Sunday, August 30, 2009

Shariatmadari no longer in Butcher Mortazavi's protection bubble!

Today, Hossein Shariatmadari, the mouthpiece of fascism and one of its master minds, the editor in chief of Keyhan, which has been sued frequently for false accusations and defamation campaigns (and still operates with freedom to slander, while reformist papers are closed) was supposed to appear before the court.

But, he has asked for his hearing to be delayed, So he can settle out of court with the people and organizations who have sued him. Here's a list of those who have sued him. "Representative of the head of Tehran's court; ministry of intelligence, ministry of science; the legal counsel of the parliament, the director of legal affairs of interior ministry, the director of the public affairs of Golestan province, Mohsen Kadivar, director of Tehran's security, tehran university and some of the student victims, islamic association of Tehran U law school, dean of science and etchnology university, head of payam-e noor university, lawyer of the oil ministry, head of the national oil and refinery corporation, head of Iran's steel industry, head of fisheris department in Yazd, Mazandaran's office of environment ptotection, Health department of Aligoudarz, Bank of Worker's Prosperity, Islamic associations of some towns, Islamic association of students of several universities, Head of Clean Iran party, newspapers Toos, Neshat, Asre-Azadegan, a reproter and several private individuals!! "

How is he going to do this?
And why is this news out just now?
Could it be because he has lost his security bubble? The Butcher of the Press, Ghazi Mortazavi?

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