Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gotta love Karoubi's sense of humor (New Letter to the Judiciary)

Today, Feb 20, a new letter from Karoubi is published on his news site (translated below, and all exclamation marks are his.) This coincides with another effort by people to take the streets, while the officials are issuing repeated threats of blood-shed and spamming mobile phones that the protests are cancelled.

In this letter, Karoubi warns of fascism and asks the judiciary to enforce the law and keep the appearance of lawfulness by trying him in a public court.

Your honorable Ayatollah Amoly Larijani,
[short Greetings]

Unfortunately, the atrocities of previous nights, albeit with increased intensity are underway. Repeatedly, about hundred bikers and some dressed as clergy, have done all in their might to insult, harass, and disturb peace and tranquility of the neighborhood.

These individuals start their ceremony by profanities directed at the so called heads of the conspiracy (fetneh), and also at some of the ruling elite and their family member [refers to Hashemi], and end it with prayer for the long living of the supreme leader! In brief, they start with whistling and clapping and then chest beating and prayer; assuming they are serving Islam and Muslims! Interestingly, these individuals cannot wait to bring to conclusion their cultural endeavor, by breaking into the homes and murdering the inhabitants!

Head of the Judiciary,

Peace and tranquility is taken away from the neighbors and they are terribly worried and stressed. I am telling you, for the face of the government, that such behavior has surpassed Islam, Islamic republic and clergy, and I have been worried and continue to worry about this wave.

I request from you to soon and through legal channels act on the promises that The Masters [refer to the conservatives who have come out asking for Mousavi/Karoubi's persecution] have given in their speeches, and hold public trials to deliver the charges and the defense. May people learn about the truth in just and open courts.

At the end, I announce to the provocateurs of these vicious actions, that with the help of God, there is no compromise in the resolve of Mehdi Karoubi for defending the rights of the Iranian people, and I will stand by them to the last minute.

That's it. [Maybe clergy use va'l-salam to its literal meaning in Arabic, Peace; but in Iran, when we say that, it means: end of discussion; that's it; finitto ... ]

[no sign off greetings]
Mehdi Karoubi
1 Esfand 1389 [Feb 20, 2011]


Anonymous said...

You are putting too much trust in Mr. Karroubi. He is the man most responsible for closing news papers during presidency of Mr. Khatami.

Likewise, Mr. Mousavi, as Prime Minister, bears responsibility for the murder of very many political prisoners - Sardasht. He has blood on his hands.

Mr. Ahmadinejad is clean; he has been the best friend of what you stand for.

programmer craig said...

Love the pic! Did you do that? :)

QAuthority said...

Dear Naj,
Stirring letter by Karoubi(though I'm not a fan of his, but he does have courage!) and great translation & editorial. May I share this on Facebook?

Naj said...


thanks. Sure share whatever you like, with giving reference :)


No I didn't do the photoshopping. It's been around for a while, this picture.


Mr Ahmadinejad is clean!!! Ahuh!!