd Ali or Esfandiayr better.

Thanks buddy!

Anonymous said...

A US President, Andrew Jackson, forced the Cherokee Nation from their lands. The Cherokee Nation complained to the US Supreme Court and won its case. Mr. Jackson refused to honor that ruling. And no US president has ever admitted wrong doing. and compensated or obeyed that ruling - the Trail of Tears.

Moreover, for more than a century, White Americans routinely lynched Black men in their country and there was no judicial recourse.

No one ever went to jail over it.

Police brutality was a contant feature of that country.

And to this day, many of the execution judgements in US are errorneous.

Yet no one in US, execept anarchists and communists, ever advocated the ovewrthrow of the duely and legally constructed constitutional order in that country.

You want to destroy the Islamic Republic because it is not perfect.

You want to destroy the current dispensation in Iran over similar types of judicial problems and you have no positive program for a practical replacement.

Shame, shame, shame.

Naj said...

Oh I seeee.... all of this down-with-USA is because you are jealous of them and you wanna copy them! How unoriginal!

And then you blame the rest of us for being westernized!

Okey I am done wasting time with you. Go 'edify' else where now!

programmer craig said...


Why do you care?Are you a Jew?

I was actually going to respond to you, but then you announced you were a bigot and I don't argue with bigots. Bigots are irrational.


Iran's just responding to Israel's aggression.

I guess maybe it is a "chicken and egg" thing. It may just be coincidence that the first opportunity Khomeini had to export his revolution was in Lebanon, and that Israel just happened to be engaged in a war in Lebanon at the time. But if I was israeli, I would have viewed the sending of IRGC into Lebanon to create and train Hezbollah at that particular time to have been an act of unprovoked aggression.

As you know, I consider the hostage crisis in Tehran to have been an act of war against the US. Actually, that's not just an opinion - it was an act of war. It was also a flagrant violation of the Vienna Conventoions on international diplomacy - the very treaty by which the UN itself operates. So, I'm heavily discounting any UN resolutions against Israel when it comes to justifying the IRI's actions. The Islamic Republic of Iran does not give a shit about the United Nations or any UN treaties, let alone non-binding resolutions. The hypocrisy of IRI officials in invoking the UN to justify their behavior is staggering.

Iran is being pro-active in propagating "spread of its revolution" ... and as Egypt showed, the region is indeed fed up with American-supported despots.

I don't believe that is so. I think the region is fed up with America supportring Israel. My closest friend us Libyan, and the US has never supported her glorious leader. She's also a pan-Arab nationalist and proud of it. Her opinions are pretty mucgh the same as what I've seen and heard from Arabs who live in places like Jordan and Egypt, that are supported by the US. The problems are Israel, Israel, and more Israel. Personally, I think the IRI just adopted the Palestinian cause to try to win the so-called "Arab Street" over to their cause. But that's just speculation, on my part.

ddmmyyyy said...

Naj, I'm not suggesting that all Iranians are hypocrites. Maybe more that they are making a point about who the hypocrites are. I've no doubt that many of those that do such action are genuine, but it doesn't mean that they can't also be making a point, that 30 odd years ago people did this, and to what result? That they they feel they are back then, with mostly the same issues but new faces.

So many of the songs used in protest were also suggesting the same. It's odd to talk about because it seems so obvious or intuitive to throw these memories back out like this. The same is said for the Friday Prayer protest which had many going through the motions, maybe for the first time.

It feels odd to mention all of this, but these things are statements to those who oppose them. It is an attempt to undermine the monopoly morality if you will. I know of nobody who has acted in such a way and done so genuinely. If that makes them hypocrites then so be it, but they do it to show the hypocritical actions as part of a multitude of actions, and not necessarily because of cowardice.

Anonymous said...

programmer craig and Naj:

Yoiu cannot hide behind slandering me.

I have established that US - by the admission of her own officils - has been planning the destruction of the Islamic Republic of Iran since they cannot tolerate a multi-polar world.

I have established that other countries are not perfect and the imperfection does not imply that duly consitituted and legitimate state authority can be overthrown.

In regards to US Embassy: what do Americans expect? Flowers? US country walks all over the people of the world and tramples them under the heels of its imperialism - will they repent?

You mention the law that stipulates insulting the Leader is punishable by death. A foolish law, no doubt. But has any one ever been presecuted under that law and put to death?

And what is more important, defense of Iran or helping Iran's enemies?

I am a patriot, what are you?