Monday, December 28, 2009

Khamenei Secrets

This was just made available by Mohsen Makhmalbaf.

I have all sorts of reservations about Makhmalbaf's tactical wisdom, but I do not doubt his credibility. I sense this document has been in his possession for long; but that he has chosen to release it now--being genuinely disturbed by IRI's violence on Ashura day.

The document is very long and detailed, but I translate the most catchy headlines. If I see a rebuttal to any of these claims I will update the post with comments. I appreciate corrections and discussions.

Despite all pretense to modesty, Khamenei loves luxurious lifestyle; he is wealthy from oils and arms; and he is a hypocrite in his religious zeal:
  • He loves Caviar!
  • He loves horses, rides them and takes his favorite horses along his "vacation trips". He owns 100 horses which he keeps in his resorts in Khorasan.
  • He owns an invaluable collection of pipes (200 of them) the most expensive a 300 year old antique valued at 250,000--these are state gifts presented to him by foreign visitors.
  • He also has a collection of expensive rings (300 of them) and canes (170) and robes (120).
  • He is not addicted to opium as rumors suggest.
  • He loves vulgar jokes that he exchanges with his close clerical associates in highly private sessions
  • He is a fan of Naser-alddin Shah (Qajar) and has read all of Pahlavi-related biographies.
  • He used to be a womanizer and a smoker in his younger days and he had two concubines when Khomeini was still alive (Married muslim men are allowed to have temporary marriages!)
  • He loves poetry; but his liking of music has been slowly fading! He does not play any musical instruments.
  • He suffers depression, presumably due to nightly listening to wiretaps of his opponents (both people and government officials).
  • He is heavily influenced by his 67 year old wife and his second son Mojtaba
  • His ruling style seems to be based on "do it, as long as people won't know about it"
  • His protection guard is 10,000 body strong--1000 of which are women. His security management is conducted by: Khosravi-Vafa (Head of amputee war veterans)Asghar-Zadeh (parliament member)Motevallian (IRGC)Ramezani (IRGC intelligence)Nejat (Security council)Chizari (Head of guards)
  • His permanent residence is a 1200 square meter house with underground anti-nuclear bunker in Tehran downtown; but he uses many of the Shah's palaces that are not turned to museusm.
  • 8 airplanes, 5 helicopters and 17 bulletproof cars are available to Khamenei and his family.
  • He has his hands in importation of sugar, rice, BMWs and real estate business; but most of his wealth (>36 billion dollars) comes from oil and military sales commissions. His relatives dominate communication and electronic markets. Most of his wealth is n Syrian, South African, Venezuela, China and even London banks [2 billion dollars were blocked by the UK in June; but London and Khamenei seem to have re-established their amicable relations!!!]
  • After June election, the liquid portion was this wealth (22 Billion dollars) that was headed to Syria was seized in Turkey.
  • Khamenei's daughters and wife like vanity fairs; they dress fashionably, have private masseurs, hair dressers and estheticians who pay them home visits.
  • Their marriages of Khamenei's children are highly controlled and arranged to ensure coagulation of power.
  • His first son Mostafa is married to the daughter of Ayatollah Khoshvaght--who together with Mohseni Ejehi sanctioned the chain murders.
  • His second son, Mojtaba is married to the daughter of previous parliament speaker, Haddad Adel's.
  • His third son, Mas'oud is married to Sousan Kharazi, daughter of Ayatollah Kharazi; but the marriage seems to be falling apart after political rifts.
  • His forth son, Meysam, married to a Bazari's daughter (by name of Lowlachiyan)
  • His Daughter Bashri, married to the son of his Office head, Mohammadi Golpaygani.
  • His youngest daughter, Hoda, is married to teh nephew of Mahdavi Kani.


bill-my email included dharmaveer please contact me said...

(I posted this on EA but put it here because I had no way to contact you directly. Read through and give me your thoughts.)


After reflecting on this I can’t think of a better person to do this–you. My thought was to encourage someone from Iran of the Shia faith to delve into “which side has lost their Islam.” I have had a running debate with samuel on this and you can read my latest response to him on the subject here:

The point regarding Islam starts at item 4). While I have studied Islam it has been primarily of the Sunni faith largely due to several instance of personal intolerance directed at me from a Sunni–later figured out he was a Wahhabi and that find in itself answered the question of why. Lately I have begun delving into the Shia faith and Imam Ali. I have to say while it holds the same essence I find it much more to my liking because it did not abandon ijtihad, critical thinking(Greek thought), and so severly divided the world between believer and non believer. I still have my differences but that is a debate for another time. My thought was to encourge you or someone at EA who is qualified to pen a piece exploring the point of which side has lost their Islam. I believe it is needed because despite what many would like to think Islam will always will be central to Iran deomocracy or not. You have touched on it in several of your articles but I believe it needs to be the center piece for the message to strike home. From my initial analysis studying Shia Islam, Imam Ali, the Iranian consititution, and the actions of the current regime I have come to firm conclusion the regime not the people have the lost the essence of Islam Imam Ali envisioned. The pictures of protestors protecting Basiji is a strinking example of this!! If you have the time and inclination I think an article focusing on this would be of great help towards resolvign the crisis in Iran. Just my thought. Feel free to contact me at or


Lola said...

If that is all true, he might as well replace his turban with the Pahlavi crown.

Naj said...


That's what IRanian people have been saying for the past 30 years! :)

Naj said...


Thanks for your vote of confidence. I guess you ask me to comment on this point:
4) The loss of “Islam”: You have mentioned this point many times regarding the seperation of state/religion and nationalism mindsetsd present within the Green movement. I happen to agree with you but disagree on how prevalent it is. What I find is striking is your lack of critique when it comes to the regime’s loss of “Islam.” As I have stated many times the regime has demonstrated time and time again they have lost the essence of Islam enshrined within the consititution. I would have to think even Khomeini would not have approved of lethal force during Ashura of all times. The regime’s actions during Ashura, Shia Islam’s most holy time, showed a clear disregard to the sanctity of peace and no blood shed. How can the regime justify itself knowing it violated Ashura in the worst way by killing? Even their own officers on several occasions refused to shoot and that in it self is a huge strike against them.

I am not an expert on Islamic matters--and I am afraid my inclinations at this point to engage in a religious discourse about what is happening is non-existent.

"which side has lost their Islam?" I would say, neither side! Islam in Iran is OFTEN used as a political instrument; it has little to do with faith and theology; and perhaps more with tradition and superstition. Ashura is a tradition; a form of cultural spiritual festival for many! Using festival in teh context of mourning is oxymoron but it is also true. Ashura is a big theater of sorts; which is "celebrated" by different "dasteh" in the same city, differently. Often these dasteh compete with eachother; in drawing more crowds; in drawing more tears.

Ali and Ashura for many are just a myth; a myth that since Safavid made shiism the state religion, has given credence to much artistic AND political aspiration in the country.

From what I recall, Khomeini was a pretty blood thirsty creature himself; the entire Islamic republic is blood thirsty; if you have read Koran, you will find that it with all glorifications of fighting the infidels is not a very merciful religion--non of the mesopotamian religions are peaceful, judaism, christianity or Islam .. they are all blood tainted!

I think Islam is IRRELEVANT in these recent events ... it is just a word, a blanket ... I don't say people don't have faith, many do. But the dangers of Islam in Iran are when it mixes with myth and emotions ...

These are my views; and I claim no academic authority on these observations ...

Anonymous said...

Interesting read of the film directors 'secret' document, but I'm afraid it seems like simple propaganda.

Mark Pyruz said...

The Supreme Leader is a collector. Interesting. (There seems to be one in every large Iranian family, mine is no exception.)

Naj, I would just add to the list that it is widely reported that Khamenei has never travelled outside the country. Very unusual for a head of state, particularly one as important as Iran.

Also, that 10,000 person military guard figure; I believe that may be misleading. Unfortunately no unit designation is provided, so I don't know if the author is referring to a Division (probably) or a Brigade (including support staff, which might explain the figure provided of women). Whatever unit he is identifying, one of its responsibilities is the protection of the SL; that is to say it is not this unit's exclusive responsibility to protect the SL. For that, Khamenei possesses a full time guard composed of a creme specialized guard unit of IRGC.

Also, it must be pointed out that the list of aircraft available is non-exclusive. I believe the author is referring to the fleet of Shah-era aircraft that are used by the IRI government and flown/serviced by the IRIAF. You see Pres. Ahmadinejad using these aircraft to take official trips to Venezuela and Switzerland, for example.

Khamenei's residence(s) are actually considered official residences. This, in itself, is not unusual. Many public heads of government in the US are provided official residence(s), some even considered palatial. Of course, in Khamenei's case, this is expected to be provided for life.

Can't comment on the personal assets attributed to the SL. However, attributing the intercepted Iranian liquid assets in Turkey to Khamenei, personally, is news to me.

Naj said...


I have to add one thing; the IRI state has been VERY successful in killing religion out of the hearts of the generation that was born and raised in the past 30 years. Islam will not be part of state aparatus in the next 20 years. Whether Iran falls to Ahmadinejadists fascist hands or to most radical secularists of the green movement; in either case, clerical rule is seeing its dawn approach ...

Anonymous: Propaganda? You mean propagation of information that have been secret and are now leaked by people whose power is endangered by Khamenei's conduct?!

Naj said...

Re personal guards, they are 200.
Re airplanes:
لجستیک خامنه ای:
در سیستم خصوصی بیت رهبری امکانات زیر به صورت اختصاصی استفاده می شود:
(1 عدد هواپیمای ایرباس) مخصوص سفرهای خودش
(2 عدد بوئینگ 707 ) یکی مربوط به سفرهای فامیل و یکی مربوط به محافظین
(5 عدد فالکوم) 2 تامربوط به سفرهای خودش.یکی برای سفرهای مجتبی و دوتا برای سفرهای فامیل.
(5 عدد هلیکوپتر) 2 هلیکوپتر برای سفر خامنه ای.یک هلیکوپتر برای سفر مجتبی ودو هلیکوپتر مربوط به فامیل.
با آن که پرواز هلیکوپتر در آسمان تهران ممنوع است اما در شمال شهر تهران مدام صدای هلیکوپتر شنیده می شود.
6 باند هلیکوپتر یکی در مهرآباد و یکی در عباس آباد ، یکی بغل هتل استقلال ، یکی در منظریه تهران ، یکی در قم و یکی در لواسان.
(17 عدد ماشین ضد گلوله) هر کدام به ارزش 400 هزار دلار
(1200 عدد ماشین دیگر)

The report as I said is detailed; I have extracted the gist of it!

Naj said...

these airplanes are different from the presidential one used by Ahmadinejad.

The money transfer through Turkey is news to me too! I am very curious to see what ensues from this "leakage" and also very curious who is behind it!

Nu'man said...

I think these claims by Mohsen Makhmalbaf need to be corroborated like all other allegations.

But, if they are true, they are very shocking.

Naj said...

Nu'man; yes they are shocking; and yes they need further vetting.

bill-my email included dharmaveer please contact me said...


Thank you for your reply. I thought it might be a good exercise because as you stated the Regime has "used" religion to further it's ends. I did notice I used quotes from Ali's father instead of him. Here are some quotes from him that are even better:

“Oh people, the Messenger of God said: Whoever sees an aggressive tyrant that legalizes the forbiddens of God, breeches divine laws, opposes the tradition of the Prophet, oppresses the worshippers of God, and does not concede his opposition to God in word or in deed, surely Allah will place that tyrant (in the Hell) where he deserves”

“Tolerance is man’s ornament, keeping promises is a sign of nobility, and bonding with others is a grace.”

“If one does not have these five things there is no good in him: intellect, religion, etiquette, shame and good manners”

Like this one

“Those who worship God for the hope of gaining, they’re not real worshippers, they’re merchants. Those who worship God out of fear (of punishment), they’re slaves. And those who worship God to be grateful towards their creator, they are the free people, and their worship is a real one.”

Regarding Islam I have read the Quran, a Hadith source(Buhkari), the Sira, and several other resources. My main focus was on the Sunni school of thought. And yes I was absolutely dismayed by the fact fighting was brought up so much. It was also disheartning to find out the bulk of the scripture focused on me the Infidel and most of it was negative. Never less I still think someone should explore this angle because it is my ardent belief the regime has lost their religion and only uses it as a tool to supress. If they trully paid attention to even the quotes of Ali they would see the error of their ways. If anything pointing out the teachings of Ali could be powerful symbols to galvanize the people. Yes it would be political but in the end it is striving for the same thing they want so it can't be all that bad. Ahh but what do us infidels know anyway!!! :) HA HA

I asked Scott and thought it was a good idea and would think on it.


Anonymous said...

Dear Naj,
I left Iran more than fifty years ago, and hoped that some day Iran will be more like a modern country ( a secular republic, democratic, rule of law, and freedom of expression). The 1979 revolution actually created a medieval (Islamic) and repressive government which does not fit the needs and the desires of the young and educated people of Iran. Iranians (men and women) in Diaspora have shown their creativity in all parts of the world, and there is no reason why they can not do the same in Iran. Love your site, and I continue to read your postings about the events in Iran.

Naj said...

Thank you Anonymous. This regime is truly medieval; but with all due respect for my country, there is still a large portion of our culture that is medieval--this Ashura business a case in point.

I don't know when IRan will become secular; but I know that a minority group of well fed, well educated, well travelled individuals cannot impose their secularist wishes on a majority who runs after Ahmadinejad for a 500 dollars loan; for a sack of potatoes, or floods a well in Jamkaran to communicate with the hidden Imam!

As much as I wish, that gap I cannot bridge. What I can do as an iranian, is to tolerate the other, and hide in my own layer, class, sphere; hang out with people of like mind; and keep our culture and country, with all of its good and bad, old and new, secular and superstitious, alive ...

I love Iran with, because of, its paradoxes ...

Naj said...

If anything pointing out the teachings of Ali could be powerful symbols to galvanize the people. Well this was the initial "theory" behind the Islamic Republic! But; it seems Khamenei is an expert in Mo'aviyeh way of ruling! religion is now only the instrument of power; and is vastly MISUSED by the regime. So, its political function at this stage is non-existent.

Jolly Roger said...

There is almost no difference in the "fundamentalist" mentality (or hypocrisy) wherever in the world you may run into it.

Khamenei is scum. Shariat Madari, a true reformer, would have taken things in a completely different direction, had he been allowed to.

Anonymous said...

Mark & Naj,

I suppose the 22 billion refers to the previous figure of 18 billion in gold and
US cash reportedly intercepted in Turkey? I thought that had been already debunked, is that a rumour people still beleive?


Naj said...

nice to see you, it's been aaaages :)
Interesting you mention Shariatmadari! I am curious which shariatmadari you are talking about?

Naj said...


i have no clue which bilions was debunked; what do you mean? Who debunked the 18.5 billion? PressTV? as far as I know, people like Ebrahim Yazdi were taking that "rumor" very seriously and were asking for international investigation into the transaction--after which their party was outlawed!

In Memory Of Neda said...

Dear Naj, Nobody does it quite like you do and I love you for it - Thanks once more for telling it like it is!

You and your readers may be interested in information that came to us from trusted sources last night - billions of dollars/euros stolen by members of the Coup d'etat Regime and held in accounts outside Iran. A full list can be found at :

Naj said...

Thank you Memory of Neda.

I find the list you have provided highly implausible for a simple reason that banks do not reveal their customer's information.

Jolly Roger said...

Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Kazam Shariatmadari. For saving Khomeni, he wound up confined to his house until he died.

Khomeni locked him up, of course, because he believed that the mullahs had no business in politics. But the things we should remember about him are numerous, and almost unheard of in the West. He was an advocate of real democracy, a true multiculturalist, and his methodolgy of nonviolence puts him, in my opinion, among the very top of the greatest people the world has ever seen.

I think, if things in Iran had turned out differently, the world would have recognized him for what he was.

Naj said...


you delivered a pleasant shock; I didn't think anyone outside of IRan would know about Shariatmadari!

He was the man who held shah's hand preventing him from utter violence; and because of that he was marginalized as being a ""court-mullah" ...

Khomeini was a liar, a cheater, and a scum! He cheated EVERYONE!

I have NEVER understood why a man who didn't even speak Persian correctly ended up on the "grandness" podium! But he sure did mess up the world!

Jolly Roger said...

Shariatmadari also stayed the shah's hand on Khomeni. That may have been his biggest mistake.

As to why I know who he was-there are reasons. I know a little bit about a lot of people for professional reasons. We'll leave it at that :)

It is sad that the fact that he was an Azeri was held against him by the more "conservative" types in Iran.

vagabond said...

and Khomeini ? Where did he land up from and when ? Strange he `didn't even speak Persian correctly'

Naj said...


he landed from Mars!
Many of these mullahs do not speak the language correctly; but Khomeini was quite something and subject of jokes for the nonsense he spoke!

"intor nabashad ke antor bashad" (not be this way to be that way) ... he spoke persian as poorly as I write English :DD

his "charisma" is really over rated!

vagabond said...

``he spoke persian as poorly as I write English ''

I thought he spoke persian poorly !!

Naj said...

i write Eng {poorly}
he spoke pers {poorly}

get it?!

Jolly Roger said...

The same complaint is presently made against Moqtada al-Sadr of Iraq; it is said that his command of Arabic is horrible.

Anonymous said...

The protesters whom you see burning and lynching and killing cops like the animals they are are just a bunch of angry, nasty punks--privileged, English-speaking dumb and lazy College kids who are having their Che Guevara moment fancying themselves as big revolutionary heroes. If that lot were in power, they would simply commit a genocide, first killing the entire regime (since so many of them are just westernized losers who care only about their rock bands and cafe lattes), then they would suppress the free speech of those who disagree, then they'd go after the Ahmadinejad supporters with a vengeance, in the grand tradition of Stalin's purges.

The older ones with their civil rights associations are somewhat better but they are still terminally dumb (dumb yet arrogant), not a fraction of a project for Iran, couldn't care less about the economy (mostly privileged westernized lawyers and intellectuals, often in a golden exile), they mostly despise and even resent the poor and under-privileged classes for being mostly conservative and pro-Ahmadinejad, etc.

As for the clerics among them, it's just the same old same old internal power struggle between the hard-liners and the somewhat more moderates, 2 modalities of an Islamic theocracy and who will run the country.

Khomeini was a pretty blood thirsty creature himself
He lunatic man dressed in All Black.

Mark Pyruz said...

I'm mistaken, the report states that the SL uses a personally outfitted Airbus. That's news to me.

Masoud, now that you mention it, I do remember the gold in Turkey story being debunked or at least rebutted. Can't remember the source.

Turns out the reports of Khamenei never leaving the country are also false. This report states he has travelled to India.

Anonymous said...

but Khomeini was quite something and subject of jokes for the nonsense he spoke!

This may this tells why and my give support to this report about Khomeini:

Khomeini's Father:Victorian Englishman born in 1872, William Richard Williamson
Khomeini's mother: was Williamson's Kashmiri wife

Anonymous said...

Khomeini was a liar, a cheater, and a scum! He cheated EVERYONE!

What about the Millions of Iranains listensed to his casset tapes then welcomed him 1979?

All of them fool then isn't Naj.?

Naj said...

The protesters whom you see burning and lynching and killing cops like the animals they are are just a bunch of angry, nasty punks--privileged, English-speaking dumb and lazy College kids who are having their Che Guevara moment fancying themselves as big revolutionary heroes.

You sound so similar to a little fascist visitor of this blog who used to go by the "pen Name" signature!

I have news for you: the English speaking, rich and lazy college kids don't give a damn about going out on Ashura; they are much happier listening to their rock bands at home; and booking their trips Turkey or Cyprus or Georgia while all this is unfolding on streets. These "lazy" kids you refer to, also have no guts or skills to beat!

Now speaking of the poor ... Ahmadinejad cares for them? You are kidding me, right?! Don't you get tired of this nonsense, old man?! I believe the one who is having a moment of Castro delusions is you; no one has a Che aspiration in the Green camp, as far as I have seen!

Khomeini WAS a liar and a cheater; he managed to lie to and cheat on the millions who threw their support behind him, because he pretended that religion and politics should keep a distance!

So yes, if anyone could conduct an honest survey in Iran, MILLIONS would have expressed regret to have thrown their support to him!

Naj said...


I don't care much about where Khamenei has travelled or what means of transportation he uses; I am curious where he is going to flee to; flying or on a donkey!

Anonymous said...

you got mad women,

get rest or fly to Tehran now to give genuinely support for those who believ'n as you asked other to do so.

Anonymous said...

Naj, tell us why Iran harboring bin Laden's family?

Anonymous said...

I am curious where he is going to flee to; flying or on a donkey!

Humm .....will go on a donkey through Al-Fakah oil field to his lovers Al-Malki, Ja'afary and Al
-Hakeen, most important Lunatic Sistani

Naj said...


it's the Saudi Arabian embassy that's harbouring Bin Ladan family; ask them!

Anonymous said...

pretended that religion and politics should keep a distance

You either don't know Khomeini's revelution or you soem how manuplating things.

Khomeini clearly stated his revolution and his attentions of Islamic state and to export his revelation to neighboring countries. This was in the first mount after lunatic Khomeini got the power.

Most importantly he clearly stated and believe Velayat-e faqih

So those millions of Iranians reads Khomeini and listen to his Cassatts tapes, no secrets they are fool according to your statement.

Anonymous said...

it's the Saudi Arabian?

Give me a break, for 8 YEARS in Iran NAj?

Anonymous said...

Iran: using bin Ladens as human shields

Anonymous said...

"That's very kind of you," said Fallaci. And since you said so, I'm going to take off this stupid, medieval rag right now." When she did so, recounts Fallaci, Khomeini got up "like a young cat" and left the room without saying a word. Khomeini, however, agreed to see her again the next day.

Naj said...


take your ethnic hatred elsewhere, I don't have time for your sectarian beef now!

Anonymous said...

take your ethnic hatred elsewhere, I don't have time for your sectarian beef now!

Show us where the ethnic hatred or sectarian beef?

What a funny lady, you just a proved by yourself just like your Mullah hiding as usual behind the denial, with this fake a ready excuses.

Go do your homework about lunatic Khomeini and his stupid revolution, which you clearly NOT knew what it all about, simply your denial clearly of your schizophrenia character.

look to your post the smell allover, very obvious of ethnic hatred without hard works.

You know you can not comment one the things genuinely not biased that reported by western media.
While you using them and most importantly living on their land supporting the fanatics Mullah regime in Iran, even you couldn't change your attitude toward the humans whatever ethnics..

Anonymous said...

Interesting, indeed.
A similar text has been published in my home country stating un ex Khamenei's body guard as the primary source.
Has this been published in Iran?

Leila said...

the shah comment resonates with me as saw this video this morning, compares Khamenei to shah.